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I am a 41 year old contractor from Austin, Tx. Like many collectors I got my start from stacking bullion. I have been collecting for a few years and just opened up a registry on 10/5/17. I mainly collect moderns as they are easy and affordable to obtain a complete set of high grade examples. The desire to collect has to be fueled by the ability to obtain. I am not sure about the future of this hobby as I can certainly see a day within my life time where change will be obsolete, but this hobby certainly feeds the OCD side of me and I am having loads of fun with this.

“ If you think you can or can’t do a thing, you’re right “

Henry Ford


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Set Type
Set Name
Last Mod.
[Collapse] Dimes
  Roosevelt Dimes 1965-Date, Proof Issue 24 For fun / amateur set 76 67 0 61 12476 303 11/23/2018136
[Collapse] Half Dollars
  Kennedy Half Dollars, 1964-Date, Silver Issues, Complete 11 Just for fun / amateur set 94 35 0 4 13335 -1533 2/28/2019139

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