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I started to collect coins just like many young numismatists - by saving coins from around the world in a jar. As I grew up, my interest in the coins of the country where I was born grew stronger. More than 15 years later, my passion for coins is stronger than ever, especially Jordanian coins.

Generally speaking, I have spent the past 15 years trying to collect every single coin ever issued by the government of Jordan, with all possible variations. While I am almost at a point where I can say that my goal has been met, I am just now beginning to take steps to grade and slab all of my coins with NGC. As I do that, I will keep on adding coins to my signature sets, which include (1) pattern coins, (2) circulation coins, (3) proof circulation type coins, (4) commemorative coins, (5) error coins, and (6) medallic issues.

While my signature sets are currently "work in progress", many of my unslabbed coins can be seen at (for those interested, my paper money can be found at

Lastly, I have spent the past couple of years writing a book about the history of coins in Jordan. Enjoy the signature sets, which will continue to grow as I certify more and more of my collection.


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