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I began reading comics as an 8 year old with The Mighty World Of Marvel (#8?), the first story I saw was a reprint of Spidey #3 (Doc Ock, it blew my tiny mind!

Around 1975 I began buying US Marvels and saving them.

When I got a job in 1980 I started to buy some key issues (DD 1, TTA 27, AV 2-4, ASM 4-7,14 etc).

Took a 4 year break in collecting and then came back on a mission in 1987. The mission was to own every major Marvel book from 1959-1982.

I did some mail order dealing in the UK between 1994-02. That stalled my main objective but left me with a stack of Marvel duplicates, + some DC, Gold Key, Dell books.

Today the aim is to collect about 4,000 raw Marvels (since 1959)and concurrently to have the main 1,000 or so as CGC slabs as well.

I am missing about 300-400 of the raw books, I have a long way to go with either slabbing my main raw comics or in buying the kind of grades I need to own all the Marvels that are suitable for slabbing.

As all collectors know the quest continues!


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