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Hello my friends. I, along with my wife (Jordan) and 2 of our 9 children live in Layton, Utah. I am a Training Coordinator for C.R. England, my wife manages the house. I buy and sell coins (as well as other odds and ends) on Ebay under the name lilchpin. I would guess that my "focus" (if you will) is in my Proof Ike collection and world crowns. I have gotten to the point where in order to increase my standing (number 7 at the moment) it will cost alot more than I want to "invest" right now. I got closer a couple of weeks ago with a PF69ucSTAR, I accquired for less than $300, and I immedately added it to my set.

It is May of '08 as I update this profile. I find myself selling off many of my coins, so that I may refocus into silver world crowns. I have added some real beauties to my collection, and in the not-too-distant future, I'll start to get them graded. I shall also keep my Ikes, but all my other stuff is fair game for the auction block. Feel free to check my ebay name (lilchpin) from time to time and check out what I have listed. In June and July of '08 I'll be sending to the block my State Quarters (all PF70UC) and some other odds and ends, like RPM's and strike doubled coins.

If you would like to add me to your friends list, please let me know and I shall do likewise, so I don't miss any of your journals. Enjoy the hunt, have fun, be fair and be great collectors.


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[Collapse] Quarter Dollars
  Washington Quarters 1950-1964, Proof Issue 64 Cooper's Coowality Coowarters 73 11 11 11 5216 299 2/21/20191547
[Collapse] Dollars
  Eisenhower Dollars, 1971-1978, Complete Proof 100 Ike can see clearly now... 27 3 3 3 742 -930 9/18/20192043
[Collapse] Type Sets
  20th Century Series Type Set, Proofs Only 32 Some nice coins 20 10 10 10 6547 58 9/9/20161903
[Collapse] Mint Sets 1965-1998
  1776-1976 Silver Mint Set 32 "TR" Ike Silver 1976 0 0 0 0 0 -173 9/18/2019623
[Collapse] Proof Sets 1936-1964
  1962 Proof Set 33 Cooper's Pristine Proofs 60 3 2 2 1126 635 4/13/2017371

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