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Well, I'm 45, and bought some comics back in 1995 for "investment purposes". The comic book store from which I purchased these were going out of business, and it was 75% off everything, and they were very happy and helpful to recommend me which would be worth buying for 100.00. Had I known then what I know now....but that's the story of everyones life!
I've recently retired from the Air Force after 20 years years, effective 1 Mar 2009. They say it's time to go when it's not fun anymore. I love the Air Force, and it's way of life, but it's really starting to stench of politcs. I'll look for a nice quiet job that is from 9-4 and no headaches. There again, that's what everyone is looking for!
I'm more into coin collecting than I am in comics, but with that said, I have the #1 early Lady Death set (series) that I'm as complete as I can get. I've already come to the conclusion that it would be better for me to just buy the graded comic rather than to get them graded. I am familiar with Becketts Grading Service (BGS) and got pretty good on guessing that, and the same goes with NGC (Not to mention my #1 1971 proof set).
Thanks for taking the time out to ready my bio. Have a great day, and enjoy your hobby, no matter what it is!


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