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I love commems, especially the early silver halves. A big reason is the variety. Another is the aesthetics, (beauty). Another is the potential... it's similar to collecting statehood quarters, only 100-50 years earlier. collecting morgans or saints or walkers is OK, but only the date and mint mark change. not so with the commems. they're all different and historical to boot. i applaud the state quarter collectors and feel like they'll "mature" into the early commems for the same reasons.... they are great coins!!! modern commems are great too, but in my opinion, grades are limited to ms or pr 69 or 70, and they always lack TONING. COLOR. MAGIC!!! ask any of my brother commem collectors, there's just nothing like a monster-toned rainbow Oregon Trail. If you read this far...stop stalking me!! just kidding. but having fun is what it's all about. enjoy collecting and enjoy life. since becoming a part of ngc's family, the good guys far surpass the buttheads 25 to 1. I try to be a good guy, i hope you try too. peace, dave


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[Collapse] Commemoratives
  Oregon Half Dollars, 1926-1939 3 Pitching a Tent on the Oregon Trail 85 12 12 0 25562 0 11/18/2019405
[Collapse] American Eagles & Bullion Coins
  Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State 34 PRETTY SILVER $$$ 96 49 18 37 32016 1807 12/15/2019474
  Burnished Silver Eagles, 2006-Date, Mint State 1 BURNISHED BEAUTIES 93 14 14 14 8129 301 6/14/2019188

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