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Synopsis: The registered collection here represents almost 20 years of actively collecting CGC books. Our focus has always been on Marvel and DC superhero titles from the Silver Age. As of June 2021, we have 15 sets that are 100% complete with 45 of our sets currently ranked #1. We generally don’t acquire books just to fill slots, unless they meet the minimum grade we have established for that particular set. As a consequence, some sets have not changed in years, as we have either not found the missing books or have been unable to afford them. The collection currently includes 220 books that are single highest graded in the Registry as of June 2021.

Background: Little did I know when I was spending a dollar to buy 8 comics a month at the local drug store in Oxford MS that they would ever be commanding the prices now seen on internet auctions. In fact, we use to laugh about the kid down the street who would pay us $5 for back issues he missed. I had all the Marvel keys as a kid, but my mother decided that her Home and Gardens were more worthy of keeping than my comics when I left for college. We still have a few hundred originals, but most are simply readers after being stored in the basement for too many years.

I started collecting seriously again about 20 years ago and now share the collection with my son, who is also a comic fanatic. It's a great father/son hobby, if a little on the expensive side.

We currently live in Atlanta GA, although I spent many years in NY, which was when I adopted the wallstreetrebel name, primarily because I was a southerner living in Manhattan and had an apartment downtown before moving uptown. I should probably change it since it is no longer applicable, but many people know me more by that moniker than my actual name. Our primary focus has been nine Marvel and three DC runs, most of which are still works in progress.

2016: I wrote the edited profile above a number of years ago and I’m happy to say that, after many years of collecting, we have completed a number of sets, including Flash (105-350) , GL (1-89), FF (1-102), TOS (39-99), TTA (27, 35-101), Avengers (1-100), JIM (83-125) and X-Men (1-66). We have also slowly upgraded the bulk of our collection. When we first started we were buying 6.0s and up, then 8.0s and up, then 9.0s and up and finally, 9.4s and up, except for early books with low census counts. I am sure that is a familiar story with many here.

We are still always upgrading when the opportunity arises and the price is right. But we have basically been at a standstill on ASM, where we have our highest number of registry points, vacillating between wanting to finish it and selling those books to buy a few upgrades elsewhere. We spent most of the last year or so upgrading our two primary DC runs and we are now shifting back to fill a few Marvel slots.

2019: My life has now come full cycle, as I have moved back to Oxford MS. I had planned this year to scan all my books, but never got around to buying a scanner. I hope by next year to do that, so that other collectors can see our collections. There are still many holes and restored keys, it is far from perfect, but it does represent a lifetime of collecting. I am sure there are much better collections out there that have never been registered here.

In the last couple of years, we have begun collections in Atom, Aquaman, Hawkman, Metal Men and Wonder Woman. They are all very much works in progress, but we have found collecting new books to be more rewarding than focusing on upgrades, which has just gotten too expensive to keep doing.

I have gotten to be friends with many fellow collectors through this board over the last few years. We sometimes talk comics, but we also discuss life issues. I am very grateful for those friendships.

Our collecting focus going forward is primarily the new collections we have started and perhaps adding a couple of more. We still remain on the fence on ASM. It may well be my favorite book, but they are both pricey and relatively abundant, so we generally opt to buy books that are both rarer and less expensive.

Happy collecting to all and please drop us a line if you are interested in selling any books we collect.

2020: As we start the New Decade, one goal with respect to our collection is to scan all our books and update our descriptions of each book. Our primary focus of late has been FF, TTA, Avengers, X-Men, and Daredevil, but we pretty much go where we see opportunities.

2021: The past year has been a bit of a hodgepodge from a collector’s standpoint. With finances more limited, we did finish a few collections at the expense of others. On the plus side, we finished JLA #1-100, which now complements our GL and Flash sets, both of which have received Best Silver Age Set awards from CGC. We also finished the much smaller Atom set, although there are still a couple of books we would like to upgrade in that one. On the minus side, we used some books out of our Spidey and Avengers sets to finish the JLA set. Right now, we are probably collecting too many books to finish many more sets, as we have a scattering of books in Wonder Woman, probably more than a scattering there, but nowhere near a complete set, World’s Finest, Metal Men, and the Marvel Westerns. I guess, going forward, it will depend upon what’s available as to where we will focus attention. I do not foresee starting any new sets, although we do like the later SA Marvel titles like Hulk, Dr Strange, Captain America, Thor and Sub-Mariner, all of which are just continuations of titles we already collect. I guess going through our sets, I would characterize them as follows:

SA Flash: We have a complete set of 250 books, with the vast majority highest graded. We would probably be interested if any upgrades became available, but there are not too many out there and I doubt we will do much of anything here.

SA GL: Pretty much the same as Flash, we have all the books ending with Issue #89, the vast majority of which are highest graded. Unless a couple of special books become available, I am not expecting any action.

SA JLA: We have never bought a B&B #28 and probably will not in the foreseeable future. We have a complete set #1-100 with the vast majority highest graded. We have started buying the later issues when highest graded and available at a reasonable price.

SA Atom: Again, we have a complete set, but in this case would love to upgrade a couple of books, if they come available.

SA Hawkman: This set still has several holes, which we would like to fill, but it is not a high priority.

Wonder Woman: What a mess, we have lots of highest graded books and even more holes. I really have no idea what we are doing with this one.

Metal Men: This is probably the hardest set out there to finish, my complements to anyone out there with a complete set-I am talking about you WxMan Shaw. While we currently top the register, his diligence to find every book is a far greater feat in my book.

Aquaman: This is a very frustrating set to me. Some issues are virtually impossible to find in high grade, probably due to all the black covers. And when they do become available, they are often priced absurdly. It is not our favorite set by any means and I am not sure we will ever finish it.

Brave and Bold, Showcase and World’s Finest: While we continue to buy books here, the likelihood we will ever finish any of the sets is close to nil.

ASM: I have no idea what we are doing here. We at one time had a complete #1-100 run of books graded at least 9.4, but have since broken it up to finance other purchases since the books are readily available. It is probably my favorite title of all time, the problem is that it is obviously the favorite book of too many other collectors, making the price of finishing a 9.6/9.8 set #1-100 prohibitively expensive. One thing for sure, we will never top the registry in this one.

Fantastic Four: This is probably my second favorite title of all time. We have a complete run #1-102 plus the Annuals with a minimum grade of 9.4. Lately, we have been buying 9.8s from #103-200, when available at a reasonable price. We are always interested in upgrades here and currently top the registry, although I am not sure that would be true if all books were registered.

Avengers: We finished this set at 9.6/9.8 #1-100, but we recently broke it up to finish another set. We still have all the books, although one is just a 9.4 and a second is restored. We are actively pursuing upgrades when available and priced reasonably.

Tales of Suspense: We have a complete set starting with TOS #39 with a minimum grade of 9.4. We do pursue upgrades when available.

Tales To Astonish: Ditto TOS, complete set with a minimum grade of 9.4, starting with Ant-Man.

Journey Into Mystery: Ditto TOS and TTA starting with Thor, although with a single 9.2 (#83).

Daredevil: We currently only collect #1-157. We still have one empty slot and several more we would like to upgrade.

Strange Tales: We only collect FF portion of the run. We love the books, we just cannot find them.

X-Men: This set is another big mess. We have 9.8s for more than half the early run #1-66, but we have sold many 9.4/9.6s to finance other purchases, so holes abound. And, unlike Spidey, the books can be more difficult to find than expected, especially for a title that does not start until 1963.

The Marvel Westerns: These sets barely merit a mention. We have bought a few books, but doubt we will finish any of them.

Once again, if you have any book we need, we would love to hear from you. Just send us a message through the registry, preferably with your e-mail address, and we will try to respond promptly. Thanks for looking and happy collecting to all.


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