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Hi there and welcome to my home page. I am an avid comic collector. I have been ever since I received a copy of X-Men 119 back in 1978 (I know: "Gee, you started collecting because of the X-Men - how original!"). Ok so I am one of many who got started that way but one thing has stayed the same: they brought me a lot of joy then and they still do now. I love everything about them. Little did I know when first I walked into Toronto's Dragon Lady Comics to get the final issue of MTIO Project Pegasus that I would end up so hooked on comics but that's how it is. Today SA Marvel is my primary focus but I really like SA DC as well, especially Flash, Green Lantern and JLA. And BA Batman is awesome stuff. GA material rocks too. To a large extent I collect by grade and where possible try to stick to 9.6 and above. If you own a book you see I need, please contact me at Thx for looking and happy collecting. Mike Pope

2006: No. 1 Amazing Spider-Man 1-100 Set
2014: No. 1 Daredevil 1-157 Set
2015: No. 1 Avengers 1-100 Set
2018: No. 1 JLA 1-100 Set

Accomplished in 2014: awarded CGC's Achievement in Collecting Comics Award for putting together a collection of incredible depth and breadth across titles from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age including complete killer Silver Age runs in Minty-Mint condition.
Accomplished in 2015: reached No. 2 overall in the Registry with just over 2 million points (when that meant something before the massive point inflation). Oh and I succeeded in putting together the mightiest Avengers 1-100 run ever assembled! With every single issue in 9.6 or better (including many in 9.8) grossing a total of 250,150 points, it was the finest Avengers set ever on the registry!
Accomplished in 2018: After reaching the pinnacle with the Avengers, I felt I had to turn my attention to the title that started the whole 'super-hero team under one banner' idea. So after a 5-year run, I successfully put together the finest JLA set ever. With #1 and #2 in 9.6, multiple copies in 9.8, and grossing 202,035 points for issues 1-75 only, it was the finest JLA set on the registry to that date!
2019: I turned my attention back to Golden Age books and looked for cool covers that captured the spirit of the age. Check out my custom set 'Minty-Mint Gold' to get a sense for what I was up to.
2020: I traded out of my #1 JLA set to a friend and fellow collector but discovered I had enough under copies to try to fill in a set in 9.4. Small drama over misplaced box aside, it leaves me looking for just a #1 and a #3. Happen to have either in 9.4? Also, I picked up a rare group of high grade Flashes as well as the bulk of paperheart's Green Lanterns.
Goal for 2021: Ok so the Flashes were short-lived as I have sold a big chunk of my collection to help pay for a house at the beach. That said, I'm still working on filling in my GL and JLA runs. I'm also looking for original art from MTIO Project Pegasus. Pls think of me if you wish to part with yours. Peace! -MP


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