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Vatican Gold 100 Lire 20th Century

Category:  World Coins
Owner:  Feely
Last Modified:  6/14/2013
Set Description
This is the first known collection of cerified (NGC or PCGS) Vatican Gold 100 Lire coins regristred. Currently, six of my coins are the finest know (NCG). The complete 20th Century 100 Lire Gold set totals 31 coins from 1929-1959, only minted in Rome, with mintage numbers of a high of 23,000 in 1933-34 for the Jubilee year and a low of 6 in 1938( zero NGC graded) following the death of Pius XI. To date NGC has graded 569 coins, with two years having no coins, meanwhile PCGS has only graded 149. The Vatican City state was established as the smallest independent state in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty signed by Cardinal Sectretary of State Pietro Gasparri on behalf of the Pope Pius XI and Prime Minister Benito Mussolini on behalf Victor Emmanual III king of Italy. Three Popes grace the obverse of these coins. Pope Pius XI is on the first ten, Pope Pius XII on the next twenty, with Pope John XXIII on the last 1959 coin. The Italian and world inflation resulted in the size of the coins changing from 8.8000 g., 0.9000 Gold, 0.2546 oz. AGW 1929-1935; to 5.1900 g., 0.9000 Gold, 0.1501 oz. AGW from 1936-1959.

Set Goals
Collection of Vatican Twentith Century Gold 100 Lire coins. They are rare and beautiful portraits of Ponifical history, which display golden symbols of Christian faith upon the reverse.

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin 1948 Vatican X VATICAN - DECIMAL EUROPE 1929-1959 Gold G100L 1948 X VATICAN 100 Lire NGC MS 64 MS64 Pope Pius XII
Mintage 5,000
View Coin 1959 Vatican I VATICAN - PAPAL CITY STATES EUROPE 1929-1959 G100L 1959 I VATICAN NGC MS 66 MS66 Pope John XXIII
Mintage 3,000

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