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Ottoman Empire
  Reform Coinage Type Set, AH1223//28-AH1223//32 (1808), Circulation Issue 5
  1/40 Qirsh, AH1293-AH1327 (1876-1909), Complete Circulation Issue 11
  1/20 Qirsh, AH1293-AH1327 (1876-1909), Complete Circulation Issue 7
  1/10 Qirsh, AH1293-AH1327 (1876-1909), Complete Circulation Issue 5
  2/10 Qirsh, AH1293-AH1327 (1876-1909), Complete Circulation Issue 3
  Gold 100 Qirsh, AH1223//30-AH1293//12, Complete Circulation Issue 9
Abdul Mejid( AH1255-1277) (1839-1861)
  Abdul Mejid, Silver Type Set, AH1255 (1839), Mint State 5
  Abdul Mejid, Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1255//1-AH1255//23 (1839), Circulation Issue 4
  Abdul Mejid, Gold 50 Qirsh, AH1255//1-AH1255//16 (1839), Circulation Issue 3
Abdul Aziz (AH1277-1293) (1861-1876)
  Abdul Aziz, Silver Type Set, AH1277-1293//1861-1876, Mint State 11
  Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1277//3-AH1277//15, Circulation Issue 4
  Gold 10 Qirsh, AH1277//10-AH1277//14, Circulation Issue 4
  Gold 25 Qirsh, AH1277//8-AH1277//15, Circulation Issue 4
Murad V (AH1293) (1876)
  Murad V, AH1293(1876), Complete Issues 4
Abdul Hamid II (AH1293-1327) (1876-1909)
  Abdul Hamid II, Silver & Gold Type Set, AH1293//1876, Mint State 20
  Abdul Hamid II, Type Set, AH1293//1876, Proof 4
  5/10 Qirsh, AH1293/10-AH1293/33, Circulation Issue 3
  Gold 5 Qirsh, AH1293//2-AH1293//24 (1876), Circulation Issue 3
Muhammad V (AH1327-1332) (1909-1914)
  Muhammed V, Type Set, AH1327//1909-AH1332//1914, Mint State 13
Hussein Kamil (AH1333-1336) (1914-1917)
  Hussein Kamil, 1916-1917, Mint State, Complete 22
  Hussein Kamil, Silver & Gold, AH1333//1914-AH1342//1917, Mint State, Complete 15
Fuad I (AH1336-1355) (1917-1936)
  Fuad l, 1923-1936, Mint State (No Gold) 14
  Fuad l, 1922-1936, Mint State, Complete 22
  Fuad l, 1922-1936, Specimen and Proof, Complete 8
  Fuad I, Silver Occupation Coinage, AH1338/1920, Mint State 12
  Fuad I, Silver & Gold, AH1340//1922-AH1352//1933, Mint State 13
  Fuad I, Gold Issues, AH1340//1922-AH1351//1932, Mint State 11
  Fuad I, Gold 500 Piastres, AH1340//1922-AH1351//1932, Proof 7
Farouk (AH1355-1372) (1936-1952)
  Farouk,1936-1952, Mint State, Complete 23
  Farouk,1936-1952, Specimen and Proof, Complete 5
  Farouk, Silver & Gold, AH1355/1936-AH1372/1952, Mint State 17
  Farouk, AH1357//1938, Gold Issues (1938 Royal Wedding), Complete 13
Republic (1953-Date)
  First Republic, Type Set, AH1373/1953-AH1378/1958, Mint State 7
  First Republic, Silver & Gold, AH1373/1953-AH1378/1958, Mint State, Complete 7
  United Arab Republic, Silver & Gold Type Set, AH1377//1958-AH1391/1971, Mint State 4
  United Arab Republic, Type Set, AH1377/1958-AH1391/1971, Circulation Issue (No Gold) 5
  United Arab Republic, AH1377/1958-AH1391/1971, Proof 5
  Arab Republic, Aluminum Type Set, AH1391/1971-Date, Mint State 6
  Silver 1 Pound, Commemorative Issues, 1968-Date, Mint State 6
  Silver 1 Pound, Commemorative Issues, 1979-Date, Proof 7
  Silver 5 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, 1983-Date, Circulation Issue 6
  Silver 5 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, 1981-Date, Proof 11
  Silver 10 Pound, Commemorative Issues, 2015-Date, Mint State 2
  Silver 50 Pound, Commemorative Issues, 2017-Date, Mint State 2
  Silver 100 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, AH1430//2009-Date, Mint State & Proof 2
  Gold ½ Pound, AH1413/1992-Date, Mint State 3
  Gold Pound, AH1393//1973-Date, Mint State and Proof 4
  Gold 5 Pounds, 1955-Date, Mint State and Proof 3
  Gold 10 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State and Proof 3
  Gold 50 Pounds, Commemorative Issues, 1986-Date, Proof 4
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