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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

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Set Type
Registered Sets
50 Cents
  Silver 50 Cents, 2012-Date, Proof 25
Dollar Sets
  Dollar, 2013-Date, Mint State 3
  Silver Dollar, 2009-Date, Mint State 126
  Dollar, 1976-Date, Proof 2
  Silver Dollar, 2008, Proof 1
  Silver Dollar, 2009, Proof 11
  Silver Dollar, 2010, Proof 6
  Silver Dollar, 2011, Proof 5
  Silver Dollar, 2012, Proof 13
  Silver Dollar, 2013, Proof 10
  Silver Dollar, 2014, Proof 48
  Silver Dollar, 2015, Proof 63
  Silver Dollar, 2016, Proof 31
  Silver Dollar, 2017, Proof 9
  Silver Dollar, 2018, Proof 18
  Silver Dollar, 2019, Proof 29
  Silver Dollar, 2020, Proof 7
  Silver Dollar, Lunar Series, 2013-2024, Proof, Including Varieties 3
Dollar Series Sets
  Deadly and Dangerous Series, Silver Dollars, 2006-Date, Proof 8
  Famous Battles Series, Silver Dollars, 2009, Proof 3
  Pirates and Buccaneers Series, Silver Dollars, 2009, Proof 1
  Great Warriors Series, Silver Dollars, 2010, Proof 2
  Tanks of WWII Series, Silver Dollars, 2010, Proof 3
  Endangered and Extinct Series, Silver Dollars, 2011-Date, Proof 6
  Ships that Changed the World Series, Silver Dollars, 2011-Date, Proof 5
  Ships that Never Sailed Series, Silver Dollars, 2013-Date, Proof 5
  Transformers Series, Silver Dollars, 2009-Date, Proof 5
  Wildlife in Need Series, Silver Dollars, 2011-2012, Proof 7
  Dragons of Legend Series, Silver Dollars, 2012-Date, Proof 9
  Mythical Creatures Series, Silver Dollars, 2013-Date, Proof 18
Two Dollars
  Silver $2, 2015-Date, Mint State 18
  Silver $2, 2004-Date, Proof 26
Five Dollars
  Silver $5, 2002-Date, Proof 7
Fifteen Dollars
  Gold $15, 2006-Date, Mint State & Proof 4
Twenty Dollars
  Silver $20, 1993-Date, Proof 1
  Looney Tunes Series, 2018-Date, Complete 7
  Star Trek Series, 2015-Date, Complete 35
  The Simpsons Series, 2019-Date, Complete 19
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