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Morton Short Set of Full Strike Walkers

Category: Half Dollars
Set Type: Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1941-1947, Circulation Issue
Owner: jackson64
Last Modified: 8/17/2020
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Score: 32530
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Set Description:

The presentation of this set is done in a way that utilizes the Coin Description area to provide some general information for each date in the series-from my personal perspective and observations after years and years of looking at Walkers almost daily. Specifically the average Strike quality for each date, the predominant Luster seen for the issue and also the Rank of Scarcity in MS and Gem MS for each of the 20 coins ( population determined as the sum of both major grading services).Conversely, this Set Description area is being utilized to make comments on each of the coins of my "Personal Set." I hope that the reader may enjoy the photos, gain some insight into what I see when I view these remarkable pieces of art and also some useful information of what to look for and expect as one may try and build their own set.
1941: This slot took a long time to fill in with an MS 67- primarily because I had originally had an
MS66 in this slot which was one of my all time favorite coins. I still own my MS66 and love it every bit as much as this gorgeous MS67. I find the toning on this coin to be gorgeous but it fills me with a certain sadness. I can't help but see Lady Liberty as she reaches toward the western sunset--and the sunset of Liberty and Freedom as we've known it in our country is also upon us.
1941-D: attractively toned Walkers are a true numismatic scarcity. One really needs to have this coin in hand with a loupe to see all of the subtle amythest, turquoise and emerald colors hidden among the devices and even liberally scattered around the rims.
1941-S: what can I say about this coin? Over 2 1/2 years in the hunt for a suitable specimen and finally! A perfect compromise for the hardest date and also most poorly struck date of the short set. I found a coin whose starburst luster and dazzling metal flow-lines are so riveting that I hardly ever notice the typical flatness in the obverse center. A well-struck reverse only adds icing to the cake.
1942: The first MS67 Walker I purchased. I'm not a complainer about grade-if this coin were graded as higher than it is I couldn't have afforded it, however I must say in fairness to the coin itself--it is nearly flawless !! Dazzling luster, speckled with wispy golds and blush emerald. For the life of me I can't see even the tiniest tick on the hip, back of hand, outstretched arm sun or breast-- what is a 68 grade requirement?
1942-D: the coin in my set is just a technical beauty with satiny luster. Clean, well struck except for the common for the date weak thumb, and amazing reverse make this a rock solid coin for the set.
1942-S: a HUGELY under-rated coin. The 1942-S is actually a bit rarer in the highest grades than the more notorious 1941-S-yet sells for far less. My example is wonderfully pleasing and I actually paid above list price/FMV--and would do so again. The combination of its strike, luster and eye appeal-and also a die crack on the eagle's breast-make this one of the stars of my set.
1943: Along with the 1941, 46-S and 1947- this date can be found with some nice toner examples available. I am always on the lookout for a more vibrant example to replace this attractive coin with. Solid 67 but does not give me the "wow" factor.
1943-D: simply put, this coin has character. In hand the reverse demonstrates a pale rose blush and the obverse has hints of subtle color interspersed with moments of aged, rustic brown..just a great coin that makes me think of the year 1943 and how it is a lot longer ago than it was when I was a kid.
1943-S: I stole this coin. Not physically or criminally but metaphorically. I paid 110% of list for this coin and would have paid nearly double. To hold this coin in hand and look at the toned areas with a loupe is pure delight for this coin collector and Walker lover. My photo skills don't do justice to these deep, rich colors that appear darker in my poor images.
1944: Okay, a bit of confession here. This coin was purchased as an upgrade for an MS66-which I really love and still own. I was only 200 registry points behind the top ranked Year Set for 1944 and figured, " I can get another #1 ranked set and upgrade my Walkers at the same time, where's the downside?"..wonderful, deep satiny luster. The photos are actually subdued on purpose because the coin has such "glow" I couldn't get a decent photo--seriously.
1944-D: The first coin of this set that I paid 4 figures for( which is a lot more than they currently sell for). When it arrived I at first was taken aback by what I thought were "scratches or hairlines" in the R obverse field. Upon inspecting many other high end examples it seems as if these die polish lines are not unusual. Good thing the graders knew this and gave the coin its appropriate grade as struck at the mint.
1944-S: Another confession--sometimes when I look at the photo of this coin I think it is unattractive..other times I look and see a distinctive coin..and yet others I see a stand out coin. Either way, I cannot deny my motives for buying it. For a poorly struck date which is often lacking in luster and a few too many dings, at least my MS66 is unique and identifiable.
1945: This is a prime example of the standard, white, pristine MS67's that fill the census. As immaculate as this coin is in strike and cleanness- if I saw a more unique coin of the same grade I'd probably swap it out--even if less technically perfect.
1945-D: As can be seen by a few of the others in my set like the 41, 41-D, 46 ect, I love satiny coins with toning around the rims or an album toned look. This coin certainly doesn't disappoint as it replaces a coin that I had in this slot for years.
1945-S: This coin's purchase ran right up to my limit for price of any coin. One of the 5 tough S mint coins, it may be the only one I will ever own in 67. Typical San Fran weak strike is offset by unique toning for a rarely colorful issue.
1946: My 1946 looks as if it just came out of the mint . Almost burnished looking with its starburst effect. The strike is also unreal, just a supreme example of the 1946 which may be the hardest Philly mint coin of the short set to find in this quality. Light golden album toning type coloration with full rose highlights only adds to the superlative quality- quite possibly one of the top 5 or 10 coins in existence for the date. I swear if there is an MS68 candidate in my set, then this coin is it
1946-D: A fantastic coin, yet I'm pretty sure I overpaid. I was so taken with the strike, satiny luster and charm of its wispy brown wood grain streaks on the obverse that I jumped the gun with an offer a few hundred more than I should have. My lament is always quickly forgotten when I'm actually holding the coin and enjoying it with my loupe, yet when I browse my set on-line or look at price guides I just have to shake my head.
1946-S: Possibly the most common date for vibrant toning--usually toned with muted blues/greens & oaken browns. My issue is no exception and it's strike and underlying luster make it a solid 67.
1947: I'm not the greatest photographer but what I lack in skill and quality equipment I try and make up for with perseverance. However no amount of perseverance will do when trying to photo this stunner. Glassy jade colors intermittent with bronzes and coppery colors--it is just a delight to study with a loupe or even an unaided eye under a good light. Unfotunately it appears as if you'll have to take my word for it since all of my attempts ( and my halogen lighting) seem to bleach this coin of its exceptionalism.
1947-D: The final coin of the set and final piece that I found. Most likely this beauty will be the denouement for my Walker Short Set--10 years to complete as is ( June 2019) and over 3 years of hunting for the right MS67 to fill this slot...worth every day of the wait.
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