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FOR SALE - Libertads with PROOF LIKE Coins

Category: Mexico
Set Type: Silver 1 Onza, Libertad, 1982-Date, Mint State, Including Varieties
Last Modified: 12/15/2020
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Set Description:

As I have had an amazing time over the years putting together this set and being in top with several award with it,the time has come for me to sell. The reason for selling is I got to a point where I had every coin in top grade with the exception of only 4 or 5 and finding those last coins to stay on top has gotten to the point where I just dont have time to put into it and maintain it. This year I decided to start selling off the coins in the set to those whom will enjoy them for years to come as I have done. The people I have met and the coins I have acquired were just amazing. The journey I have taken when this started many years ago has allowed me to make new discoveries for some of the varieties now included like the 82 double and 82 triple die, the very first proof like mint state libertad ever graded and even having a wonderful article written about this set in coin world magazine. When I started there were barely 20 1oz registry sets here with NGC and the growth has grown as well as the collector base for what I consider the most beautiful sovereign bullion coin in the world.

For anyone looking to purchase any of these please contact me directly at 804-479-4527 or shoot me a txt and I will be more than happy to help you with growing and completing your set. When I started most years barely had 50 coins graded, that's for all grades combined. So part of my journey was submitting coins to NGC. If you need a coin for a slot in highest grade or just a coin of average grade please call anytime as I probably have one for you as I have well over 300 graded libertads that I have submitted over the years that have helped build a top set. It's sad to think of moving on from this but there will be some coins I will never sell like the 1990 PL as it was the first ever and in my opinion is a historical coin in the libertad set as it opened the door to other years.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries.
1982 DD and TD.
1990 PL
1984 PL
1988 - DD-002, discovered the second one. My friend Dan who discovered the first one beat me to it be about 2 weeks as I was sitting on one just a little too long. Just for clarification, the 1988 DD-001 was discovered a few years later and is not nearly as rare as the 002 variety. So far, I have had about 6 or the 001 varieties graded and have several more so I think they will be much more common if you have a good eye as to what your looking for. All of the 88-001 I have submitted came from coins I currently had in my stack and do have more but unless a early year grades at least a MS66 I dont submit them.

Thanks to all and good luck to the new kings of the libertads as I have watched your sets grow and it's time for me to retire mine. One thing to keep in mind with your coins and collections, we are only caretaker's of these until the next caretaker comes along before passing them to the next.



The next comes from the past years, started in 2014, while collecting and working on this set.
As it becomes more difficult to find the last few top graded coins i am searching for the rarest of them all, Proof Like Libertads. Libertads that are graded and given the PL designation are the rarest MS Libertads to find. I found the very first Libertad that was graded and given the PL designation about 4 or 5 years ago and as of now, April of 2019, there are around 9 or 10 found and that's for all years. The current years that have at least one coin given the PL designation are as follows; 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 DD-001 and 1990.

Coin World Magazine featured a nice two page article on this registry set in their August 2016 edition. Louis Golino the writer of the article is also a long time contributer to Coin Wold Magazine and covered some of the rarest libertads known in this set as well as discussing the rare keys dates and new varieties discovered.

For 2018 I was a little late in my last submissio but i did receive several 1oz BU coins that received the proof like or PL designation. These were coins i had in my collection that i put to the side for the past 3 or 4 years. Once we are allowed to add new slots here in 2019, the new Proof Likes will be added and a few are one of a kind libertads.

The following are newly discovered and never seen before Proof Like Libertads:
1988 DDR-001 PL, current POP of 1.

1987 DDR PL, current POP of 1.

1984 PL with a POP of 2, i have them both.

In 2015 i submitted a 1982 that I really didn't check very closely. While looking at it i submitted it thinking it was a double die. Well NGC saw it as a triple die and graded it MS65 TDO. I am writing this to help spread the word on the variety so be on the lookout for the new triple die. i want to thank NGC for creating the slot for it.

Key coins in this set are as follows:

1993 MS70, the only grade 70 that exsists for the year or total pop of 1.

1982 MS68 DDR pop 2, i discovered this variety as well as the TDR variety.

1984 MS68, highest known grade with a pop of only 1.

1990 MS67 PL, this coin is the first BU Libertad given the PL designation for any year. I was able to add 2 more 1990 PL libertads in 2017.

1988 DDR MS67, highest known grade with a pop of 1. Total NGC pop, in all grades is 10 at the time of writing this.

1987 Double die MS68 pop 2.

2000 MS70, the first given the grade MS70 for the year and remained the only one for 17 years until the second MS70 for the year 2000 was graded.

2011 MS70, population is only 7 and i acquired 2 from the same owner.

1991 Type 2 MS69 none graded higher, population of 3 as of the time of writing this.

1992 MS69, 1 of only 3 that exist none graded higher. There is a 4th graded MS69 that I do own but it doesn't qualify as it is mint error.

1994 MS68, 1 of three that exist none graded higher at the time of writing this.

The set also features 39 of the 44 coins in highest known grade.

Of all the sets to collect and to complete i choose the Mexico Libertad because of its difficulty and challenges. Little did I know this set would take the better part of 2 years and who knows how much money to complete. The biggest challenge to completing a set like this in very high grade is finding the coins worthy of submission. In my search i found myself buying full rolls of various years, calling dealers across the country, auctions and local shops. When the largest of the dealers/distributers don't have what your looking for then you know your in for a ride.

Before starting i also saw the current #1 set had been #1 for 5 consecutive years so getting a #1 set was not really as much a considertation as it was to just complete it. To complete this set 100% with varieties will take time and patience. My advice is to have a goal of completing it then work on upgrading as coins become available later.

The libertad was the first foreign bullion coin I started to collect and I feel I just got lucky. Initially it was the low premium over spot that caught my interest but it was the beauty of the coin that kept it. The libertad makes up about 1/3 of my entire collection and I feel these coins are the biggest sleeper coins available today.

Before putting my set together I had other sets i made from the US, Australia and Canada. The other sets were easy and only took a few days to a few weeks to complete due to the availability of high quality graded coins. As i remember, i completed my ASE set the fastest in only 3 days. It took longer to get the coins shipped then to find them.

The libertads have a few things going against them. First, the graded populations are so small for so many of the years you are forced to find raw coins and have them graded. The problem is finding the quality raw coins. Second was the weak strike quality from '82 to 90, the quality of the minting was at best, marginal. Many of the early coins have horizontal scratches on the blanks that appear after the strike of the die. This tells me that many of the strikes were very weak. Third issue, handling of the coins from the mint. After opening many mint sealed rolls from the '80s, the coins appeared as though they were dumped into bins or bags where they were allowed to abbraid with one another. Lastly, availability of finding the coins. Of all the sovereign bullion programs, the Mexico Libertad is by far the consistantly lowest minted bullion coin on the planet. When mints like China, US, Canada, and Australia mints millions and millions of bullion coins each year, Mexico only has minted anywhere from 65k to a little over 2 million per year. I might add that, most yearly mintages are in the few hundred thousand per year.

One thing about putting a set like this together is not just about finding the coin for your set, its about the journey and the ride your taken on. The people you meet, the details you learn and the history behind the coins is what makes the hunt remarkable. Before starting the set, all i knew was these were beautiful coins, today, I can tell you about the mintages, varieties, mules, double dies and changes in design. The journey is what its all about. Dont get me wrong, since its virtually impossible to amass a full set of MS70s, this will be a set I will continue to add to and upgrade when the better coins come along.

Here are some facts and stats about the 1oz BU Libertad:

Lowest mintage, 1998, 67k

Highest mintage, 1992, 2.45 million.

First year of issue, 1982, making it the longest running issues of any modern bullion program.

Lowest population for all grades, 1984 MS68 1993 ms70 and 2000 MS70 all have a pop 1 and are in this set.

Second lowest population for all grades, 1999 rev of 2000, population of 2.

Lowest population for all grades is the 1988 Double die, pop of just 6.

1982 DDR, discovered my me.
1982 TDO, discovered by me.

2000 MS70, population 2, one is in this set also it was the 3rd libertad BU to be given a perfect MS70 grade.

1990 Proof Like has a pop of only 3, I discovered this coin and had it graded and it is part of this set. This is also the first 1oz MS libertad to be given the PL designation.

Years with total populations under 50 are 16 different years. Now you will discover the challenge of finding quality coins needed for grading as the grades just dont exsist.

First graded MS70 coin happened in 1997, two were graded that year.

3rd BU coin to get a perfect MS70 took place in 2000.

4th BU coin to get a perfect 70 was in 2010.

Year with the highest population for all grades, 2013 with a total of 3278.

Second highest pop report for all grades was for 2015 with 2516 and still counting as the year still has 3 months to go at the time I write this.

The explosion in grading over the past 3 years tells me that the collector base is growing very fast.

The obverse and reverse of the libertad is not what you think. What we consider the obverse of most coins is actually what the Mexico Mint calls the reverse of the libertad. The true obverse on the libertad shows the Mexico coat of arms with the snake in the eagle's mouth. The reverse of the libertad shows the beautiful winged angel. Until late 2015 NGC had always shown the true reverse of the libertad facing towards the front. With the discovery of the new variety of the 1988 Double Die in late 2015, NGC is calling it a DDR or double die reverse. The 1988 DDR and the 1987 DDO or double die obverse, both show the doubling on the same side the coins for both years.

Here is how i rank the top rarest and most difficult 1oz BU libertads to find. Some are rare but not scarce but as you get closer to #1 they are rare and are more scarce to find.

#10. 1999
#9. 2003
#8. 1997 rare but not scarce.
#7. 1987 DDO
#6. 1998
#5. 1988 in any condition
#4. 1991 Type 2, only 50k minted.
#3. 1982 TDR
#2. 1988 DDR
#1. 1999 Mule

If i have missed something or incorrectly stated something please reach out to me to let me know. I hope you enjoy the set as i have enjoyed putting it together.
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