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Caballito Pesos, 1910-1914, Circulation Issue, Abuelo's Collection (Obscured)

Category: Mexico
Set Type: Caballito Silver Pesos, (KM 453), 1910-1914, Circulation Issue
Owner: Abuelo's Collection
Last Modified: 2/28/2019
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This set looks to complete the set of Caballitos. The Caballito is the first new peso issued after the Currency Reform of 1905 by financier Jose Y. Limantour, and the only 20th century Mexican coin minted in .90277 fine silver- the same specifications as the earlier issued Republic 8 reales and pesos. A popular design and avidly collected. The competitive set does not recognise the different varieties so a custom set was needed. The coin was designed in France by Mr. Charles Pillet and is in my mind, a great example of Art Nuveau and one of the most beautiful coins minted in the XX century.

My current “Barn” or “Stable” of Caballitos includes the following (some of the coins are certified by PCGS so are included in the custom set and not in the competitive set):

1. 1910 Normal Variety NGC MS64. While difficult for me to say, it appears that under loupe this is the variety described by Allan Schein in “Mexican Beauty Belleza Mexinana” as A/D1. This coin is listed in the competitive set “Caballitos 2”.
2. 1910 Triple Tongue variety NGC MS65. This is one of my favourite coins. Beautiful gem grade. Very scarce "triple tongue" snake variety, catalogued as 1910-C2 in "Mexican Beauty/Belleza Mexicana" by Allan Schein. This coin is featured on the mentioned book on pages 19, 34, 37, 145 and 156. This is an absolute wonder coin and my favourite Caballito. Blasting white with impeccable fields. A gorgeous example for the series.
3. 1911 Short Ray Variety. N/A.
4. 1911 Long Ray Variety NGC MS65. Beautiful gem grade with bluish tones. This coin is featured on pages 115, 145 and 156 of "Mexican Beauty/Belleza Mexicana" by Allan Schein. This coin has been auctioned by Heritage twice in the past. In 2014 it was catalogued: "The usual "Long ray" variety, Gem Uncirculated and becoming quite difficult to locate in this preservation". In 2005 it was catalogued: "Light toning over full glistening luster. From the William Waste Collection." Great toning.
5. 1912 PCGS MS65. Delightful Gem Caballito in an old green PCGS slab. This coin is as good as Caballitos come! Currently Caballitos are slabbed with the reverse (the actual horse side) on the front and the obverse (Mexican arms) on the reverse, but this coin was slabbed according to Mexican law that calls for the obverse to be the side of the arms. Amazing coin. At the time of purchase (January 2017) PCGS has 87 coins certified: 1@50, 2@53, 7@55, 12@58, 1@60, 13@62, 17@63, 1@63+, 18@64, 1@64+, 11@65, and 3@66. NGC has 183 coins certified, 23@65, and 3@66.
6. 1913/2 NGC MS64. Near Gem grade. At the time of acquisition (January 2015), only one graded higher by NGC. From the sale's catalogue: "Tied with eight others, with only one graded higher (at MS-65) at NGC. Lovely pale rose gold hued toning. Very attractive". Formerly in the collection of Mr. Allan Schein, author of the definitive text on the Caballito series "Mexican Beauty/Belleza Mexicana Un Peso Caballito".
7. 1913 NGC MS65. Beautiful Gem grade. While difficult for me say, it appears that under loupe this is the variety described by Mr Allan Schein in “Mexican Beauty Belleza Mexinana” as A/D9.
8. 1914 N/A.

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