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The Hyde Park Collection - Great Britain Edward VII Sovereigns 1902-1910

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The Reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910) - House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

King Edward VII took over the British throne after the death of Queen Victoria. He was a popular ruler who strengthened his country prior to World War I.

Edward VII, born in London on November 9, 1841, became king upon the death of his mother, Queen Victoria, in 1901. A popular member of social and sporting circles, Edward VII strengthened England's ties with the rest of Europe. His reforms of the military and navy prepared them well for World War I.

Prince Edward married Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The marriage, arranged by Edward's parents, produced six children. Before his marriage but after his engagement, Edward fell into a scandalous love affair with actress Nellie Clifton. So distraught was his father, Prince Albert, over the disgrace to the royal family, that he personally went to his son to reprimand him. The affair was ended, but two weeks later Albert fell ill and died of typhoid. Queen Victoria fell into a deep depression and blamed Edward for her husband's death, never to forgive him. Edward continued to have many affairs throughout his marriage. Actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Lillie Langtry, as well as Lady Randolph Churchill (Winston's mother) and Alice Keppel (great-grandmother of Camilla, wife of Charles, the current Prince of Wales) were among his many trysts.

With Queen Victoria's retreat from public life, Edward was allowed to represent her at official state events, but not given any responsibility in political matters.

Edward VII Great Britain Sovereigns minted 1902 - 1910

A Brief History of the British Gold Sovereign

First introduced by King Henry VII in 1489, the denomination was current throughout the hand- struck hammered Tudor and Stuart periods. The denomination was also later called the Pound, Unite, Laurel, and the gold Guinea. It was the need for a reformation of the Coinage Act in 1816 that led to the introduction of the Modern Gold Sovereign.

During the latter part of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), the Royal branch mints began to open in the Colonial Empire. These included Sydney (1855-1926), Melbourne (1872-1931) and Perth (1899-1931) in Australia; Ottawa (1908-1919) in Canada; Bombay in India (1918), and Pretoria in South Africa (1923-1932).

In 1871 there was a revival of the Pistrucci St. George and the dragon reverse on the Sovereign. The Royal Mint Council was authorised to revive the St George reverse issued design on 14 January 1871. The St. George reverse was produced concurrently with the shield reverse at the London Mint from 1871 until 1874. The Queen wanted it that way. The St. George reverse was issued in London along with the Colonial Branch Mints in Australia, at Sydney starting in 1871, Melbourne 1872, Perth 1899, Ottawa 1908, India 1918, and Pretoria 1923. The mints did not produced sovereigns in every year while they were in operation.

The sovereign was named because the obverse design depicted the King enthroned in regal splendour. It was the first gold coin produced in England. The modern sovereign is 22 carat gold and has a diameter of 22.05mm, a thickness of 1.52mm, and a weighs 7.988 g.

The Kings and Queens of the modern day sovereign

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The Reign of King George IV (1820-1830) - House of Hanover

The Reign of King William IV (1830-1837) - House of Hanover

The Reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) - House of Hanover

The Reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910) - House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

The Reign of King George V (1910-1936) - House of Windsor

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The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II (1952- ) - House of Windsor

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