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Category: China - Panda
Set Type: Panda Anniversary Issue Coinage, Official Mint Medals, Excluding 2007
Owner: Saić–‡
Last Modified: 8/2/2018
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We first look at the back of this 30 gram gold, 12 gram silver circular double metal commemorative coin, which is designed for the bamboo giant panda and the bamboo forest, with the combination of the main picture of the panda gold coin and the bottom grain of the bamboo leaves. As is known to all, the bimetal coin itself has its own unique charm, and the beautiful and ingenious back design of the gold and silver double color is the icing on the cake for the whole commemorative coin. In the middle of the coin, it is the pattern of a giant panda eating bamboo. You see, it is staring at the big eyes and eating bamboo with relish. In my mind, I can't help raising the panda's scene of eating bamboo in reality. The bamboo in his hand is like a flute. How lively and interesting it is to send out beautiful music under the giant panda's mouth.

The picture of the panda to eat bamboo is a gold base, and the silver bottom is used around the pattern, with a combination of the bottom lines of the bamboo leaf, and the "30gAu.999+12gAg.999" and the denomination. On the periphery of this circle, there are many giant pandas with different shapes and charmingly naive shapes. They are different in light and dark. They are very exquisite in design. They are the patterns of panda gold coins issued in part of the year. This highly imaginative and creative design is undoubtedly an image review of the history of the panda gold coin issue, concentrating on the essence of the design over the years. The silver outer ring and the gold inner circle patterns bring together a refreshing visual effect with unique beauty.

The design of the 5 gram gold coin is designed for the giant panda's silhouette. Although it lacks the realistic portrayal of the panda, the abstract freehand brushwork provides a larger reading space and draws our thoughts longer and farther. The panda uses the anthropomorphic configuration to think on the side, like in the memory of the past, as well as looking forward to the future, and portrayal of the maturity and thinking of the pandas who have gone through the past year. Various year numbers, such as film rolling, sparkling, shining, as if broadcasting the story of the giant panda for 35 years, each section has a colorful sound. The combination of the shadow effect and the giant panda silhouette is like a shadow of a bamboo forest.

15 grams of silver coin on the back of the cartoon giant panda silhouette graphics, lined with ring lines and annual digital combination design, the use of stealth carving technology, so that the art of the currency greatly enhanced. Cartoon panda combination stealth sculpture design is an innovation in Panda design, so it also adds to the collection value of the currency. Cartoon panda, although the curtain behind the curtain, such as the fog to see flowers, but the shape and spirit, the posture of sprouting, casual sitting posture, happy eyes, bring a relaxed and cheerful mood. In the panda, the nature shows a kind of self - sufficient joy, which is closely related to the anniversary theme. This also expresses the celebration and blessing of the 35 year achievements of the panda gold coin. The background takes the ring line as the image, and every 5 years is a small stage. The 35 year history of the panda gold coin is clear. The ring line of each circle is the path of the panda's journey. Although there are twists and turns, it always strives to be successful and shows the hard work and hard work of the Panda Gold Coin workers.

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