CGC Announces New Signature Series Program

Posted: 8/30/2007

Authentication of Sketches and Signatures Debuts With Hero Initiative’s The 3-Minute Sketchbook


Venom by D.M. Beck. Signed and sketch on 3/18/07 for The Hero Initiative. Click to enlarge

CGC announced today a new offering in its Signature Series program. CGC will authenticate the original art back board sketches with the CGC Signature Series label. No grades will be assigned, but every piece will be authenticated and encapsulated in CGC tamper evident archival holder. This program will be available first to CGC Authorized Witnesses, and CGC will not be accepting submissions from the general public at this time.

"CGC is really excited about offering this program to collectors." Said Steve Borock, President of CGC, "The CGC Signature Series label combined with this amazing collection continues our commitment of protecting the hobby while expanding our offering to meet the desires of collectors."

"We fully support CGC’s new program of authenticating back board sketches," said Scott Gramling, Editor-In-Chief of Wizard Magazine. "It can eliminate the sale and distribution of forgeries on the open market. It will enable buyers to know that what they are getting is an authentic piece, which was verified by the best in the business."

Hero Initiative’s The 3-Minute Sketchbook


Deathlok by Mike Perkins. Signed and sketch on 5/1/07 for The Hero Initiative. Click to enlarge

The CGC Signature Series sketch certification program debuts with The 3-Minute Sketchbook, the Hero Initiative’s latest benefit project, on August 31, 2007 at a gala event at Secret Headquarters, a combination comic store/art gallery in Los Angeles. Hero’s The 3-Minute Sketchbook features pieces from over 100 artists, and 35 backboard sketches are authenticated and encapsulated by CGC.

"The CGC Signature Series is growing in leaps and bounds," said Paul Litch, CGC Senior Grader and Modern Age Specialist. "These are some of the most amazing pieces we’ve seen – the program is going to be spectacular."

"CGC has been a great partner and contributor to The Hero Initiative, and we’re very happy and proud to be the inaugural recipient of some of these authenticated sketches," said Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin.

Artists who are interested in certifying their sketches should contact CGC via 1-877-NM-COMIC (662-6642). The launch date and pricing schedule for this program will be announced when it becomes available.

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