Thwack -- Message for You Sir

Posted: 9/26/2002 by Architecht

Two new features have been added to the CR (Certified Registry).

First, you will now note that in most places throughout the site, when the name of another member of the Collectors' Society is displayed, it is now a link. This link leads to a form that will allow logged-in members of the CS to send that user an email.

All messages are filtered through our servers. Thus, the recipient of the message will get an email noting the public name of the sender, but no direct contact information. The recipient will be able to reply by clicking on a "reply" link in the email that leads them back to a form on the CS. Through this system, no user ever needs to provide an actual email address to another user.

Additionally, if you wish to NOT receive messages through the CS, you may go to "My Profile" and turn this feature off.

The second feature allows people to obscure the details of their sets so that no one but the owner can view the set details.

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