New Sets Planned for The Certified Registry

Posted: 5/31/2002

Your requests are fulfilled...

In a continuing trend to expand the collecting options for our members, the following sets will be rolled out over the next several weeks.

Bust Silver Dollars 1794-1804
Capped Bust Half Dollars 1807-36
Large Cents
Two-Cent pieces 1864-72
Two-Cent pieces Proof 1864-73
Silver Three-Cent Pieces 1851-72
Silver Three-Cent Pieces Proof 1851-73
Lincoln Cents, Proofs, 1959 to date
Jefferson Nickels, 1965 to date
Jefferson Nickels, Proofs, 1950-64
Jefferson Nickels, Proofs, 1965 to date
Washington Quarters, Proofs, 1950-98
Morgan Dollars, Prooflikes (PL), 1878-1921
Morgan Dollars, Deep Prooflikes (DPL), 1878-1921
20th Century Type Set (not including gold)
20th Century Gold Type Set
Modern Commemoratives MS only
Modern Commemoratives PF only
Modern Commemoratives Halves
Modern Commemoratives Dollars
Modern Commemoratives Gold
Twenty-Cent Pieces, Proofs, 1875-78
Bust half dimes, 1829-1837

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