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Posted: 2/9/2016

Take a look at the new NGC Registry sets released in the last few weeks.

January just flew by for our NGC Registry staff while we worked hard to add slots for all of the new 2016-dated US and world coins as well as to add new sets requested by NGC Registry users.

We are receiving many requests as to when the 2015 NGC Registry awards, for those who received them, will be mailed out. Please be assured that our team is working hard to compile all that is needed to get them out the door to you. Due to the record number of awards for 2015, this process will take some time. We are hoping to begin mailing them out in March. Every year, unfortunately, some awards come back to us as undeliverable, due to an outdated mailing address. Please ensure the address you have on file on-line in your Collector Society account is accurate. This is the address we will use to mail your awards to you. If you need assistance updating your address, you may email NGC Customer Service for assistance at

Meanwhile, there are countless new NGC Registry sets that are just waiting to be loaded up with your numismatic treasures. Please take a peek at the brand new sets released in the last few weeks:

New Categories

  • Yugoslavia

New Sets

  • China - Republic (Incl. Taiwan): 5 Cents (5 Fen), 1936-1941, Complete Circulation Issue
  • China - Commemorative: Classic Gardens Medals, 2010-Date, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 1996 Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Series Two, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 1997 Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Series Three, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 1995-1997 Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, Complete Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2001 Chinese Folktales, Series l, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2002 Chinese Folktales, Series ll, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2003 Chinese Folktales, Series lll, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2001-2003 Chinese Folktales Series, Complete Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2004 Maijishan Grotto, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2002-2006 Longmen Grotto, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2010 Yungang Grotto, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 2002-2010 Grottoes, Complete Proof
  • Cook Islands: Silver $5, 2009-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Cook Islands: Silver $10, 2012-Date, Prooflike
  • Germany: Silver 10 Euro, 2002-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Haiti: 50 Gourdes, 1973-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Hong Kong (British Rule): 2 Dollars, 1988-1997, Proof
  • India-Portuguese: Type set, Goa, 1804-1869, Circulation
  • Rwanda and Burundi: Silver 500 Francs, 2013-Date, Proof
  • San Marino: 2 Lire, 1898-1997, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: Silver 100 Baht, 1974-Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Rama IX, Baht Type Set, 1957-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: Rama IX, 5 Baht Type Set, 1972-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: Rama IX, 10 Baht Type Set, 1977-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: Rama IX, 10 Baht, 1982-Date, Proof
  • Tokelau: Silver $10, 2016-Date, Mint State
  • Turks & Caicos: Silver Crown, 1986-1993, Proof
  • Turks & Caicos: Silver 10 Crowns, 1975-1985, Proof
  • Turks & Caicos: Silver 20 Crowns, 1974-1999, Proof
  • Turks & Caicos: Silver 25 Crowns, 1977-2000, Proof
  • Turks & Caicos: Gold 50 Crowns, 1974-1978, Complete Proof
  • Turks & Caicos: Gold 100 Crowns, 1974-1988, Proof
  • Vatican: Pius IX, 1846-1870, Circulation Issue
  • Yugoslavia: Silver 100 Dinara, 1978-Date, Proof
  • Yugoslavia: Silver 250 Dinara, 1979-Date, Proof
  • Yugoslavia: Silver 500 Dinara, 1980-Date, Proof

New Slots

Here is a list of just some of the sets and categories where we have added new slots:

  • Australia - Decimal: One Dollar, 1984-Date, Proof
  • Australia - Commemorative: Silver Dollars, 2008-Date, Mint State
  • Australia - Bullion: Kangaroo Silver Dollars, 1990-Date, Complete (Incl. Varieties)
  • Canada - Bullion: Silver Maple Leafs - Special Issues
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $2, Commemorative Issues, 2002-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $3, Commemorative Issues, 2004-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Three Dollars, Commemorative Issues, 2004-Date, Specimen and Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $4, 2004-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $5, Commemorative Issues, 1973-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $5, Commemorative Issues, 1973-Date, Complete
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $10, Commemorative Issues, 1973-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $10, Commemorative Issues, 1973-Date, Proof and Specimen
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $30, 2005-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Bullion: Silver $50 (Five Ounces), 2006-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Bullion: Silver 5 Ounce Coinage, 2015-Date, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 1995 Medals, Mint State and Proof
  • China - Commemorative: Qi Baishi Set, 1997, Proof
  • China - Panda: Gold 1/10 Ounce Panda, 1982-Date, Mint State (Incl. Varieties)
  • China - Panda: Silver Panda 1 Ounce Medals, 1984-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • China - Panda: Silver Panda Medals, 1984-Date, Proof
  • China - Panda: Panda Medals, 1984-Date, Complete
  • Cook Islands: Silver $25, 2007-Date, Proof
  • Great Britain- Sovereigns and Bullion: Britannia Silver 2 Pounds, 1998-Date, Mint State
  • India - British Colony: Rupee, 1862-1947, Circulation Issue
  • Niue: Silver $1, 2007-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $2 Circulation Issue Set
  • Niue: Silver $2, 2006-Date, Proof
  • Rwanda and Burundi
  • Somalia
  • Zambia
  • US: Cents
  • US: Nickels
  • US: National Parks – Quarters
  • US: Gold Bullion Issues
  • US: American Eagles
  • US: Gold Eagles

Do you have an NGC-certified coin in your hand, and you’re not sure where it may fit in the NGC Registry? We are here to help with requests and with other questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email, and let us know exactly how we can help. Reach us easily via email at

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