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Posted: 1/12/2016

Check out the new slots and sets added to the NGC Registry.

2016 has swept in with a big bang in the NGC Registry. It is sure to be a banner year for our all of our collectors. The requests are flowing in, and we are excited at the number of new slot requests and new NGC Registry set requests. Thank you, again, to all of our annual contest participants, and congratulations to this year’s winners. We appreciate all that you do. To view the 2015 NGC Registry Award Winners, click here.

For those of you who are looking for new set options, we have added countless new sets recently. Here are the new categories and sets, just waiting to be filled:

New NGC Categories

  • Turks & Caicos Islands

New Sets

  • Angola: Portuguese Colony Type Set, 1921-1974, Circulation Issue
  • Angola: People’s Republic Type Set, 1975-1992, Circulation Issue
  • Australia - Bullion: Koala Platinum $15, 1988-2005, Proof
  • Australia - Bullion: Platinum $15, 2006-Date, Proof
  • Azores: 1750-1866, Complete Circulation Issue
  • Bulgaria: 1963-1990, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: 1986 Year of Peace
  • China - Commemorative: 2015 Cao Xueqin 300th Anniversary of Birth Set
  • China - Commemorative: 2015 Defeat of Fascism & Japan 70th Anniversary Set
  • China - Commemorative: 2015 Tibet Autonomy 50th Anniversary Set
  • China - Commemorative: 2015 Xinjiang Autonomy 60th Anniversary Set
  • China - Commemorative: 2015 Xu BeiHong 100th Anniversary Set
  • Keeling - Cocos Islands, Token Coinage, 1913-1968, Circulation Issue
  • Niue: Silver $5, 2012-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Niue: Silver $2, 2009-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Niue: Silver $15, 2005-Date, Proof
  • Norway: Silver 50 Kroner, 1978-Date, Proof
  • Norway: Silver 100 Kroner, 1978-Date, Proof
  • Portugal: Manuel II, Type Set, 1908-1910, Complete
  • Portugal: Escudo 1927-1968, Circulation Issue
  • San Marino: Gold 1/2 Scudo, 1998-2001, Proof
  • San Marino: Gold Scudo, 1974-1993, Mint State
  • San Marino: Gold Scudo, 1991-2001, Proof
  • San Marino: Gold Scudo, 1974-2001, Complete
  • San Marino: Gold 2 Scudi, 1974-1993, Mint State
  • San Marino: Gold 2 Scudi, 1991-Date, Proof
  • San Marino: Gold 2 Scudi, 1974-Date, Complete
  • US: Tokens and Medals: Coin and Chronicle Set Medals, 2013-Date, Complete
  • US: American Eagle and Buffalo Coins: 2016 Eagles Set, Mint State
  • US: American Eagle and Buffalo Coins: 2016 Eagles Set, Proof

New Slots

Here are just some of the categories where we have recently added new slots:

  • Australia - Bullion
  • Australia - Commemorative
  • Canada - Bullion
  • Canada - Commemorative
  • China - Panda
  • Cook Islands
  • Great Britain
  • Niue
  • Tuvalu

Do you have an NGC-certified coin in your hand, and you’re not sure where it may fit in the NGC Registry? We are here to help with requests and with other questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email, and let us know exactly how we can help. Reach us easily via email at

If you're not familiar with the NGC Registry, take some time to explore it, and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. If you have any questions, you may also click below for our help page:


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