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Posted: 9/15/2015

Check out the 55 new world sets added this month, including three new categories!

Things are not slowing down here at the NGC offices. We are full steam ahead into September with many new world sets and new US sets just waiting to be filled up. It will be exciting to see how quickly these new sets fill up with your NGC-graded treasures. Annual awards time is coming up soon!

If you need more slots for your coins, now is the time to let us know. For those of you who are looking for new options, here are the new categories and sets for you to explore:

New NGC Categories:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Cayman Islands
  • Mauritius

New Sets:

  • Azerbaijan: Silver 5M, 2015-Date, Proof
  • Azerbaijan: Silver 50M, 1996-Date, Proof
  • Azerbaijan: Gold 100M, 1996-Date, Proof
  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $125, 2015-Date, Proof
  • Cayman Islands:
  • Silver $1, 1972-Date, Proof
    Silver $2, 1972-Date, Proof
    Silver $5, 1972-Date, Proof
    Silver $10, 1981-Date, Proof
    Silver $25, 1972-Date, Proof
    Silver $50, 1975-Date, Proof
    Gold $25, 1972-Date, Proof
    Gold $50, 1977-Date, Proof
    Gold $100, 1974-Date, Proof
    Gold $250, 1985-Date, Proof
  • China - Panda: Silver Panda Show Medals 1984-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • China - Panda: Gold Panda Show Medals, 1987-Date, Proof
  • China - Commemorative: Sacred Buddhist Mountain Set, 2012-2105, Complete
  • Congo Republic: Gold 1500 Francs, 2005-Date, Proof
  • Estonia: Mark Coinage, 1922-1926, Complete
  • Fiji: Silver $5, 2011-Date, Proof
  • Great Britain - Pre-Decimal: Farthing, Blackened at Mint, 1897-1918, Circulation Issue
  • Japan: 10 Sen, 1927-1932, Circulation Issue
  • Japan: 10 Sen, 1933-1937, Circulation Issue
  • Mauritius: Cent, 1877 -1978, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: Two Cents, 1877-1978, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: Five Cents, 1877-1978, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: Ten Cents, 1877-1978, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: Twenty Cents, 1877-1899, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: 1/4 Rupee, 1934-1978, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: 1/2 Rupee, 1934-1971, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: Rupee, 1934-1971, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: 10 Rupees, 1971-1981, One-Per-Date
  • Mauritius: 25 Rupees, Type Set, 1975-1982, Complete
  • Mauritius: 50 Rupees, 1975, Complete
  • Mauritius: 200 Rupees, 1971, Complete
  • Mauritius: Gold 1000 Rupees, 1975-1982, One-Per-Date
  • Niue: Silver $1, 2005-Date, Mint State
  • Rhodesia: 1/2 Penny, 1955-1964, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: Penny, 1955-1963, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: 3 Pence, 1955-1964, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: 6 Pence, 1955-1963, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: Shilling,1955-1957, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: 2 Shillings, 1955-1957, Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: 1/2 Crown, 1955-1957,Circulation Issue
  • Rhodesia: 1955-1965, Complete Proof
  • Vietnam: Democratic Republic, 1945-1946, Circulation Issue
  • Vietnam: Reform Coinage, 1958-1975, Complete
  • Vietnam: Silver 100 Dong, Type Set, 1986-Date
  • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles 1850-1907, Circulation Issues
  • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 1, 1850-1866, Proof Issues
  • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 2, 1866-1876, Proof Issues
  • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 3, 1877-1907, Circulation Issues
  • US: Gold - Double Eagles: Liberty Head Double Eagles, Type 3, 1877-1907, Proof Issues
  • US: Large Cents, 1816 - 1839, Complete by Newcomb Varieties
  • US: Dollars: Sacagawea Dollars, 2000-Date, Complete

In addition to creating new sets, we are adding countless new slots to existing sets. The requests for South Africa, China, Europe, Australia, Canada, Niue, Tokelau, and an extensive list of others keep coming in. Do you have an NGC-certified coin in your hand, and you’re not sure where it may fit in the NGC Registry? We are here to help with requests and with other questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email, and let us know exactly how we can help. Reach us easily via email at

Annual NGC Registry Award Update

Keep working on your NGC Registry sets to ensure they are at their best for the 2015 NGC Registry Annual awards. Every year, NGC awards the top Competitive Sets and Custom Sets in the NGC Registry. Ensure your set is at its best by 10 a.m. ET on December 2, 2015 to be automatically considered for awards. Please note, the last day to add slots before the awards deadline is November 4th. Winners will be announced Jan. 8, 2016.

Obscured sets (sets that are private or not visible to others) will not be considered for awards. If an owner of an obscured set wishes to compete for awards and have the rank of their set displayed, they must change their set from obscured to public by October 1, 2015.

Click here for a peek at some winners from years past:

2014 NGC Registry Award Winners

If you're not familiar with the NGC Registry, take some time to explore it, and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. If you have any questions, you may also click below for our help page:


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