The World's Greatest Sets! 2007 CGC Registry Awards Announcement

Posted: 7/25/2007

Congratulations to the Winners of our Second Annual Comics Registry Awards!

We would like to thank all of the participants in the CGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in each and every set.

The CGC Registry has seen incredible growth in the last year. With more than 5,500 registered sets, more than double the number of sets registered at this time last year, the CGC Registry is quickly becoming the community where collectors can really share their collecting passion.

Our Mission: Choose three sets each in five competitive categories Best Golden Age, Best Silver Age, Best Bronze Age, Best Modern Age and Best Presented.

Additionally we had the task of choosing just three outstanding message board contributors. Finally, like last year, we selected one CGC Registry participant to receive the Award for Overall Achievement in Comics Collecting.

Our team of judges reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Comics Registry and after lots of consideration, selected the following winners. Congratulations to all!

CGC 2007 Award for Achievement in Comics Collecting

The winner of the CGC 2007 Award for Achievement in Comics Collecting is Ghost Town!

Twelve of his beautiful sets are ranked #1. Seventeen of his sets are 100% complete. His sets focus mainly on Silver Age through Modern Age with a portion of sets that cross through ages. Ghost Town has put together high ranking sets of Avengers, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, Thor, Tomb of Dracula and Werewolf By Night. His Amazing Spider-Man set, Daredevil set and X-Men set are all ranked 1st and all over 60% complete. All of these sets exhibit a great feat in collecting! Congratulations to Ghost Town!!! View all of these sets and more at Ghost Town’s homepage.

Best Golden Age Sets

New Force Comics - NFBats

This set is for Batman #1 to #500 plus Annuals. The collector who has won the #1 Golden Age set this year chose to only go after #1 to #103. He went after it with gusto and was able to come very near completing his goal, missing only #77 and #78. This set is highlighted by a Batman #1 CGC 8.0. The grades are very respectable given the extreme difficultly of finding these books, particularly the 1952-1956 timeframe DC's. Many of this collector's other sets were very impressive as well, so check them out!

Mark Funaiole – Funi’s Wings

Flying high is the perfect descriptor for this set! Wings Comics was published by Fiction House for 124 issues from 1940 to 1954. This set includes every issue except for #31. Only 5 are certified at less than 6.0 and only 21 are certified at less than 8.0. Eighty-one of them are the Highest Graded Copy. A Golden Age run like this is rare indeed.

Esquire Comics - Completist

More Fun Comics has always been considered by collectors as being one of the rarest DC titles. This collector has put together quite a nice run of them. Although not complete, the fact that many are pedigree copies and the grades of the books represent quite an accomplishment in collecting.

Best Silver Age Sets

4Gemworks Comic Book Emporium - 4GEMWORKS 1-100 ASM BEAUTIES EMPORIUM

This is an amazing complete set of Spider-Man’s with some spectacular high grade gems. The #14, tough in high grade, is a beautiful 9.4. There are only 2 copies of the #18 graded higher then the killer 9.6 represented here. The #23 is the highest graded copy. The #28, a deceivingly tough black-cover book to find in high grade and un-restored, is a 9.4 with only 4 un-restored copies graded higher. Everyone and their mother read Amazing Spider-Man growing up. That is why high grade copies are hard to find and extremely sought after. This set is fanboy heaven.

colmoreman – Awesome Annuals!

Annuals aren't that cool, you say? Check this set out and change your mind. Most of the Annuals represented here are the highest graded copies, which is a difficult feat considering the binding process these square-bound books had to go through at the printer. Ripples, crunches, scuffs and tears are common and can detract from the grade, but not these beauties. There are some real toughies here like the Fantastic Four Annual #1 in 9.6. It is a great set that spans many comic book eras. Someone find this man a Millie the Model Annual #11!

Finuga – Wings & Mace

Putting together a high grade Hawkman run is not an easy task. This may be a relatively small set, but it packs a punch containing 3 of the highest graded copies and also many of the second highest graded copies. This is a really great set that has come together since 2005 and looks to be growing in the future.

Best Bronze Age Sets

Scott S. Ireland – The X-Men Complete Set

The Bronze-era books in this set are amazing. Consider that issues #68-93 are reprints, so not only were less produced than other books at that time, like FANTASTIC FOUR or AVENGERS, but they were considered virtually worthless for many years, languishing in back-issue bins. Amazingly, all those issues are accounted for here in 9.2 or better. The early era of the new X-Men, from #94-137 are well represented here as well, despite the expense these issues command. All 9.4's or better make that run extremely impressive.

Sterling Comics – There’s No Escape…

After a 3-year hiatus, HOUSE OF SECRETS resumed publishing with a new horror motif, abandoning its sci-fi beginning. This highly desired run lasted 74 issues and not only included great art from legends like Neal Adams, Nick Cardy, Bernie Wrightson & Mike Kaluta, but brought us the first appearance of the Swamp Thing in issue #92. This awesome set contains 64 of the 74 issues, all in 9.4 or above, including #92.

krey22 – Good old-fashioned Hellfire

Mere mortals will well-envy this set of the 70's GHOST RIDER series from Marvel. This series which saw Johnny Blaze transform into a motorcycle-riding spirit on vengeance lasted for 81 issues. This set has 80 of them (the last one probably coming any day now) and of those, there are two 9.2s, with the rest being 9.4 or above, including a 9.9! This impressive set obviously took a lot of time & energy to assemble.

Best Modern Age Sets

MutantKeys – MK’s Copper X-Men

This is an outstanding collection of modern-age X-Men comics. Unless the book is a 9.8 or higher it has no place in this collection. Given the sheer number of books, this is no easy task. Combine this with images and descriptions for almost every book and it sends this recently added collection right to the top.

Vantagepoint – Signature Series ASM McFarlane

It has happened again. Last year we were impressed with this candidate’s signature series run of the Batman “Hush” storyline. This year’s collection is a remarkable set of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man run. Most are graded 9.8. The thought of trying to accomplish this is enough to make any serious collector start to sweat.

colmoreman - X-Traordinary X-Men!

This is a collection of some the most prominent key X-Men issues and they are in very high-grade. The collection includes an X-Men #94 in 9.6 and a #95 in 9.8. The rest of this collection is just as solid with most of the books being in 9.8. This is a collection to keep your eye on, if only to see what a serious modern collection looks like.

Best Presented Sets

dudeman5000 – New Dawn for DC

This is a short set but exhibits a lot of personal flair! By starting with a dramatic introduction and giving his personal take on each storyline we can experience how he felt when he read each issue. This really gives us insight into the collector's mind and how comics can affect each of us differently. Containing descriptions and front and back images for all the comics registered, this set’s presentation is both complete and creative.

Tom Skahan - Star Trek Gold Key CGC 9.4

The presentation of this set is thorough and detailed. Each comic described gives specific details of the art and stories contained within as well as the “pedigree” of where it was obtained. Though this set was completed in 2006, the owner has spent time and effort upgrading and updating the individual comics and descriptions. Not only is this a great collection of comics, but the details and images given for every book really make it to stand out from the rest.

worldsbestcomics – Beautiful Beasts

While a short set, this is definitely one that we could not ignore. From the introduction to the individual descriptions of the books, this set is excellently presented. The personal collecting story and the details of the book are cleverly interwoven in a compelling fashion. This set entertains and informs through the concise descriptions of each book and accompanying images. Even non-collectors will enjoy reading about this set!

Best Forumites


For sharing his wealth of knowledge of the hobby and his awesome collection with the boards.


For all the fun with Cap-N-Mandi. It was a great idea!


For being a great poster and board member. His love for comics is contagious. He also had the best shill ever!!!!

Best Forumites – Honorable Mentions

With so many great participants on the forums, it was difficult to select just three. So we would like to give honorable mention to the following for consistently being great community members:




Also, we must mention Bangzoom and thank him for posting this Golden Age Collection thread which certainly stands out as a highlight among the many great threads started this year.

Best in Set Type

We would also like to acknowledge the top set in each set type. See our 2007 Awards Archive page for the Best in Set Type winners.

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