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Posted: 5/12/2015

This month, we've added four new world categories and numerous world sets to the NGC Registry.

Things are warming up for the month of May in Florida, and the NGC Registry is buzzing with activity. Those slot requests are continuous, and we are always happy to make new additions. We are rolling out more world sets as well. Here’s the latest update.

We have four new categories with new sets. Please let us know if there is a category you would like to see.

  • Congo Democratic Republic
  • Congo Republic
  • Indonesia
  • Seychelles

Here are the latest new NGC world set arrivals ready for your coins:

  • Australia - Commemorative: Silver Dollars, 2008-Date, Mint State
  • Burma: 1852-1878, Type Set, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1979-1990, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1990-1993, Circulation Issue
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Type Set, 1993-Date, Circulation Issue
  • China - Commemorative : Silver 10 Yuan, 2001 - Date, Proof
  • Congo Democratic Republic: Silver 30 Francs, 2011-Date, Complete
  • Congo Republic: Silver Issues, 2001-Date, Complete
  • Cook Islands: Silver $10, 1990-Date, Proof
  • Dominican Republic: 10 Pesos, 2005-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Dominican Republic: 25 Pesos, 2005-Date, Circulation Issue
  • France - 1870-Date: Silver 5 Euros Type Set, 2008-Date, Mint State & Proof
  • France - 1870-Date: Silver 10 Euros, 2009-Date, Proof
  • France - 1870-Date: Silver 100 Euros, 2010-Date, Mint State
  • India - British Colony: 1/4 Anna, 1835-1858, Circulation Issue\
  • Indonesia: Type Set, No Gold, 1952-Date, Proof
  • Indonesia: Gold Type Set, 1970-Date, Proof
  • Laos: Silver 1000 Kip Type Set, 1996-Date, Proof
  • Laos: Silver 5000 Kip Type Set, 1998-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $1, 2007-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $5, 2000-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $8, 2014-Date, Proof
  • Niue: Silver $100, 2015-Date, Proof
  • Portugal: John V, Type Set, 1712-1750, Circulation Issue
  • Portugal: Jose I, Type Set, 1751-1777, Circulation Issue
  • Portugal: Maria and Pedro III, 1777-1786, Circulation Issue
  • Russia: Type Set, Alexander III, Silver Issues, 1882-1894
  • Rwanda and Burundi: Silver 5000 Francs, 2014-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • Seychelles: British Colony Type Set, 1939-1975, Complete
  • Spain: Isabel ll, Type Set, 1834-1848, DeVellon Coinage, Circulation Issue
  • Thailand: 20 Baht, Type Set, 1963 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 50 Baht Type Set, 1971 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: 100 Baht, 1974 - Date, Proof
  • Thailand: Silver 150 Baht, Type Set, 1975 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 200 Baht, Type Set, 1979 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 300B, Type Set, 1979 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 600 Baht Type Set, 1980 - Date, Complete
  • Thailand: Silver 800 Baht, 2003 - Date, Proof
  • Thailand: Gold Type Set, 1968-Date, Complete
  • Venezuela: Royalist Coinage, Type Set, 1817-1821, Circulation Issue

2015 slots are still being added. These slot additions include US Cents, Nickels, Dimes, National Parks Quarters, Half Dollars, Dollars, Modern Commemoratives, Eagles, Buffalos, and countless slots for world sets, as well.

Do you have other newly slabbed coins that need a home in the NGC Registry? Shoot us an email, and let us know exactly what your needs are. Reach us easily at

It is never too early to work on your sets for the 2015 NGC Registry Awards. Look for more exciting new NGC Registry world sets and for new World Categories in the coming months. If you're not familiar with the NGC Registry, take some time to explore it, and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. If you have any questions, you may also click below for our help page:


Annual NGC Registry Award Update

The 2014 NGC Registry award certificates are still hitting doorsteps at this time. Thank you for your patience. To ensure a timely delivery, please ensure your address is up to date in your Collector Society account.

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