ComicLink April Golden Age Focused Auction Featuring CGC’d Comics Is Underway!

Posted: 4/13/2006

ComicLink's April Golden Age Focused Auction is in full swing! This is the last weekend to bid in the auction, which started April 9th and ends over two nights, Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th. Over 400 vintage CGC-Graded Golden Age comic books are contained in the impressive auction. If there is one word that unites the auction books, that word is quality. This all-Golden Age Focused Auction, assembled by Josh Nathanson of ComicLink, includes quality items from many different genres. There are many CGC’d key Golden Age DC's, Timelys, high-grade pre-code horror, esoteric early 1940's and late 1930's issues, key Westerns, 9.4-9.6 Fawcett's from the Mile High pedigree collection, a 9.8 Action Mile High, and many more impressive CGC’d items. Approximately 100 of the items in the auction are from pedigree collections. There are also some lower priced Golden Age books making this an auction where every vintage Golden Age collector can participate.

To make the auction even better, over 50% of the items in the auction are being put up with absolutely no reserve! Our objective for this auction was to put together an auction with quality material where bidders can bid with complete confidence. Therefore, any book with a reserve has been screened by Nathanson personally for reasonability. All items with reserves are either at or below (more frequently below) retail levels in order to ensure that bidders can bid with the confidence.

There are too many to list here, but some highlights include:

• Action Comics #2 CGC 4.5 (2nd Superman appearance!)

• Action Comics #97 CGC 9.8 Mile High! (When was the last time you saw a 9.8 Action Mile High?)

• Captain America Comics #1 CGC 7.0 (1st Captain America appearance, punching out Hitler on the cover!)

• Detective Comics #30 CGC 7.5 (4th Batman), #31 CGC 5.0 (Classic Cover) and #33 CGC 4.5 (1st Batman Origin, Classic Cover)

• Over 70 Golden Age Detective Comics issues, many among the highest graded

• Four Color #9 (1942 1st Barks Donald Duck), Mickey Mouse Book (1930) 1st Disney licensed publication, 1st Mickey Mouse FVF 7.0, Four Color #386 CGC 7.5 (1st Uncle Scrooge)

• Lone Ranger Comics #1 Scarce, 1st western comic book devoted to a single character (1939 Poster Variant) and Red Ryder Comics #1 CGC 8.0 (9/1940)

• More Fun Comics #53 CGC 8.0, #54 CGC 5.5 (Classic Spectre Covers/Origin issue)

• Whiz Comics #1 CGC 4.5 (Scarce 1st Captain Marvel appearance/origin)

• Rare Lost Valley Pedigree issues from the 1930's and early 1940's.

• Plastic Man #1 (1943) CGC 9.2 (Highest Graded)

• Pre-code Horror such as Dark Mysteries #20 CGC 9.0 (Northford pedigree, white pages) and This Magazine is Haunted #8 CGC 9.4 (Spokane pedigree, white pages) and many more...

• Suspense Comics #11 CGC 9.4 (Classic LB Cole Devil Cover) (Big Apple Pedigree),

• Power Comics #4 CGC 9.4 (Hitler, Hirohito WWII Cover) Mile High

• Wonder Comics #13 CGC 9.6 (Schomburg) and #20 CGC 9.4 Diamond Run (Frazetta)

• Many other pedigree issues - Mile High's, Rockfords,

• Early World's Finest, Superman and other DC Issues

• New York World's Fair 1939 and 1940

• All Select Comics #1 CGC 6.5 and All Winners Comics #1 CGC 7.0

• Restored copies of Marvel Comics #1 (7.0), All Star Comics #3 (8.0) (1st JSA) & #8 (8.0) (1st Wonder Woman)

• And a myriad of other highlights...

The list of impressive CGC’d items in the ComicLink April Golden Age Focused Auction goes on and on - check it out now and mark your calendars! The ends over two nights, the Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th. If you have questions about this auction, call to speak with Josh Nathanson or Tomis Erb at 718/246-0300.

ComicLink also has the most CGC’d comics available on the Internet Comic Book Exchange, where nearly 7000 CGC Graded comics (mostly Golden, Silver and Bronze Age) are available.

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