Civil War Tokens Added to NGC Census

Posted: 10/17/2012

Patriotic tokens, store cards, and sutler tokens are now included in the online NGC Census.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive resources to collectors and dealers NGC has announced that Civil War tokens will now be listed in the online NGC Census. This popular research tool shows the number of coins that NGC has certified in each grade and issue. The NGC Census helps collectors and dealers determine the relative rarity of coins by date and grade.

Civil War tokens in the NGC Census are divided into three major categories: Patriotic tokens—those that feature a design such as Liberty or the USS Monitor—Store Cards, which are tokens issued by merchants, and Sutler tokens issued by army merchants. Store Cards are further divided by state. Fuld numbers, an attribution system employed by George and Melvin Fuld in their specialized books on Civil War tokens, are listed for each Patriotic and Store Card variety. Sutler tokens are attributed based on the Shenkman catalog.

The NGC Census may be accessed by dealers and paid Collectors Society members. To join the NGC Collectors Society or upgrade your account, click here.

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