ComicLink’s Focused Auction ™ kicks off with High-Grade CGC Certified Golden Age

Posted: 6/16/2005

Today, ComicLink kicks off its new Focused Auction ™ with the highest CGC graded Superman collection and an extremely high CGC graded Timely collection. Over 90% of the CGC graded books will be auctioned off without a reserve and the rest will have a reserve at or below the minimum estimate. Bidding ends Sunday, June 26. Among the highlights of the Superman collection are the highest CGC graded copies of Superman #2, 3, 5, 7 and many others under issue #100. Such desirable books as Superman #’s 14, 15 and 32 in ultra high-grade are featured, as well as scarce issues from the early to mid 1950’s. Among the Timely highlights are the highest graded copies of Captain America #’s 5 and 10, USA Comics #1, a number of the highest grade Sub-Mariner issues, a slew of Human Torch high-grades and many other tough, high-grade Timely titles. The collection was consigned to Auction by Steve Lauterbach’s Investment Collectibles.

ComicLink’s Focused Auctions ™ will showcase the highest-quality collections and those that ComicLink’s President Josh Nathanson deems appropriate for listing in one group at one time. “What we are going for with our new auction strategy is to offer smaller groups of homogenous collections of books that bidders will find special in some way. As the focus will specifically be on the exclusive group of books selected, we feel that these collections will not get lost in the shuffle as they sometimes do in large auction catalogs. Sellers will receive maximum exposure for their material and buyers will be able to quickly find and bid on items of interest. I hope to feature many high-grade and key CGC books from many different genres in this auction format.”

“While the Focused Auction ™ is online, other users will not be able to post items to our auction section. When we are not conducting the Focused Auctions ™, however, we will allow other sellers on ComicLink to post auctions to this section, similar to Ebay except without listing or reserve fees. These will be called ComicLink Everyday Auctions. ™ I would encourage CGC sellers to try this service and to use it regularly, as I anticipate significant cost savings will be incurred.”

In addition to the Auction listings, buyers can choose from and sellers can sell within the largest vintage selection of professionally graded books available anywhere. Currently, ComicLink ( ) has nearly 6000 CGC Graded listings in the For Sale section available to buy immediately or bid (make an offer) on. Among them is the best Batman #1 (published in 1940) in existence today. New listings are added to the For Sale section throughout the day, every day. If you think your collection is special enough to consign to the next ComicLink Focused Auction ™ you can reach Josh Nathanson at ComicLink (718-246-0300) to arrange for the sale. If you are interested in selling in the For Sale section, simply click “sell” at the top of any page on to become a registered seller.

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