Colossus Comics Offers Unprecedented $25 Pre-order Special for CGC 9.8 Titles During Wizard World L.A.

Posted: 3/10/2005

Offer is Open to All Customers, Whether Online or In Person, March 18-20 Only— Includes CGC 9.8 Book, Free U.S. Shipping and Reading Copy

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. (March 9, 2005) — Colossus Comics ( is headed to Wizard World L.A. March 18-20 with a tempting special offer: get a current title in CGC 9.8 (choose from 13 select titles), along with a reading copy and free U.S. shipping, for just $25 (Regular price is $39.95). What’s more, Colossus Comics is extending the $25 special offer to anyone placing online orders for these select titles March 18-20—so you don’t have to be at the show to take advantage of the discount.

“There are a number of hot new series that are worth collecting in CGC 9.8 right now, and we’re offering the $25 special at this time so that collectors can get in at the start of these series,” said Steve Mortensen, Colossus Comics president and Overstreet Advisor. “My hope is that our unprecedented $25 price point for preorders will attract new customers, who will see what great service we have and consider our ongoing CGC 9.8 subscription service. We probably won’t extend this same offer anytime soon.”

Titles included in the $25 special for a CGC 9.8, plus reading copy and free U.S. shipping, include:

  • Green Lantern #1—This starts a new ongoing series that continues the story from Rebirth, with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.
  • Red Sonja #0—The new Red Sonja series is sure to be hot with the popularity of Conan these days.
  • Ultimate Iron Man #1 (both covers)—Orson Scott Card and industry legend Andy Kubert come together for this new grounding-breaking series.
  • Young Avengers #1—In the wake of Avengers Disassembled, a new group of teen super heroes appears, created by Young Gun Jim Cheung and TV superstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex in the City, Party of Five).
  • Wolverine Soultaker #1—In this new series, Wolverine returns to Japan only to get caught in the middle of an ancient war between gods and demons.
  • X-23 #2—Spinning out of NYX, X-23 is a character well worthy of her own series—especially as told by creator Craig Kyle and star artist Billy Tan.
  • Black Panther #1—This promising new series drawn by John Romita, Jr. and Hollywood writer Reginald Hudin retells the Black Panthers origin.
  • Damn Nation #1—Catch the beginning of this new vampire epic from Dark Horse Comics, which tells a story of a U.S. closed to border and port traffic in order to control a vampire “plague” that’s spread over the entire country.
  • Green Lantern Rebirth #5—This key issue reveals the final fate of Kyle Rayner and shows how Hal Jordan’s rebirth as Green Lantern explodes across the DCU.
  • Hunter-Killer #1 (3 covers)—Mark Waid and Marc Silvestri create something new with Hunter-Killers Wolf and Ellis, who are out to save the world from paranormals.
  • New Avengers #4—As the biggest title of 2005, this series is worth reading and collecting.
  • Seven Soldiers #0—This new “megaseries” work by Grant Morrison and DC Comics will comprise seven 4-issue miniseries, starting at #0 with a 38-page complete adventure that introduces readers to the Seven Soldiers’ world and establishes plotlines.
  • Shanna She-Devil #1—Positive initial reviews are making this a much-talked-about new series. Award-winning creator Frank Cho places jungle-girl Shanna on an island full of prehistoric horrors.

CGC 9.8 Preorder Details

The above titles—as well as any new comic title*—may be ordered at or by calling 408-260-9109. The March 18-20 sale price of $25, as well as the regular cost of $39.95, includes all U.S. shipping, grading and cover price costs for the graded book. A free ungraded reading copy is included in with the $25 special as well as all Colossus Comics specials listed monthly on its Web site. The 9.8-grade books are archived in CGC's tamper-evident holder and delivered 6-8 weeks after issue date (or 6 to 8 weeks after order date, if comic has already been released), to allow for grading.

CGC 9.8 Subscriptions

Customers pay only $33 per book* (shipping and reading copy included) when ordering subscriptions to any ongoing comic title or mini-series. Plus, ongoing subscribers have opportunity to “trade-up” to CGC 9.9 or 10.0 books of their chosen title, when available.

More About Colossus Comics, Inc.

Colossus Comics, Inc. is especially known for its 9.8 CGC-grade subscription service to new comics, and is one of the largest dealers of CGC 9.9 and 10.0 modern comics with an extensive online store at The company is also an established ebay power seller (search: ccinc) with 99.99% positive feedback, credited with excellent customer service and “bomb-proof” shipping. Colossus Comics Owner Steve Mortensen has been collecting and selling comics for 20 years. He writes monthly columns for Comic Buyers’ Guide and Overstreet’s Comic Price Review, and is an Overstreet advisor.

*Books with a cover price higher than $4 will cost more. Inquire at

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