10.0 and 9.9 CGC-grade comics now easier to access through new “trade-up” option for Colossus Comics’ 9.8 subscribers

Posted: 8/4/2004

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. (August 3, 2004) — Colossus Comics, Inc. (www.colossuscomics.com), which has become known for its unique subscription service to monthly CGC 9.8-grade copies of new comics, has added a new feature that makes its service even more attractive: now subscribers will have the option to trade-up to 10.0 or 9.9 copies of their chosen subscription title(s) when available.

This new option will make it easier than ever for Colossus Comics’ subscribers to snag the highest-grade copies of their favorite titles before those books are offered to the public—and at a great price. This allows subscribers to create ultra high-grade collections, with sequential books that are all CGC 9.8 or better.

“This is a real benefit to Colossus’ subscribers,” said CGC President and Primary Grader Steve Borock. “ A GEM MINT is rare—only a tenth of one percent of all comics we have graded have been 10.0. As one of CGC’s top four submitters of modern comics—so out of sheer probability—Colossus Comics receives quite a number of 9.9s and 10.0s.”

About the CGC 9.8 Subscription Service Colossus Comics’ guaranteed 9.8 CGC-grade subscription is good for any ongoing comic series or miniseries in print. Each month, subscribers receive the CGC-graded and archived 9.8 copy along with an ungraded reading copy at a shipping-included price of $33/month (paid yearly or quarterly).

How the Trade-Up Feature works Subscribers will receive a monthly email listing the latest available titles and prices for CGC 9.9 and 10.0 books. Subscribers to one of these same titles can “Trade-Up” their current 9.8 issue (and use that month’s $33 as credit) for the purchase of the higher-grade book. These “Trade-Ups” will have priority, but otherwise the books are available to all Colossus Comics’ 9.8 subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis for a period of three days from when the email is sent.

“As a collector, I want to have the highest grades possible in the titles I collect, and I know our subscribers do as well,” said Colossus Comics Owner Steve Mortensen. “While a CGC 9.8 grade is the highest grade we can guarantee on a monthly basis, it’s nice to be able to give our subscribers first opportunity at the MINT and GEM MINT books when we get them.”

About Colossus Comics, Inc. Colossus Comics, Inc. (www.colossuscomics.com ) specializes in sales and subscriptions of CGC high-grade moderns, as well as offers weekly ebay auctions of quality comics from silver age to modern (search ccinc on ebay). Owner Steve Mortensen has been collecting and selling comics for 20 years. Also an established graphic designer ( www.stevemortensen.com ), Mortensen has a love for the art of comic collecting, a keen eye for grading, and an outstanding reputation in the comics community.

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