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Posted: 6/22/2004 by CGC

Since its release in April 2002, GPAnalysis for Comics has become one of the industry leaders in reporting public CGC sales. There have been many enhancements to the service during that period, with the GPA Market reports being one of the latest additions. Subscribers have emailed us with a number of suggestions on how to improve our service, including "how cool it would be to have the CGC Census information somehow integrated into GPA."

Well, wait no more! As of this month all subscribers to GPA will be able to link to CGC Census information directly from GPA.

"It was natural for us to integrate CGC Census information into our product," says George Pantela, GPA's founder. "Both sales and census figures are important elements of the information equation when looking at buying and selling CGC-graded comic books. The excellent relationship between CGC and GPA has now made it possible for collectors to access both services through one interface."

"We've always been supportive of GPAnalysis for Comics," said Steve Borock, CGC's Vice President and Primary Grader. "Just like CGC, when it first came out, GPAnalysis provided an innovative, important, and unique service to our hobby and it has gone from strength to strength since. The suggestion from our friends at GPA to provide a direct link back into CGC's Census made total sense to us and we were happy to support it. I believe GPAnalysis will now provide collectors with an even better tool than it already has, and enhance our hobby further."

Subscribers familiar with GPA's interface are able to drill down from comic book title to issue number and list all sales across specific grades. A new link now appears at the issue level; with one simple click a pop-up takes you directly to that issue's CGC Census info.

"As there are some differences in the way we categorize comic titles to CGC, it was necessary for us to first build hooks into CGC from our database," notes Dr Simon Cuce, GPA's technical director. "We're hoping to make the integration even tighter in the future — it's not unreasonable to expect to see the CGC Census numbers directly next to GPA sales data on the one page — that would be very cool."

This enhancement to GPAnalysis for Comics will save collectors a great deal of time when analyzing information from both companies. It is now available to all GPA subscribers. For more information, go to

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