GPAnalysis Records Its Millionth CGC Comic Book Sale

Posted: 8/10/2010

The cow bell has finally clanged — and loudly — signifying the millionth CGC comic book sale.

Yes, that's right, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived. GPA for CGC Comics has recorded its millionth CGC comic book sale.

This makes GPA for CGC Comics the largest online database of pricing data for certified comic books on Earth!

As of this writing, an excess of 1,005,617 CGC comic sales have been recorded, representing the tracking and reporting on a total sales value of well over US$224 million by GPA for CGC Comics tracking and reporting service.

Going live soon after the advent of the Certified Guaranty Company, GPA for CGC Comics has offered comic book collectors a daily updated, online tracking service for more than eight years.

"As the market for collectible, investment-grade CGC comic books has come of age and matured, our web-based reporting and analysis service has become more important to collectors, investors and enthusiasts," said George Pantela, GPA's founder. "No other CGC comic book price tracking, reporting and analysis resource that we are aware of has the depth and reach-back of historical price data relating to the sale of CGC comic books. Anywhere."

With 300 to 2,000 additional CGC comic book sales recorded by the GPA team every 24 hours, this continuously updated historical record of sales prices, combined with cutting-edge analysis tools, has made GPA a cornerstone package for comic book collectors, investors and enthusiasts alike.

"GPA now reports on more than 20 comic book selling venues, having built solid relationships with a range of consignment, dealer and auction services over the past eight years. Apart from offering pricing data, GPA has also built links back to reporting partner's online sites, helping to standardize and categorize CGC comic book listings. GPA's Live Auction Links assist thousands of subscribers to effectively search and bid on CGC comics throughout the Internet," said George.

With the launch of the upgraded GPA 2.0 system in 2008, the service added numerous indispensable features, making it the collectors' and investors' "killer app" that it is today.

"We introduced the recording of CGC certification numbers (identifying unique books being sold) for all subscribers, online portfolio tracking and a sophisticated means to search for, analyze and bid on certified comic books to make users' lives easier and the system more powerful."

For more information about GPA for CGC Comics, and to join the world's largest reporting service for certified comic books, please visit

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