Congratulations, 2010 CGC Registry Award Winners!

Posted: 7/23/2010

We would like to thank all of the participants in the CGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments in every set.

The CGC Registry has grown to more than 22,400 registered sets in more than 1,500 set types. Requests for new set types continue to come in and we look forward to watching collectors make progress as new books are added each day.

Our mission this year was to choose three sets each in five competitive categories: Best Golden Age, Best Silver Age, Best Bronze Age, Best Modern Age and Best Presented. Additionally, we had the task of choosing one winner for Best Magazine set, three outstanding message board contributors and one Registry participant for Overall Achievement in Comics Collecting.

Our team of judges reviewed all the top sets across every category in the Comics Registry. After much deliberation they selected the following winners. Congratulations to all!

CGC 2010 Award for Achievement in Comics Collecting

2010’s winner for Achievement in Comic Collecting goes to NewForceComics! Ten of his beautiful 48 sets are ranked first and seven are ranked second. He is currently ranked third in overall Registry points with just under 600 books registered. NewForceComics’ collecting tastes focus on Golden Age but he does have a few key Marvel Silver Age sets. Look at some of these amazing books in these sets; Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, the Allentown copy of Marvel Comics #1, More Fun Comics #52, Batman #1, Captain America Comics #1 and Detective Comics #1, to name a few. It’s okay to drool; this is an incredible collection! Congratulations, NewForceComics! NewForceComics’ homepage.

Best Golden Age Sets

Bumchex  Detective Comics #s 1-500
Detective Comics is one of the most popular runs to collect. This Registry set has some of the nicest DC Golden Age comics ever certified and undoubtedly represents years of searching out high-quality books. There is an unbroken run of Detective Comics #s 27 to 50, with every book at 7.5 or higher! All but three of them are 8.5 or higher.

Bullet123   Four Color (complete)
With 1,347 different issues total, collecting a run of Four Color Comics is a daunting task for any collector. This Registry set has more than half the run, almost all of them in CGC 8.0 or higher! Still some more work to do, but a significant accomplishment nonetheless!

comicdonna  Action Comics #s 1-100
Action Comics #s 1-100 are highly coveted by collectors. This Registry set includes more than half the run, many of which are pictured. We wish you the best of luck in completing your run!

Best Silver Age Sets

Moriarty   Amazing Spider-Man (complete)
Amazing Spider-Man is king and this Registry set is outstanding. Missing only one issue below #100, with almost every issue in 9.4 or higher. Congratulations!

colmoreman   DC 80 Page Giant
Everyone loves DC 80 Page Giant. This Registry set has them all, across all titles. All but one are 9.4 and higher, with many in 9.8!

scrape1   Avengers #s 1-503
Avengers Assemble! No doubt this Registry set took a lot of time and effort to assemble. Only one issue missing from #s 1 to 125. Almost all are in 9.2 or higher!

Best Bronze Age Sets

greggy  DC 100 Page Books
Returning to the top spot in 2010 is the winner of 2006's best Bronze Age set. Since 2006, this set has been updated and upgraded. It is quite impressive and a credit to the Registry with top-notch and very well-presented descriptions and photos. Many of the books in this collection are really difficult to find in the grades shown and the fact that this set keeps improving as time goes by really shows a passion for collecting.

worldsbestcomics  Amazing Adventures #s 11-17 (1970)
The mutation that caused the classic X-Men character known as the Beast to become the furry creature we know today is one of the most classic and well-known of the stories presented by Marvel during the Bronze Age of comics. This set collects those Amazing Adventures “Beast” stories in 9.8, a very impressive achievement considering there are very few of these issues in 9.8 in the Census. This collection contains the highest-ever-graded copies of issue #s 13 and 17 and ties for the highest-graded copies of issue #s 11 and 14. This set is a beast!

Werner Von Doom   Fantastic Four (Complete with Variants)
This collector describes a very detailed and personal story of how he began collecting. His description caught our eye and made us remember that the Registry doesn’t have to be just a database of listed comics; it can also tell a heartfelt tale of why we collect. That is what sets this set above all other of this year's Registry collections for Bronze Age. This collection contains a very impressive run of Bronze Age Fantastic Four that is well-described and well-documented. One would suspect that it will continue to improve based on this collector's passion, which he showed in his personal tale of starting his collection during the Bronze Age of comics!

Best Modern Age Sets

Darth Pete   Star Wars #s 1-107
Darth Pete has assembled one the finest runs of the original Star Wars series ever. The set includes 9.8 copies of issue #s 1-107 and Star Wars Annual #s 1-3. The set also has a 9.0 copy of Star Wars #1 35¢ price variant, which is quite rare to find in such good condition. As if that weren't enough, the #1 issue is also a Signature Series book signed by Peter Mayhew and Anthony Daniels. This is an overall remarkable collection.

BeachBum  X-Men #s 1-233 (1991) Including Variants
Beach Bum has put together an incredible set of the modern X-Men series starting in 1991. Every book in the collection is graded a 9.8, with even a few 9.9 issues. A set that encompasses almost 300 total books and spans 19 years is not something to overlook. A great job by Beach Bum; we look forward to seeing more from you.

mschmidt   Miracleman #s 1-24
Mschmidt proves you don't have to present a set with a large number of books in order to win. This exceptional Miracleman set includes the only certified 9.9 copy of issue #17, a Signature Series #18 and #19 signed by Neil Gaiman and issue #s 20 and 22 signed by Mark Buckingham. The rest of the issues are all 9.8, which is no small task in and of itself. Finally, the set is presented very well with full images and descriptions for each issue, which makes this set a great example for others to follow.

Best Presented Sets

San Onofre Collection  Kite Fun Books
The energy invested in the presentation of this set is undeniable. Perhaps no other Registry winner this year so conveys a sense of the pure joy of collecting in both his introductory remarks and his commentaries on the individual books.

Senator  New Teen Titans (1980)
It is quite an accomplishment to assemble a set that is 100% complete, including pictures and images for every item. For this collector, however, complete does not mean finished. This set continues to change with the addition of new books, images and descriptions. This collector’s passion for his collection is contagious.

Ephus  Planet Comics
Though still a work in progress, this set features descriptions and pictures for every item. The owner also includes an introduction that allows us to understand his collecting goals and what he appreciates most about this title. We look forward to watching this set grow.

Best Magazine Set

colmoreman  Marvel Magazines 1st Issues (1970-1982)
It's always great to see a complete set, but what makes this one most impressive is the percentage of high grades with 30 of the 36 books represented by a fantastic 9.4 grade or higher, including 16 of them in 9.6! All are exquisite examples of premier issues from the Marvel Magazine line.

Best Forumites


Best in Set Type
We would also like to acknowledge the top set in each set type. See our 2010 Awards Archive page for the Best in Set Type winners.

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