Introducing Multi Coin Reholder Service

Posted: 11/10/2003 by NGC

Beginning this month, customers may submit coins already certified by NGC for reholdering within the new Multi-Coin holders.

NGC introduced its innovative Multi-Coin holder at this past summer's ANA World’s Fair of Money in Baltimore, and the response has been overwhelmingly favorable. Utilizing the same state-of-the-art plastics as the company's single-coin holders, the Multi-Coin holders will be available for a wide variety of popular sets. Until further notice, only coins already certified and encapsulated by NGC may be placed into the Multi-Coin holders, but it is expected that this service will be broadened soon.

The fees for reholdering of single coins into Multi-Coin sets are as follows: For coins valued at $100 or less, the fee will be $6.00 per coin. Those valued over $100 but no more than $3000 will be reholdered at $10 per coin. Items valued over $3000 will cost $25 for reholdering into Multi-Coin holders. In the case of coins already certified by NGC as MS 70 or PF 70, the fee for Multi-Coin reholdering will automatically be $25 per coin, regardless of value. This service is uniquely different from a typical reholder. Extra care throughout the production line that requires additional time must be taken in handling coins that are removed from NGC holders and re-encapsulated in the multi holder, especially when handling MS and PF 70 coins.

Only those sets currently recognized and assigned by NGC will be completed. Please see the comprehensive list of possible NGC Multi-Coin Sets. NGC may expand this list and offer customized descriptions going forward.

Questions about the Multi-Coin Service? Please contact Scott Heller 1.800.NGC.COIN ext 114.

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