CGC Amends Signature Series Program

Posted: 2/9/2010

New Signature Series Director named; tools launched on

Effective January 1, 2010, signings must be witnessed by CGC employees to qualify for the CGC Signature Series labels. Since inception of its innovative witnessed signature authentication program, CGC has allowed deputized witnesses to observe signings on its behalf. Now, signatures can no longer be witnessed by non-employee authorized witnesses to qualify for this designation. Witnesses must be either full-time or part-time employees of CGC.

This change was prompted to streamline the management of the CGC Signature Series program. As CGC Signature Series expanded into collectible fields other than comics, only CGC employees served as witnesses. This change now folds comic books signings into a single program framework.

Paul Litch, CGC Vice President, comments that, “The appreciation and respect that hobbyists have for the creativity and artistry of the individuals behind comic books is really unmatched by other collectibles fields. The popularity of CGC Signature Series is in many ways a testament to the wonderful character of comic fandom. We believe that these changes to the Signature Series program are necessary for it to expand while maintaining the highest level of integrity and quality of the product.”

Throughout the year, CGC will be introducing new tools to better publicize signings and to make it easy to submit comic books for the CGC Signature Series. The first of these tools are now available on Upcoming events and specific submission instructions, including pricing and due dates, are posted in a dynamic chart. Biographies for participating creators are also available and are linked to their respective events.

To facilitate the management of the Signature Series program both internally and with submitters, CGC has named Joe Pierson as the new Signature Series Director. A long-time CGC employee and former comic book shop manager, Pierson is intimately familiar with the operational details of the Signature Series program and has already overseen a number of trade show signings.

Since CGC attends nearly all major trade shows where the vast majority of signings take place, the impact of this change will be relatively modest for most submitters. Submitters will be able to drop off books at the CGC booth to be signed during trade shows or can send books to a facilitator who has arranged for a CGC employee to attend a signing – just as before. CGC will also continue to work directly with creators who wish to participate in CGC Signature Series signings. Many creators prefer CGC-certified signed comic books because they provide assurance that their fans are purchasing items with authentic signatures in the secondary market.

Questions or comments can be addressed to CGC Customer Service at 1-877-NM-COMIC or by e-mail to

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