A New and Easy Way to Submit to CGC

Posted: 6/19/2009

CGC launches fully interactive PDF submission form for CGC Authorized Dealers and Collectors Society Members

Starting June 18th 2009, subscribing members of the Collectors Society and CGC Authorized Dealers will have a new option for preparing a CGC submission form online, the new Interactive PDF Submission Form. CGC has designed a PDF version of the standard CGC submission form that can be filled out online and then printed.

We encourage all customers to try this new format submission form, even for larger submission and prescreens. Filling out the form online automatically calculates submission fees owed to CGC (applying appropriate discounts) and return shipping charges. It also automatically generates the requisite number of copies for printing. Since the form is nearly identical to the paper form that CGC supplies, customers can also elect to print a form and complete it by hand.

The link to this submission form is located on the member homepage. Clicking the link will open the form in a new window. Every PDF form that is generated through the link on the member homepage has a unique invoice number for submission tracking. Since a new form can be generated anytime by returning to your member page, please do not save and re-use forms. As with the current online submission form, no charges are applied to your account until your comics are received. It is therefore important that full payment information be visible on at least one copy of the form to be included with the submission.

Since we want to make the submission process as easy and enjoyable as possible, we welcome any feedback about the new PDF submission form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CGC at 1-877-662-6642 or info@cgccomics.com

If you're already logged in, you can go directly to the new Interactive PDF Submission Form

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