Are You Reading the Spinner Rack?

Posted: 3/27/2009 by Collectors Society

The Spinner Rack is the wildly popular article series in the CGC email newsletter that offers creative insight and humerous commentary on classic comic book story arcs of the Silver Age and early Bronze Age.

It's authored by Joanna Sandsmark, a former writer for DC Comics and TV’s Weird Science, and the author of a handful of great books.

In her two-part article, "Giant Heads and Enormous Bodies," she explores how superheroes have to cope with a sudden endowment of increased brain function: "One would think that having a massive intellect would be a desirable thing. Unfortunately, in the DC Universe, you can't get hyper-intelligent without your head becoming an outsized, egg-shaped bald dome." Also, in the Spinner Rack" you'll learn what happens when cover art became more important than the story: "Goofy Covers." For example, she recounts a favorite, "Wonder Woman versus The Paper Man (Wonder Woman #165). He was a man made out of a single sheet of newspaper. Now that's menacing! A two-part article on comic book marraige, I Do... Sort Of, provides perspective on what its like to be a superhero who can save the planet, but not his marraige.

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Spinner Rack Article Index

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January 2008

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May 2008

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Dead and Deader!

August 2008

I Do…Sort Of (Part One)

September 2008

I Do... Sort Of (Part Two)

October 2008

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November 2008

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December 2008

Dig That Christmas with the Teen Titans

January 2009

That Not-So-Secret Identity, Part One

February 2009

That Not-So-Secret Identity, Part Two

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