The CGC Registry Now Displaying More than 10,000 Sets

Posted: 5/2/2008

CGC is pleased to announce the total number of sets in The Comics Registry has passed a significant milestone. There are now more than 10,000 registered sets. The CGC Comics Registry was introduced in 2003 with just 15 set type categories and has since grown to become a valuable resource for new collectors and veteran enthusiasts alike. Now with more than 740 set type categories available, there are a wide range of collections on display.

The Comics Registry is a tool for the collecting community where their collections can be displayed and ranked against other great collections. CGC-certified comics are eligible for inclusion and every registered comic book receives a point value associated with its desirability and certified grade. Sets are then ranked by their total point value. More than just a gallery of terrific comics, the Comics Registry allows collectors to share their experience and knowledge. Users may upload pictures and include comments for every registered book. These comments may include anything from specifics about the creators of the comics to how and when a book was acquired.

From Aces High to Zoot Comics, registry categories cover a broad section of comics ages and types, and the list continues to grow as a result of participant feedback. The most popular set category to date is Amazing Spider-Man (complete) with 305 registered sets. Many of the other sets containing key titles like; Batman (complete) (125), Avengers #1-#250 (139), Iron Man #1-#332 (106) and Fantastic Four (144), also have high numbers of registered sets, but none surpass Spidey in popularity. There are several notable small sets that are also popular among collectors of CGC graded comics. These titles include Wolverine Limited Series (135), Civil War (108), and Ultimate Spider-Man (130) each topping 100 registered sets.

There is no fee to participate in the CGC Registry, only a free Collectors Society membership is required. The Collectors Society is an online community developed to provide services and education to collectors. The Comics Registry is just one of the many resources available with free membership. Visit the CGC Website to learn more about the Registry and how to get started. Join and enter a set by June 30, 2008 to be considered for The 2008 CGC Registry Awards.

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