CGC Expands Grading Scale to Include No Grade Designation

Posted: 4/11/2008

CGC announced that its grading scale has been expanded to include a new No Grade designation. This appears as NG on the certification label. This designation is used when CGC is authenticating an item, but is not assigning a numerical grade to its condition.

Submitters will receive a No Grade (NG) designation on coverless or partial comics (e.g. wraps). This designation provides CGC authentication without the potentially detracting factor of a low grade historically assigned by default to such comics regardless of their state of preservation. President and Senior Grader, Steve Borock comments, “CGC has wanted to implement this No Grade designation for some time because it will allow us to better acknowledge the true condition of lower-grade comics while still authenticating the coverless examples of key books. It allows for a wide range of books to be more properly represented. We also believe that collectors will prefer this standard for differentiating coverless books from low grade books.”

Regardless of whether they receive a numerical grade or a No Grade (NG) designation, all books submitted to CGC undergo the same rigorous inspection process. First the books are carefully examined by a restoration detection expert. Next, the pre-grader begins the grading process by counting the book’s pages and entering into the computer any peculiarities or flaws that may affect a book’s grade. This same process is repeated as the comic passes to the grade finalizer. The finalizer makes a secondary restoration check before determining his own grade, at which time he then reviews the grades and notes entered by the previous graders. If all grades are in agreement or are very close, he will then assign the book’s final grade. The only difference with a book receiving the No Grade designation is that the opinion of grade is left out of the process, though pertinent grading data is still noted in the system and the book is still examined by at least three graders. The book then is forwarded to the Encapsulation Department for sealing.

Books should still be submitted through CGC’s regular tiers of service, even if they are to receive the No-Grade designation. They are processed through the same grading procedures. Any questions regarding CGC’s submission policies or the No Grade designation should be directed to CGC Customer Service at 1-877-662-6642 or

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