Comic Movies Excite Fans Summer 2008

Posted: 3/21/2008 by Gemma Adel

This summer offers a bonanza of comic-related movies opening in theaters across the country!

Before a film’s release, many collectors submit the comics that inspired these movies for certification to CGC. Some fans go even further in their pursuit and have the comics signed and witnessed under the prestigious Signature Series designation by artists or actors associated with the movies or the comics. Upcoming releases announced thus far include the movies listed below. We have also listed some of the pertinent guests who will be attending the upcoming conventions where CGC will be set up. Check out the conventions’ websites to see which other artists will be attending.

If you are interested in having a book witnessed for Signature Series at any of these events please stop by the CGC booth first for details, or check out our Signature Room on our Chat Boards here for information and any announcements from our witnesses. Under CGC’s Signature Series program, one of our authorized witnesses will either accompany you to witness the signing of your comic, or in some cases they may arrange the signing themselves to ensure that your book is among those witnessed. Either way, once the book has been witnessed it is then submitted directly to CGC for grading and authentication. Once complete, the book is returned with our yellow Signature Series label with the details of the signature clearly displayed on the front of the label.

MAY 2nd - Iron Man

Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, this movie directed by Jon Favreau is the first upcoming comic-related movie this summer (or just before summer, anyway). Slated for release this May, fans are looking forward to seeing Iron Man’s suit come to life on the big screen. Upcoming shows featuring Iron Man artists are:
April 25-27 -Pittsburgh Comicon, Monroeville, PA – Michael Golden, Mike Grell
May 10-11 -Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle, WA – Moose Baumann, Eric Canete

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MAY 9th - Speed Racer

Though most commonly known for the TV series, Speed Racer also appeared in several comics, many of which were published by Now Comics. This May the movie directed by the Wachowski brothers promises to continue the tradition of the Mach-5 with a live-action version of the popular cartoon and comic.

MAY 23rd - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones in the fourth installment of this movie series. There have been several different comics featuring Indiana Jones and his adventures, but the longest running title is the 1983 Marvel series of The Futher Adventures of Indiana Jones. Artists who worked on this series and have upcoming appearances include:
April 18-20 -New York Comic Con, New York, NY – Kerry Gammill
April 25-27 -Pittsburgh Comicon, Monroeville, PA – Ron Frenz

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JUNE 13th - The Incredible Hulk

This sequel to the 2003 Hulk movie promises more action and excitement including a 26 minute fight sequence. Edward Norton stars as Dr. Bruce Banner, replacing Eric Bana in the role he played in the previous film. Pre-release trailers already have Hulk fans buzzing. Hulk contributors and movie events at upcoming conventions include:
April 18-20 -New York Comic Con, New York, NY – “Hulk Out” (April 19, 3 pm, IGN Theatre, more details coming soon), and artist Ron Garney.
April 25-27 -Pittsburgh Comicon, Monroeville, PA – Sal Bucema, Tom DeFalco, Tom Fleming, Angel Medina, Herb Trimpe
May 10-11 -Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle, WA– Aaron Lopresti, Herb Trimpe

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JUNE 20th - Get Smart

Based upon the 1960’s TV show that was followed by a comic of the same name published by Dell, this movie starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway should amuse and entertain audiences of all ages.

JUNE 27th - Wanted

This popular creator-owned comic adaptation starring Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie tells a tale of vengeance and self-realization. Main character Wesley Gibson is given the choice between the life he knows and understands and the life he has the potential to live in this action-packed thriller. Notable artist appearances at upcoming conventions include:
April 18-20 -New York Comic Con, New York, NY – J.G. Jones

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JULY 11th - Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The Bureau for Paranormal Research returns to save the world from mythical forces in this sequel to the 2004 adaptation of Mignola’s popular Hellboy title. Starring again are Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Doug Jones as Abe Sapien and Selma Blair as Liz Sherman and this all-star cast hope to wow fans this summer. Appearing at the New York Comic Con, April 18th-20th, New York, NY are Guillermo del Toro, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Duncan Fegredo, and Mike Mignola! Other appearances by Hellboy artists include:
May 10-11 -Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle, WA – Dave Stewart, Jason Hall

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JULY 11th - Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

This story started as a science fiction novel by Jules Verne. It was first adapted to film in 1959 and was also featured in Four Color #1060 by Dell Publishing. The concept of a world located within the earth’s crust was also adapted into a series of Tarzan stories by Edward Rice Burroughs, where this fictional land was named Pellucider. An updated version of the original fantastic tale returns in another film adaptation, this time starring Brendan Frasier and rising star Josh Hutcherson. This science-fiction classic hopes to be a family favorite this summer!

JULY 18th - The Dark Knight

The untimely loss of star Heath Ledger has added additional intrigue to the upcoming release of this Batman movie. Starring as Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker, fans anticipate Ledger’s darker side will truly show the maniacal villain as he is depicted in the various Batman comics (like Batman: Arkham Asylum). A far cry from the also-popular original Batman movie (1989) where Jack Nicholson held the role of the Joker, this summer blockbuster will draw movie and comic fans alike. Some of the many Batman artists who will be attending future conventions include:
April 18-20 -New York Comic Con, New York, NY - Grant Morrison, Alex Ross, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Carmine Infantino, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, Sean Phillips, Arthur Suydam. Show exclusive from Mattel Knight Shadow Batman.
April 25-27 -Pittsburgh Comicon, Monroeville, PA – Tommy Castillo, Wayne Faucher, Tom Fleming, Mike Grell, Scott McDaniel
May 10-11 -Emerald City ComiCon, Seattle, WA– Dustin Nguyen, Ryan Ottley, Paul Gulacy, Matt Wagner

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JULY 25th - X-Files Sequel (tentative release)

Fans of Agents Mulder and Scully can rejoice as they make their much-anticipated return to the movie screen. Few details are available about the plot of this film other than the fact that it will be a standalone story and not tied into the lore of original TV series. This project is so secretive that the final title has still not been released! But, fans can still submit their Topps Comics of this title in anticipation of further details or can meet up with the artists of this series at upcoming shows, including:
April 18-20 -New York Comic Con, New York, NY - Charlie Adlard

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NOVEMBER 11th - Quantum of Solace (tentative release)

The Bond legacy continues with this new installment starring Daniel Craig. This one is inspired by a short work by original Bond author Ian Fleming. Appearing at the Pittsburgh Comicon April 25-27, Monroeville, PA, is Mike Grell (artist/writer, James Bond mini-series Permission to Die).

There are many other conventions this summer that feature artists, actors and writers who were instrumental in the stories and characters of these upcoming releases. (Of course, don’t forget ComiCon International in San Diego, which is always filled with comic artists and media guests alike!) We look forward to seeing you all at the cons!

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