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 Article NamePost Date
NGC Registry: 29 New Options for Italy, Iceland, China and More 5/8/2018
NGC Registry: 64 New Set Types Are Ready 4/10/2018
NGC Registry: Two New Categories and 22 New Set Types 3/13/2018
NGC Registry: New Category and 19 New Set Types 2/13/2018
NGC Registry: 5 New Categories and 42 New Set Types 1/16/2018
Congratulations to the 2017 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/5/2018
NGC Registry: Platinum Koalas, New China World Heritage Coins and More 8/8/2017
NGC Registry News: Ringgits, Rupees, Roubles and More 7/11/2017
NGC Registry News: Silver Turtles, King George I and Goddess Guan Yin 6/13/2017
NGC Registry: From Monkeys and Quetzals to Francs and Shillings 5/9/2017
NGC Registry News: Kookaburras, 2 Euros and More — 26 New Choices 4/11/2017
NGC Registry News: 78 New Choices 3/14/2017
NGC Registry News: Annual Winners, New Sets and Slots 1/10/2017
Congratulations to the 2016 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/6/2017
NGC Registry News: Awards and New Additions 12/13/2016
A Letter from Mark Salzberg 11/10/2016
Intermittent Telephone Service Disruption 11/1/2016
NGC Registry News 10/11/2016
NGC Registry News 9/13/2016
NGC Registry Awards 2016 9/13/2016
NGC Certifies Hornets Nest Collection of Charlotte Mint Gold Coins 9/1/2016
NGC Registry News 8/4/2016
NGC Registry News 7/12/2016
NGC Registry News 6/14/2016
NGC Registry News 5/10/2016
NGC Registry: New Walking Liberty Design Set 4/12/2016
NGC Registry News 3/8/2016
NGC Registry News 2/9/2016
NGC Registry News 1/12/2016
Congratulations to the 2015 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/8/2016
NGC Registry News 12/17/2015
NGC Registry News 9/15/2015
NGC Registry Awards 2015 9/15/2015
NGC Registry News 8/11/2015
NGC Registry News 7/14/2015
NGC Registry News 6/9/2015
NGC Registry News 5/12/2015
NGC Registry News 4/21/2015
Conservation Showcase: Chile 1751SO 8 Escudos 3/16/2015
NGC Registry News 2/17/2015
2014 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/9/2015
NGC Registry News 11/11/2014
NGC Grades Special Release 2015 US Marshals Service Commemorative Coins 10/15/2014
NGC Registry News 10/14/2014
NGC Registry News 9/16/2014
NGC Registry Awards 2014: New Rules Regarding Obscured Sets 9/10/2014
NGC Registry News 8/19/2014
NGC Registry News 7/15/2014
NGC Registry News 6/10/2014
Obscured Sets in the NGC Registry 6/5/2014
NGC Registry News 5/13/2014
NGC Announces Revised Services and Fees 4/29/2014
NGC Registry News 4/15/2014
NGC Registry News 3/18/2014
NGC Introduction to Grading Class at Central States 3/5/2014
NGC Recognizes Top 100 Liberty Seated Dime Varieties 2/12/2014
NGC-certified Trio Brings $9,870,000 at FUN 1/15/2014
2013 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/10/2014
Conservation Showcase: 1955 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent 1/3/2014
NGC to Display No. 1 Set of Proof Seated Liberty Dimes 12/12/2013
Collecting by Sheldon Variety 12/11/2013
NGC Expands Plus Designation to US Modern Coins 11/13/2013
NGC Registry News 11/12/2013
Conservation Showcase: 1913 Buffalo 5 Cent 10/9/2013
NGC Graded Tacasyl Collection Sets World Records 9/25/2013
Conservation Showcase: 1996 France Gold 500 Franc Proof Coin 9/23/2013
NGC Registry Releases “Circulated Coins Only” Category 7/22/2013
NGC Recognizes “Spitting Eagle” 1983-P Quarters 7/22/2013
NGC Grading On-site in Chicago 7/19/2013
Grade Summary Feature Added to NGC Coin Explorer 6/11/2013
Richard (Dick) G. Doty, 1942-2013 6/7/2013
NGC Accepting Submissions at Baltimore Expo 6/3/2013
NGC-certified Newman Collection Rarities Realize Top Dollar at Heritage Auction 5/14/2013
World Coin Counterfeits: South Africa 1895 Gold ½ Pond 5/14/2013
World Coins: Colombia “Stonecutter” Gold 2-1/2 peso and 5 peso 5/14/2013
1837 Half Dollar Struck in a Broad Collar 5/14/2013
NGC Introduction to Grading Class at Baltimore Expo 5/9/2013
NGC Label for 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Set 5/7/2013
Conservation Showcase: 1938 Mercury Dime 4/26/2013
NGC's Eric P. Newman Collection Image Gallery 4/10/2013
NGC US Coin Price Guide Adds Values for Plus Grades 4/8/2013
NCS Video Showcases Examples of Work 4/5/2013
NGC Announces New Submission Forms, Revised Services and Fees 3/5/2013
NGC Certifies Important Newman Rarities 2/22/2013
The History of the US Mint’s Buffalo Coins 2/11/2013
NGC to Host Intro Grading Class at Baltimore Expo 1/30/2013
2012 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/11/2013
NGC to Exhibit the #1 NGC Registry Set: Kamin Collection of Liberty Head Nickels at FUN 1/2/2013
CCG Hires Peter Anthony as Consultant 12/10/2012
NGC, NCS and PMG at the 2012 Korea Money Fair 11/1/2012
Heritage's Dallas Auctions Top $28 Million 10/30/2012
Civil War Tokens Added to NGC Census 10/17/2012
Convert NGC Registry Custom Sets to Public View 9/26/2012
NGC Registry Awards 2012 9/24/2012
NGC Auction Central - Free Access to Prices Realized 9/20/2012
NGC Grading On-site at ANA National Money Show 9/18/2012
NGC Now Assigning Plus Designation to GSA Morgan Dollars 9/11/2012
Making American History Coin & Currency Set - Submission Instructions 8/17/2012
NGC® Recognizes Reeded Edge Half Varieties 8/15/2012
NGC Releases First Mobile App: NGC Coin Details 8/8/2012
NGC Announces Spectacular Exhibits at the 2012 ANA’s World’s Fair of Money 7/30/2012
A New Way to View the NGC Registry 7/19/2012
Expert Consults at World's Fair of Money 7/16/2012
NGC Grading On-site at ANA World's Fair of Money 7/16/2012
NGC CrossOver Special 7/2/2012
NGC Accepting Submissions at Summer FUN 7/2/2012
Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins 6/19/2012
NGC Certifies $10 Million Coin: The Walter Perschke Brasher Doubloon 6/14/2012
*UPDATED* New NGC Label for 2012 American Silver Eagle San Francisco Proof Set 6/6/2012
Memorial Day 5/25/2012
Special Label ReHolder Service 5/18/2012
NGC Now Recognizing Frosted and Mirrored Bamboo on 2003 Silver 10 Yuan Pandas 5/16/2012
NGC Launches New Registry Set for Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins 5/16/2012
NGC Grades 25 Millionth Coin 5/10/2012
NGC Offers New Label for Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins 5/9/2012
NGC Opens Office in Germany 3/27/2012
NGC Grading Coins On-site at Whitman Baltimore Expo 2/20/2012
NGC Certifies Unique Proof 1854 $10 2/14/2012
Change in Schedule for NGC On-site Grading At Long Beach 2/2/2012
2012 NCS Newsletter Update 1/11/2012
2011 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/6/2012
ANA Extends Its Long Relationship with NGC, PMG and NCS 12/22/2011
NGC Announces New Services and Fees for 2012 12/13/2011
NGC Grading Coins On-site at FUN 12/8/2011
Thanksgiving Holiday 11/22/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at Whitman Expo 10/24/2011
NGC Registry Awards 2011 9/22/2011
Counterfeit Detection: Fantasy and Souvenir California Fractional Gold 9/20/2011
Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great 9/20/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at ANA National Money Show 9/19/2011
Mark Salzberg - A Passion for Collecting 8/26/2011
Announcing the NGC Coin Explorer 8/16/2011
NGC Recognizes Light Finish on America the Beautiful 5 oz. Coins 8/8/2011
NGC at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Chicago 8/4/2011
Expert Consultations at World's Fair of Money 8/3/2011
NGC to Display Top Morgan Dollar Collection at the 2011 ANA World's Fair 7/12/2011
NGC Launches 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins Registry Set 7/12/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at Summer FUN 2011 6/21/2011
Track Your Submissions Online 24/7 6/20/2011
NGC Announces Update to Coins Accepted at Shows 6/10/2011
NGC to Certify San Francisco Mint Silver Eagles 6/7/2011
NGC Releases Complete Online World Coin Price Guide 6/1/2011
A Case Study in Deception 5/10/2011
Counterfeit Detection: 1875-S Trade Dollar 5/10/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at Whitman Baltimore 5/10/2011
NGC-Graded World Coins Dominate Heritage CICF Auction 5/10/2011
Numismatists from NGC and PMG will present classes at the ANA Summer Seminar 5/9/2011
NGC Offers On-site Grading at Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo 5/5/2011
NGC Offers New Silver Dollar On-Site Grading Tier at Central States 4/25/2011
NGC Offers New Silver Dollar On-Site Grading Tier at PNG/Central States 4/14/2011
NGC Collectors Society Website Enhancements 4/13/2011
Counterfeit Detection: 1926 Estonia 10 Marka Struck Over 1970 Russia Rouble 4/12/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at Whitman Baltimore 3/3/2011
Submitting Your Coins for Grading – A Quick Refresher 2/14/2011
NGC Grading US Coins On-site at ANA National Money Show 2/8/2011
NGC-Certified 1907 Rolled Edge Eagle Tops Prices Realized at $2.185 million at 2011 FUN Auction 1/20/2011
NGC Registry Passes The 60,000 Set Milestone 1/19/2011
NGC Announces Largest Database of Coin Images in Existence Available Online For Verification 1/18/2011
NGC Grading On-site at the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo 1/10/2011
2010 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/7/2011
NGC to Display Silver Commemoratives at FUN 12/30/2010
NGC Announces New Services and Fees for 2011 12/21/2010
Counterfeit Detection: 1914-D Buffalo Nickel 12/20/2010
NGC Launches America’s National Treasures Label for 5-Ounce Silver Quarters 12/17/2010
NGC Certifies Historic Cache of Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles 12/16/2010
NGC Expands VAM Recognition to Include Hit List 40 12/16/2010
NGC Expands Early Releases 12/13/2010
Expert Consultations at FUN 12/8/2010
NGC Grading On-site at the FUN Show 12/7/2010
NGC Registry Awards 2010 - Set Entry Deadline This Friday 11/30/2010
NGC Launches New Coin Price Guide 11/30/2010
NGC Grading On-site at Houston Money Show 11/19/2010
New Registry Sets Galore 11/17/2010
Counterfeit Detection: 1897-O Morgan Dollar 11/16/2010
Expert Consultations at the Houston Money Show 11/4/2010
NGC Services Offered at Santa Clara 11/3/2010
NGC Registry Awards 2010 10/12/2010
United States Mint to Offer American Eagle Proof Coins 10/6/2010
NGC Exhibit at the Philadelphia Expo 9/27/2010
NGC Grading On-site at Whitman Philadelphia Expo 9/23/2010
Counterfeit Detection: How to Know Your 1894 Morgan Dollar Is Real 9/20/2010
VarietyPlus® Online Catalog Now Updated 9/16/2010
NGC Certifies Newly Discovered 1856-O Double Eagle 9/15/2010
Expert Consultations at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Philadelphia 8/25/2010
NGC Services Offered at Long Beach Expo 8/24/2010
NGC Exhibits at the 2010 World’s Fair of Money 8/2/2010
The Collection Manager Is Now Available 7/27/2010
NGC Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money 7/20/2010
Expert Consultations at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Boston 7/20/2010
Variety vs. Mint Error 7/8/2010
NGC Releases New Version of Online Census Report 6/23/2010
World Coins Accepted for On-Site Grading at Summer FUN 6/15/2010
NGC Certifies Rare S-79 1795 Reeded Edge Liberty Cap Cent 6/15/2010
NGC Launches Plus Designation 5/24/2010
NGC Certifies 20 Millionth Coin 5/19/2010
NGC Launches New Metallurgic Analysis Service 5/12/2010
Legendary South African Coin Certified by NGC 5/11/2010
America The Beautiful Quarters: Instructions For Special Label And Release Designations 4/13/2010
Leading Grading Services Announce Plus Designation 3/25/2010
World Gold Coins Value Guide Available on 3/23/2010
United States Mint to Launch 2010 Lincoln One-Cent Coin in Springfield, Illinois 2/8/2010
Congratulations to Our 2009 Registry Award Winners 1/8/2010
NGC Grading On-site at FUN 12/10/2009
NGC 2009 Registry Awards Entry Deadline This Week 12/7/2009
NGC Launches Online Verification for Mobile Devices 12/3/2009
Increased Value Limits on NGC Gold Tiers 11/16/2009
Coin Certification at the 2009 Beijing International Coin Exposition 11/2/2009
NGC Grading On-site at Whitman Baltimore Coin & Collectibles Expo 10/26/2009
Get Your Sets Ready for the 2009 NGC Registry Awards 10/5/2009
NGC Launches Details Grading; Important Rarity Certified 9/1/2009
NGC Announces Details Grading to Begin September 1, 2009 8/4/2009
NGC-Certified One-Kilo Gold Coins Will Attract Attention in L.A. 7/28/2009
Expert Numismatic Consultations at the World's Fair of Money 7/16/2009
NGC Services at the ANA World's Fair of Money 7/16/2009
Complete ANA Show Information 7/16/2009
NGC Ancients Grades Armenian Rarity 7/7/2009
NGC at Summer FUN 2009 7/6/2009
A New and Easy Way to Submit to NCS 6/26/2009
New Submission Center Opens in China 6/22/2009
Coins and Currency Exhibition Opens at the Smithsonian 6/11/2009
Hobby Leaders Discuss Anti-Counterfeiting Actions 6/2/2009
Lincoln Label Now Available In Tier Submissions 6/1/2009
Money Talks at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History 5/23/2009
NGC Launches New Learning Resource 4/9/2009
Enhanced Certification Verification with Coin Images Now Available 4/2/2009
Must-See-TV for Enthusiasts and Collectors of Shipwreck Coinage 1/12/2009
Congratulations to our 2008 Registry Award Winners 1/8/2009
NGC Announces Coin Photography Initiative as Major Step Against Counterfeit and Altered Holders 12/8/2008
The 2008 NGC Registry Awards - Entry Deadline Approaching 12/3/2008
NGC to Launch Services for Ancient Coins 11/5/2008
The 2008 NGC Registry Awards 10/23/2008
A New Look for the NCS Holder 10/14/2008
NumisMedia Market Report: Where Do We Go From Here? 10/9/2008
NGC Grading On-Site at Silver Dollar Expo 10/8/2008
New NGC Holder Enters Next Phase of Release 9/29/2008
NGC Certifies Unique Russian 1755 Pattern 20 Rouble 9/18/2008
September U.S. Coin Auction Highlights 9/8/2008
NCS Submission Tracking Now Available Online 7/31/2008
NGC Unveils New Holder Design 7/29/2008
Smithsonian to Display Rare Proof Coins at Numismatic Convention in Baltimore 7/7/2008
World Coins Accepted for On-Site Grading at ANA World’s Fair of Money in Baltimore 7/6/2008
NumisMedia FMV Price Guide Now Available on NGC Web Site 7/1/2008
NGC Releases SS New York Population Report 6/16/2008
NGC Postage Rate Change 5/30/2008
NGC Confirms Major Hub Variety of 2008-W Silver Eagles 4/17/2008
Coin Encyclopedia Now Available on NGC’s Web Site 3/27/2008
Presidential $1 Error Coins: James Monroe 3/11/2008
Reminder: Using Return Overnight Shipping Services for Coins Graded by NGC 3/6/2008
National Museum of American History Updates Preservation of National Numismatic Collection 3/3/2008
NCS Introduces Modern Tier 2/28/2008
NGC at the ANA National Money Show 2/28/2008
NCS Implements New Fee Structure 2/28/2008
NGC Expands Star Designation 1/15/2008
Congratulations to our 2007 Registry Award Winners! 1/10/2008
New Year Brings Rehubbed American Silver Eagle 1/9/2008
Important Announcement: Counterfeit NGC Holders 1/7/2008
World Coins Accepted For On-Site Grading At FUN Show In January 12/19/2007
Learning from the Simpson Collection 12/18/2007
New World Coin Fee Structure For Collectors Society and ANA Members 12/17/2007
Year Winds Down On Hot Streak 12/8/2007
The 2007 NGC Registry Awards Deadline Approaching Quickly 11/21/2007
Presidential $1 Error Coins: 2007 Proofs 11/13/2007
Free Weekend Pass to NumisMedia Online FMV Price Guide 11/2/2007
NGC Introduces American Liberty Series 10/30/2007
The 2007 NGC Registry Awards 10/25/2007
From the Grading Room: 1825 Great Britain Pattern Farthing Mule, Struck in Platinum 10/23/2007
Test Your Numismatic IQ 10/15/2007
NGC-Graded Coin Brings $5M 10/5/2007
From the Grading Room: $50 Gold Eagle Error 10/4/2007
The 2007 NGC Registry Awards 9/21/2007
Smithsonian Celebrates America’s Numismatic Renaissance in Milwaukee 8/1/2007
Submission Instructions: First Spouse Coins and Medals 6/19/2007
NGC Postage Rate Change 6/18/2007
Hard Times Tokens Now Reported in NGC Census 6/18/2007
Presidential $1 Error Coins: John Adams 6/13/2007
Presidential $1 Error Coins: George Washington 6/12/2007
Potential Exists 5/16/2007
NGC Certifies Official U.S. Mint Covers in their Original Issue Holders 5/11/2007
NGC Presidential Dollar Special Designations 4/23/2007
NGC Grades Dollars in GSA Soft Pack Holders and US Mint Sealed Soft Pack Holders 4/16/2007
NGC Expands Certification Options for Presidential $1 Coin Covers 4/16/2007
U.S. Mint Presidential $1 Coin Covers 4/12/2007
Special Handling Fee Applied to Some Submissions for Multi-Coin Holders 3/27/2007
Stocks Down 3/16/2007
Special Note Regarding Submissions at the ANA National Money Show and Baltimore 3/13/2007
A FUN Start to 2007 2/26/2007
NGC Unveils EdgeView Holder™ for Presidential $1 Coin Series 2/7/2007
Numismatics 2006 1/25/2007
Congratulations to our 2006 Registry Award Winners! 1/4/2007
NGC announces Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC) to offer bullion coins and coin financing to NGC Early Releases customers 12/22/2006
NGC Brings VarietyPlus Catalog Online 12/19/2006
NGC Offers Early Releases Pedigree for U.S. Bullion Coinage 12/14/2006
Smithsonian Showcases Never-before-seen Pattern Coins in Traveling Display 12/11/2006
NGC Restructures VarietyPlus Service 10/13/2006
The 2006 NGC Registry Awards 10/9/2006
Rare Coins 10/9/2006
Special Instructions for Submitting 20th Anniversary Eagles to NGC 9/26/2006
Coin Dealer 9/11/2006
ANA Honors Mark Salzberg as 2006 Numismatist of the Year 8/21/2006
NGC to Display Proof Dollars from the BRS Legacy Collection at ANA World’s Fair of Money 8/1/2006
Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Highlights Frontier Gold 7/25/2006
Ups & Downs 7/18/2006
NGC to Display Highlights from the James Watt Jr. Collection at ANA World’s Fair of Money 6/30/2006
NGC Named Approved Depository for Collateral Finance Corporation 6/29/2006
So-Called Dollars Included in NGC Census 6/5/2006
NGC-Certified Rarities Lead the Way in Bowers and Merena’s Official May 2006 Anaheim Auction 5/11/2006
Numismatics: The Emerging Market 5/11/2006
NGC to Grade Japan Ministry of Finance Coins in Holders of Issue 5/9/2006
NGC Certifies Royle Baldwin Collection 5/5/2006
NCS Certifies Unique Silver Dollar 5/2/2006
Higher FMV 4/11/2006
NGC Certifies Classic British Rarity 4/3/2006
Die Crack Errors Abound on Silver States Quarters 3/23/2006
Eye Appeal Adds Value to Collections 3/8/2006
Finest Known NGC Certified Pan-Pac Set to be Displayed 3/8/2006
Rarities Abound in Bowers and Merena’s Official March 2006 Baltimore Auction 3/3/2006
Jeff Isaac Joins NGC 3/1/2006
Diversification Expands Profits 2/13/2006
NGC Discovers Doubled Die Obverse 1984-W Olympics $10 Gold Commemorative 2/6/2006
A Year of Quantity and Quality 1/11/2006
New Fee Structure for Collectors Society and ANA Members 1/4/2006
2005 NGC Registry Award Winners 1/4/2006
Announcement of Changes to Terms of Service 12/28/2005
The 2005 Registry Awards Entry Deadline is Tonight 12/16/2005
NGC and NCS Host Smithsonian Exhibit Opening Reception 12/13/2005
New Coin Registry Set Categories Open 12/12/2005
NGC Unveils Specialty Holder to Enable Viewing of Coin’s Edge 12/12/2005
Planchet Forming 12/7/2005
Coin Market 12/7/2005
Market Tiers Expand Demand 11/7/2005
New Maximum Declared Value Limits on Gold Rush and Specialty Gold Grading Tiers 11/3/2005
The 2005 NGC Registry Awards 11/2/2005
Coin Market - Best Ever? 10/19/2005
Curved Clip Coins 10/17/2005
Bowers and Merena’s First Official Auction of the ANA Las Vegas Coin Show Packed With Fabulous Rarities 10/14/2005
Many New Coin Registry Set Categories Open 10/12/2005
Pattern Overstrike Certified by NGC 10/4/2005
Special Limited Time Offer: Have Two Marine Dollars Graded in Just Two Days For Free! 9/28/2005
New Coin Registry Set Categories Open 9/22/2005
Katrina’s Power Can't Slow Market 9/20/2005
U. S. Gold Still a Bargain 8/15/2005
Previously Unknown 1854-S $2.50 Certified at the ANA Show 8/5/2005
Sitting Pretty in Early Gold 8/2/2005
NGC Debuts Interactive Registry Display at ANA World’s Fair of Money 8/2/2005
NGC Certifies 1927-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle 7/13/2005
Bowers and Merena to Auction More Than 1,600 Lots of U.S. Coin Rarities in San Francisco 7/11/2005
Numismatic Community Contributes to Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection 7/6/2005
NCS Named the Official Conservation Service of the PNG 6/24/2005
NGC Certifies Pattern Sacagawea Dollar 6/22/2005
NGC and NCS Internship for Aspiring Numismatists 6/17/2005
Santa Clara Expo Hosts Historic 1879 Quintuple Stella 6/17/2005
2005 Mints Sets to Receive SMS Designation 6/14/2005
Rarity Inspires 6/12/2005
Coin Images from the Battle Creek Collection 6/6/2005
NGC Certifies the Battle Creek Collection of Rainbow Toned Morgan Dollars 6/6/2005
Collector Gold on the Move 5/13/2005
NGC Names Numismedia as Its Official Price Guide 5/12/2005
New Coin Registry Set Categories - The Rush Has Begun! 4/26/2005
Eliasberg Prices Stun Numismatic World 4/22/2005
Two Ways to Profit 4/15/2005
Waffle Coins: A New Kind of Missouri State Quarter 4/8/2005
NGC Hiring: Graders & Receiving Department Personnel 4/1/2005
Bowers and Merena’s National Money Show Auction Debuts S.S. Republic Treasure 3/30/2005
NGC Coins Lead the Way in Bowers and Merena’s 2005 ANA National Money Show Auction 3/30/2005
Numismatic Success Takes Initiative 3/22/2005
Member Sponsored Giveaway to Young Numismatists 3/11/2005
NGC Certifies Garrett 1804 Dollar 2/16/2005
Fantastic FUN Fantasies 2/15/2005
NGC Certifies Eliasberg World Gold 2/10/2005
Congratulations to our 2004 Registry Award Winners! 1/7/2005
NGC Certifies Matte Proof Gold 12/22/2004
NGC Certifies BRS Legacy Collection 12/21/2004
Registry Awards Deadline is Approaching Fast 12/17/2004
Bowers and Merena to Kick-Off 2005 Auction Year 12/15/2004
Investors Flock to Coins 12/6/2004
NGC Hiring Graders of Modern Era Coins and World Coins 12/5/2004
Still More New Coin Registry Set Categories 11/3/2004
Limited-Issue 25th Anniversary Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Now Available 11/1/2004
Even More New Coin Registry Set Types Open 10/25/2004
The Best of the Registry Awards 2004 10/22/2004
New Coin Registry Set Categories Now Available 10/13/2004
NGC and Bowers and Merena Auctions present one of the finest collections of 1907 Gold Coinage 10/13/2004
New NGC Fee Structure Effective October 1st 9/24/2004
NGC Certifies Extremely Rare “Strawberry Cent” 9/23/2004
NGC Certifies Finest Set of Gold Commems 9/17/2004
NGC Certifies Gem Set of Gold Dollars 9/17/2004
NGC Recovers Stolen Coin 7/19/2004
NGC Certifies Unique Overstrike 7/13/2004
DLRC Auctions to Sell the World's Most Valuable Piece of Gold 7/1/2004
NGC Certifies New Overton Variety 6/28/2004
NGC Certifies Commemorative as "Specimen" 5/19/2004
NGC Certifies Unique Half Dime 4/27/2004
NCS & NGC to Feature Select SS Republic Coins 4/16/2004
NGC Certifies Its Ten Millionth Coin 4/1/2004
#1 Ranked NGC Registry Cameo Franklin Proof Set 3/22/2004
NGC Named Official Grading Service of the PNG 3/22/2004
NGC Certifies du Pont 1866 Dollar 3/18/2004
Famed Duke's Creek Collection 3/4/2004
NGC Certifies Koshkarian Type Set 2/23/2004
NGC To Certify California Fractional Gold 2/6/2004
NGC Distinguishes Jefferson Nickel Steps 1/27/2004
Congratulations to our 2003 Registry Award Winners! 1/7/2004
Join NGC's Collectors Society and Get a Limited Edition State Quarter Set 12/22/2003
Top Numismatic Companies to Conserve and Grade SS Republic Coins 12/22/2003
The Best of the Registry Awards 2003 12/10/2003
NGC Certifies Newly-Retrieved Gold 11/18/2003
Introducing Multi Coin Reholder Service 11/10/2003
NGC Certifies Three Rare Gold Patterns 10/28/2003
NGC Certifies Rare Trade Dollar Variety 10/20/2003
NGC Confirms Authentication of Recovered 1913 Liberty Nickel 9/24/2003
Welcome to our invited guests! 9/23/2003
NCS Announces New Fee Structure 9/11/2003
NGC and NCS Select Intern for 2003 9/4/2003
NGC Cert Verification Now Available Online 8/4/2003
NGC Grades Government Sealed “Brown” Ikes 6/5/2003
NGC and NCS Announce Internship 5/7/2003
Employment Opportunity with NCS 4/29/2003
NGC Certifies Price Collection of Early Half Dimes 4/21/2003
NGC Adds Important New Designations 3/19/2003
NGC Certifies Colombian Gold Rarity 2/21/2003
Important Notes About Submitting GSA Dollars 2/18/2003
NGC Certifies Peterson Half Dimes 2/12/2003
New Procedure for Submitting World Coins 2/12/2003
NGC Guarantee Extended to Copper Coins 2/11/2003
Understanding Professional Numismatic Conservation 2/7/2003
NGC to Grade/Encapsulate Colonials 1/27/2003
NGC to Grade Dollars in GSA Holders 1/2/2003
NGC to Designate CAMEO and ULTRA CAMEO for world proof coins 12/18/2002
NGC Certifies Miller Collection 12/10/2002
The Spotlight Is Shining On Gold 12/4/2002
Montgomery Joins NGC 11/12/2002
ANA Names NCS Official Conservation Service 11/8/2002
Fingerprints And Conservation 11/8/2002
PNG/ICTA Grading Service Survey Results Are In 10/23/2002
Conservation of Modern Coins 10/4/2002
Proper Storage for Coins Being Shipped to NGC 10/4/2002
Thwack -- Message for You Sir 9/26/2002
Add Your Certified Registry Sets at Record Speed! 9/25/2002
Important Service Changes 9/12/2002
The Certified Registry - A Clearer View 8/26/2002
NGC Confirms Second Known Specimen of Pioneer Gold Dollar 8/20/2002
New and improved add-coins interface on the Certified Registry 8/7/2002
NGC to Discontinue W Designation 8/5/2002
NGC to Attribute Cohen Varieties 7/22/2002
NGC to Attribute Peace Dollar "Top 50" 7/5/2002
NGC Extends Star to All Series 6/18/2002
Conservation Pamphlet Available Online at NCS Website 6/4/2002
New Sets Planned for The Certified Registry 5/31/2002
NGC Adds Low-Price Service for Modern Coins 5/23/2002
NCS Becomes the Official Conservation Service of NGC 4/15/2002
The Facts About Numismatic Conservation Services 4/15/2002
The Certified Registry Adds Sets 4/9/2002
NGC Star to Include Commemoratives 4/8/2002
Eye on Grading - Understanding and Recognizing a Star 4/2/2002
NGC Star Designation to Include Silver Dollars 3/12/2002
The Certified Registry Adds Sets 3/6/2002
Play Numisma-Quest Trivia and Win! 2/27/2002
NGC Extends Its Popular Star Designation 2/27/2002
Ted Binions Silver Dollars Sold 1/15/2002
NGC Finds a New Home in Florida 12/25/2001


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 Article NamePost Date
Enhanced Communication Features for Collectors Society Members 6/23/2011
Website Maintenance Scheduled for Monday 10/25/10 7am-10am ET 10/23/2010
Collectors Journal Now Integrated with Message Boards 4/26/2010
Congratulations to the Winners of our Third Annual Comics Registry Awards! 7/25/2008
Password Required Site Features 7/1/2008
Important reminder: Sending mail to NGC, NCS, PMG and CGC 6/27/2008
Please update your virus definitions 5/29/2008
Collectors Society Wins WebAward Standard of Excellence 11/5/2007
CCG Continues Relationship as ANA Grading and Conservation Services of Choice 7/6/2007
Important Announcement! The Certified Collectibles Group Relocates to Larger Facilities 9/18/2006
Policy Change Regarding In-Office Drop Off and Pick Up at NGC, CGC, PMG and NCS 12/28/2005
Hurricane Katrina Donation Drive Update 9/14/2005
Hurricane Katrina Community Bulletin 8/31/2005
Hurricane Katrina Community Bulletin 8/31/2005
Schechter Joins Certified Collectibles Group as Director of Marketing 6/1/2005
New Registry Features - From Community to Pricing 5/11/2005
You Can't Stop Progress 6/7/2002
Europeans Make the Transition 3/5/2002
"In God We Trust" ok for coins. How about schools? 3/4/2002
A New Place to Meet and Talk with Collectors 1/20/2002
Collectors' Society Finds a New Home 12/20/2001
Introducing the Certified Coin Registry! 8/27/2001


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Congratulations, 2017 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/14/2017
Congratulations, 2016 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/8/2016
Congratulations, 2015 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/10/2015
CGC and Boom! Announce New George Perez Label 7/7/2015
Collectors Society Membership Changes 4/30/2015
The 2015 CGC Registry Awards 3/3/2015
CGC to Grade Concert Posters 2/17/2015
CGC Reflects on the Past 15 Years 2/10/2015
New! Custom Sets in the CGC Registry 10/31/2014
Congratulations, 2014 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/25/2014
CGC Grades Finest Known Copy of 1938 Action Comics #1 7/23/2014
CGC Launches New Restoration Scale and Conservation Label 5/23/2014
The 2014 CGC Registry Awards 4/8/2014
CGC Accepting Submissions at the Pittsburgh Comic Con 9/13/2013
CGC Accepting Submissions at Ohio Comic Con 9/12/2013
Southern States Collection 8/5/2013
Congratulations, 2013 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/19/2013
CGC Grading On-site at Wizard World Chicago 7/15/2013
CGC Accepting Submissions at the Heroes Convention 5/28/2013
CGC Grading On Site at Wizard World Philadelphia 5/7/2013
On-site Pressing at Wizard World Philadelphia 5/7/2013
CGC Modifies Stance on Grading Submissions with Tape 4/30/2013
CGC Accepting Submissions at Motor City Comic Con 4/17/2013
CGC Accepting Submissions in San Jose 4/17/2013
CGC Accepting Submissions at Chicago's C2E2 4/2/2013
The 2013 CGC Registry Awards - Deadline June 14 3/5/2013
CGC Announces New Submission Forms Effective March 1, 2013 3/1/2013
CGC Recognizes Haight-Ashbury Pedigree 1/29/2013
Classics Incorporated Is Now Classic Collectible Services! 1/17/2013
Certified Guaranty Company (CGC®) Hires Mark S. Zaid, Esq. 1/9/2013
Certified Collectibles Group Acquires Classics Incorporated 11/16/2012
The Walking Dead #1 Sells for $10,000 on eBay 11/15/2012
CGC Adds Mini Window Cards to Lobby Card-Grading Service 11/14/2012
Hero Initiative Auctions 100+ Original Fantastic Four #600 covers! 11/6/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Long Beach Comic Con 10/31/2012
Hulk #1 CGC 9.0 Sells for $120,000 on ComicLink 10/30/2012
Pedigree Comics, Inc. Sells Avengers #1 in 9.4 For Record Price of $185,000 10/29/2012
CGC Grades 2 Million Comic Books 9/4/2012
Announcing CGC’s Elite Membership Tier 7/17/2012
Congratulations, 2012 CGC Registry Award Winners 7/13/2012
CGC Grader Notes Fee Reduction 7/5/2012
World's #1 CGC Marvel Comics Collection to Be Auctioned: the Doug Schmell / Collection 6/25/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Heroes Convention in Charlotte 6/11/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Project Comic Con 5/24/2012
CGC Registry Enhancement 5/8/2012
CGC Grading On-site at Philadelphia Comic Con 4/27/2012
CGC Certification Verification Tool 4/26/2012
Grader Notes from CGC 4/26/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Phoenix Comicon 4/24/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Big Wow ComicFest 4/24/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Motor City Comic Con 4/23/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Four Shows in April 4/3/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at C2E2 3/21/2012
CGC Accepting Submissions at Emerald City Comicon 3/9/2012
Possibly The Greatest Comics Auction Ever, At Heritage Auctions 2/22/2012
CGC Grading On-site at MegaCon 1/9/2012
Collectibles: Comic Relief 1/9/2012
Exclusive George Perez - CGC Signature Series Signing 1/3/2012
Heritage's February Auction Introduces New CGC-recognized Billy Wright pedigree 12/22/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at New Orleans Comic Con 12/12/2011
New Orleans or Bust! CGC Announces the 2011 Comics4kids/CGC Forums Philanthropy Drive 12/7/2011
CGC Announces New Services and Fees for 2012 12/6/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Two Shows in January 12/6/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Long Beach Comic Con 9/23/2011
Signature Series Signings - Quesada and Fraction! 9/21/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Mid-Ohio Comic Con 9/21/2011
Congratulations, 2011 CGC Registry Award Winners 7/22/2011
Signature Series Signings - Joe Quesada and Dave Gibbons! 6/23/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA 6/7/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions in Charlotte at the Heroes Convention 5/20/2011
CGC Grading On-site at Philadelphia Comic Con 5/20/2011
CGC Announces Signature Series Milestone 5/4/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Phoenix Comicon 5/3/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Big Apple Comic Con 4/26/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Big Wow Comicfest 4/26/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Motor City Comic Con 4/25/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Anaheim Comic Con 4/11/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Boston Comic Con 4/11/2011
Follow Us on Facebook! 4/5/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at WonderCon 3/18/2011
The 2011 CGC Registry Awards 3/18/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at MegaCon 3/11/2011
Celebrity Authentics Presents Chris Hemsworth For An Appearance at C2E2 3/11/2011
Amazing Spiderman's Million Dollar Adventure 3/9/2011
Exclusive Signing with Neal Adams 2/18/2011
John McCrea CGC Signature Series Signing Event at C2E2 2/15/2011
First-Ever DC Comics and Hero Initiative Collaboration 2/8/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at Miami Comic Con 1/28/2011
CGC Accepting Submissions at CalComicCon in Yorba Linda 1/10/2011
Spinner Rack: BATman the BATchelor, Part Two 1/4/2011
Amazing Arizona Comic Con Info Regarding Todd McFarlane 1/4/2011
Spinner Rack: BATman the BATchelor, Part One 12/16/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con 12/13/2010
A Glance at the Gallery 12/10/2010
The Savannah Collection: Heroes Aren't Hard to Find 12/8/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at New Orleans Comic Con 12/8/2010
NYComics Presents - The Masters Signing Part II 12/7/2010
The 10 All-Time Worst Sports Illustrated Football Covers 12/7/2010
A Glance at the Gallery 11/10/2010
Spinner Rack: Krypto, the Colossal Superdog! Part Three 11/9/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at Austin Comic Con 11/1/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at Long Beach Comic Con 10/25/2010
Spinner Rack: Krypto, the Colossal Superdog! Part Two 10/5/2010
A Glance at the Gallery 10/5/2010
Exclusive Signing with Stan "The Man" Lee 10/5/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at New York Comic Con 10/4/2010
CGC Accepting Submissions at Big Apple 9/20/2010
CGC Attending Project Comic Con 2 8/30/2010
GPAnalysis Records Its Millionth CGC Comic Book Sale 8/10/2010
Congratulations, 2010 CGC Registry Award Winners! 7/23/2010
Scott Thompson/CGC Exclusive at SDCC! 7/7/2010
CGC Registry Awards Entry Deadline Today 6/25/2010
CGC Certifying Signature Series Photos Onsite at Wizard World Philly 5/19/2010
The 2010 CGC Registry Awards 5/6/2010
Zap! Pow! Bam! First Superman Comic Pulverizes Previous Records with $1,500,000 Sale 3/30/2010
ComicLink May Auction Will Feature the Highest-Graded Batman #1! 3/19/2010
Once-In-A-Lifetime Creator Signings in March and April 3/5/2010
Detective Comics #27: First $1,000,000+ Sale! 2/25/2010
Celebrity Authentics Offers A-List CGC Signature Series Comics 2/24/2010
$1,000,000 Sale of Action Comics #1 CGC 8.0 Shatters Record 2/23/2010
Hero Initiative Auctions "Take My Trade" Books 2/22/2010
CCG Announces Partnership In Wizard Comic Con Tour 2/10/2010
CGC Amends Signature Series Program 2/9/2010
Hero Initiative’s Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project hits stores December 2 11/19/2009
Showcase New England to Post More Than 13,000 CGC-Certified Books 11/6/2009
CGC's Big Apple 2009 Show Summary 11/5/2009
CGC's Long Beach Comic Con Show Summary 10/28/2009
Hero Initiative’s Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project Completed! 10/28/2009
CGC's Baltimore Comic-Con Show Summary 10/26/2009
CGC Grading Contest at Baltimore and Big Apple Show In October 9/29/2009
CGC's 2009 Pittsburgh Comicon Show Summary 9/23/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity - Stan Lee @ LBCC 9/23/2009
Meet and Greet with Stan Lee & Jim Lee at LBCC 9/23/2009
CGC Offers Multiple Tiers On-Site At the Big Apple Comic Con 9/14/2009
CGC Named Official Grading Service of Pittsburgh Comicon 9/4/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity - Stan Lee and Joe Simon 8/19/2009
CGC’s Chicago Comic-Con 2009 Show Summary 8/19/2009
Marvel Silver Age Collection Signed by Stan Lee up for Auction All proceeds to benefit Hero Initiative 8/18/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity - Stan Lee 8/17/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity – Joe Simon 8/14/2009
CGC Forum Charity Sketch Cover Auction 8/10/2009
CGC Celebrity Signature Series for Autographed Photos…now available at Wizard World Chicago! 8/5/2009
Congratulations to the Winners of our Fourth Annual Comics Registry Awards! 7/24/2009
Hero Initiative heads to San Diego to Celebrate Comic-Con's 40th year 7/16/2009
Submit To CGC at SDCC For A Chance To See Stan Lee 7/16/2009
The 2009 CGC Registry Awards - Entry Deadline June 30 6/29/2009
A New and Easy Way to Submit to CGC 6/19/2009
CGC Offers Grading for Playboy and Sports Illustrated Magazines 6/18/2009
The 2009 CGC Registry Awards 6/9/2009
Come Participate In The First Ever CGC Grading Contest At The Wizard World Philly Show 6/9/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity - Big Apple Summer Sizzler 6/2/2009
CGC Signature Series Opportunity – Custom Sketch at WWPA & Signing with Stan Lee 6/1/2009
CGC Signature Series Event - Simon, Colan, Trimpe, and Romita Sr. 5/12/2009
CGC Signature Series Event – Stan Lee at San Diego Comic-Con International 5/6/2009
CGC Offers Multiple Tiers On-Site At Wizard World Philadelphia 5/1/2009
CGC Offers Signature Series Opportunity at Florida Supercon 4/29/2009
CGC Signature Series Event – Wolverine Weekend in Las Vegas 4/15/2009
CGC Offers Signature Series Opportunity at Free Comic Book Day 4/13/2009
Frank Frazetta Signature Series Opportunity in May 4/2/2009
CGC Signature Series Signing with George Tuska, comic book legend, on his 93rd Birthday! 4/1/2009
Special Offering at Emerald City Comicon! 3/31/2009
Are You Reading the Spinner Rack? 3/27/2009
Action Comics #1 CGC 6.0 in ComicConnect’s Upcoming Auction 2/20/2009
NYCC Signings at Jetpack Comics/Comic Art House/Serendipity Art Sales 1/20/2009
Signing Opportunity With John Romita Sr. 1/15/2009
Signing Opportunity With Stan Lee and Gene Colan 1/12/2009
Hero Initiative Memberships Are Now Available 1/7/2009
CGC Recognizes the Rocky Mountain Pedigree 12/10/2008
Lee’s Comics And Desert Wind Comics Is Proud To Announce A Signing Opportunity With Gene Colon 11/19/2008
Desert Wind Comics Is Proud To Announce A Signing Opportunity With Neil Gaiman 10/31/2008
The Darkness #7 Benefits The Hero Initiative 10/30/2008
The Blockbusting Baltimore Comic-Con 10/2/2008 To Exhibit Oldest CGC 10.0 Comic And Many Other Unique Comic Books At Baltimore Comic-Con 9/23/2008
CGC's Fan Expo Canada Review 9/11/2008
CGC's San Diego Comic Con Review 8/25/2008
CGC Comes to You! 8/15/2008
CGC to Certify Hero Initiative’s Hulk #1 “Ultimate 100” Comics for Collectors 7/16/2008
Steven Borock to Leave CGC; Mark Haspel Named President and Primary Grader 7/7/2008
REMINDER: The 2008 CGC Registry Awards 6/18/2008
Increase in Rates for CGC Return Shipping 6/3/2008
Frank Frazetta and the CGC Signature Series 5/14/2008
The CGC Registry Now Displaying More than 10,000 Sets 5/2/2008
CGC/EBay Auction for Evening With Jim Lee & Others 4/30/2008
CGC Holds Panel at NYCC 2008 4/15/2008
Signature Series Opportunities at the CGC NYCC Booth 4/15/2008
CGC Expands Grading Scale to Include No Grade Designation 4/11/2008
Fallen, Yet Not Forgotten 4/4/2008
CGC's weekend at Wizard World Los Angeles 2008 3/31/2008
Comic Movies Excite Fans Summer 2008 3/21/2008
CGC Certifies Mile High All-American #16 3/13/2008
CGC On-Site Grading at Wizard World Los Angeles 2008 3/12/2008
CGC Celebrates 8-Year Anniversary! 1/4/2008
Steve Borock: A Collecting Original… Reinvented 12/21/2007
Comic Bug Auctions Prime Stan Lee-Autographed CGC-Graded Silver Age Books 12/11/2007
CGC's Wizard World Texas Report 11/29/2007
Get Your DVR Ready For NUMB3RS on November 23rd 11/15/2007
Fast Track Service Continues! 11/12/2007
CBG Extra Helps Hero Initiative a Dime at a Time 11/8/2007
Thanks A Million! 10/22/2007
What is Your Issue? 10/8/2007
CGC 2008 Convention Schedule (subject to change) 9/28/2007
CGC Attends Mid-Ohio Con 9/14/2007
CGC Announces New Signature Series Program 8/30/2007
CGC Featured in LA Times! 8/30/2007
CGC Offers Private Grading and Restoration Detection Class to Benefit Hero 8/3/2007
The World's Greatest Sets! 2007 CGC Registry Awards Announcement 7/25/2007
World's Highest Graded CGC Flash Registry Run for Sale on Pedigree! 7/23/2007
Stan Lee and CGC Signature Series Opportunity Raise $6,000 for The Hero Initiative! 7/19/2007
CGC On-Site Grading at Wizard World Chicago 2007 7/10/2007
CGC Registry Awards Entry Deadline Tomorrow 6/29/2007
Get Your Books Graded in Half the Time 6/27/2007
New CGC Registry Set Types Just Added 6/21/2007
CGC On-Site Grading at Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 6/12/2007
CGC Signature Series Signings at Super-Con 5/30/2007
CGC at Yancy Street Comics for Free Comic Book Day! 4/17/2007
CGC Registry Awards 4/2/2007
CGC Launches Value Tier 3/12/2007
CGC Sets Up… Space! 2/21/2007
Celebrated Artist Frank Brunner signs at the CGC Booth this Weekend! 2/21/2007
Legendary Artist Rich Buckler signs at the CGC Booth this Weekend! 2/21/2007
Exclusive Signing With Mark Brooks, Ultimate Artist 2/9/2007
CGC Signature Series Signing Announced to Benefit The HERO INITIATIVE 1/24/2007
This Just In: CGC to Grade ON-SITE at Wizard World LA! 1/17/2007
CGC Invades MegaCon 1/17/2007
Wizard World Texas 2006 Convention CGC Signature Series Witness Voucher - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! 10/18/2006
Guaranteed Turnaround Time on CGC Submissions 10/12/2006
CGC On-site Certification at Baltimore Comic-Con, All-Tiers! 8/22/2006
Arcana Studio Gets CGC'd 8/17/2006
A Recap of Exceptional CGC Signature Series Opportunities at San Diego Comic-Con 7/31/2006
The World's Greatest Sets! CGC Registry Awards Announcement 7/20/2006
Actor and CGC Signature Series Unleashed at San Diego! 7/17/2006
Neal Adams Signature Series Signing at CGC Booth and San Diego Comic-Con 7/17/2006
Comics Registry Awards are Approaching Fast 6/22/2006
June ComicLink Golden Age CGC’d Focused Auction Starts Soon 6/13/2006
CGC Signature Series Store Signing at 3rd Quadrant, Toronto 6/12/2006
CGC/ACTOR Charity Signature Series Signing at Wizard World Philadelphia 5/23/2006
Colossus Comics Offers CGC 9.8 Subscription To "52" 5/8/2006
CGC at Yancy Street Comics for Free Comic Book Day! 5/3/2006
The Eternal Lady Death Joins CGC 4/28/2006
ComicLink April Golden Age Focused Auction Featuring CGC’d Comics Is Underway! 4/13/2006
1,000,000 Comix Toronto Announces a CGC Signature Series Event!!! 4/6/2006
Lots of New Comics Registry Categories!!! 3/22/2006
The First Annual CGC Comics Registry Awards 3/22/2006
Hake’s Presents a Quality Selection of CGC Certified Comics In March 3/14/2006
New X-Men CGC Signature Series Signing at Wizard World Los Angeles 3/9/2006
CGC/ACTOR Charity Signature Series Signings at New York Comic-Con 2/17/2006
CGC Signature Series Signing at MegaCon 2/17/2006
Update - CGC Submission Services at Wizard World LA 2006 2/14/2006
ComicLink Announced Large Golden Age Comic Auction 2/14/2006
Pedigree Comics Obtains The 3rd Best Known CGC Graded Silver Age Marvel Collection 1/21/2006
ComicLink February Focused Auctions contain nearly 1000 CGC Gold, Silver and Bronze! 1/17/2006
Expanded Turnaround Time Guarantee on CGC Submissions 1/17/2006
Metropolis Purchases High Grade Spider-Man Run 1/13/2006
ComicLink.Com No Reserve CGC January Focused Auction Bidding Starts Tonight! 1/6/2006
Dynamic Forces Presents: The Great CGC Give-Away 12/9/2005
Newest Hake's Auction to feature many CGC items 12/2/2005
Jerry Weist Auction Highlighted by CGC Graded Comics 11/28/2005
Paradise Sells CGC Graded Cerebus “Dave Sim File Copies” 11/17/2005
CGC is Proud to Present Jimmy Palmiotti at the CGC Booth in New York at the National 11/14/2005
NO RESERVE 400 Mostly High-Grade CGC Auction 11/11/2005
Turnaround Time Guarantee on CGC Submissions 11/11/2005
Collector’s Kingdom Hosts Phil Jimenez for a CGC Signature Series Signing 10/27/2005
NO RESERVE 700+ High-Grade CGC Auction To End Soon 9/28/2005
Digital Webbing Signature Series Signing at Wizard World Boston 9/27/2005
Speakeasy Makes The Grade 9/27/2005
Colmore Comics, Europe’s Largest CGC Seller Celebrates 1st Birthday With A Special Sale! 8/30/2005
CGC Certified Rarities In Latest Auction By Hake's Americana 8/29/2005
Pedigree offers 2 incredible high grade, CGC certified runs starting this July 4th Weekend!! 7/5/2005
ComicLink’s Focused Auction ™ kicks off with High-Grade CGC Certified Golden Age 6/16/2005
CGC Certified Comics In Latest Auction By Hake's Americana 6/10/2005
CGC Registry Adds a BUNCHA sets! 5/13/2005
New Sets in the CGC Registry! 4/26/2005
Signature Series Exclusives For Pittsburgh 4/18/2005
Hake's Americana Offers CGC Certified Comics In Current Auction 4/18/2005
CGC certified Pacific Coast “Tales of Suspense” run sells for $155,000! 3/30/2005
Winners from CGC’s 5th Anniversary Drawings Announced! 3/29/2005
Colossus Comics Offers Unprecedented $25 Pre-order Special for CGC 9.8 Titles During Wizard World L.A. 3/10/2005
CGC Drawing for February Convention Submissions 2/9/2005
Comics Guaranty, LLC. (CGC) 1/21/2005
CGC to Attend Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention Beginning New Format With February 13th, 2005 Show 1/10/2005
CGC Celebrates Five Years of Graded Comics 1/3/2005
The Northern Lights Brighten Heritage Comics! 12/23/2004
Hake's Americana & Collectibles To Offer Over 100 CGC-Certified Comics in January 12/23/2004
Get a Guaranteed CGC 9.8 New Avengers #1 Plus Reading Copy Through Colossus Comics' Premium Pre-Order Service 12/3/2004
Pedigree Comics to offer CGC graded run of Sgt. Fury 11/15/2004
CGC and Michael Bair Embrace the Crisis 11/10/2004
Across the Pond Signing at WW Texas 10/29/2004
Highest CGC Graded Batman Run on 8/31/2004
CGC join forces with A.C.T.O.R. and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at Wizard World Chicago 2004 8/9/2004
10.0 and 9.9 CGC-grade comics now easier to access through new “trade-up” option for Colossus Comics’ 9.8 subscribers 8/4/2004
CGC to Host John Romita Jr. & Glen Brunswick at the CGC Booth During San Diego ComiCon! 7/15/2004
GPAnalysis Adds CGC Census 6/22/2004
Opening of New Internet Comic Book Company: Pedigree Comics, Inc. 6/22/2004
CGC Dealers and Collectors Society Members: Check Your Grades Online! 6/21/2004
West Stephan joins the CGC grading team! 6/20/2004
New CGC Online Form for On-Site Grading Submissions at Conventions 6/15/2004
Dynamic Forces Invades the Great White North... Again! 5/18/2004
Wizard World LA Booth Teaser 3/16/2004
CGC, Dave Sim & Toronto Store Paradise Comics 2/23/2004
Get your official CGC Boxes directly from Gerber! 10/29/2003
Charity Signings at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon 10/29/2003
Win Three CGC-Graded Comics! 9/23/2003
New CGC Labels Are Here! 9/9/2003
You Asked For It! CGC Offers On-Site Certification! 7/24/2003
CGC and ACTOR Join Forces for Charity 7/23/2003
Win an Instant CGC Collection 7/22/2003
The CGC Registry is Here! 7/18/2003
High-Grade CGC Certified Daredevil #1 Sweepstakes at Metropolis 5/23/2003
CGC Convention Signature Series Debuts in Wizard World East, Philadelphia!!! 5/23/2003
CGC Giving Away Protection Envelope 5/14/2003
Purchase your Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide at a $6 discount 5/14/2003
CGC Convention Season Special 5/5/2003
Las Vegas Comic Con Sponsored by CGC 4/29/2003
Change in CGC Minimum Submission Requirements 4/15/2003
Heritage's New York Signature Sale #806 Realizes Over $4.1 Million 3/20/2003
New Feature for Paid Collectors' Society Comics Members 10/17/2002
CGC Certified Auctions Ready to Rock the Summer 6/18/2002
CGC Employment Opportunities 4/8/2002
CGC Certified Pedigree Comic Books at All-Star Auctions March 2nd & 3rd 2/27/2002
Watch Your Thumbs! 2/10/2002
CGC Certifies World's Highest Grade Run of All-Star Comics 12/1/2001
CGC's New SignatureSeries Service 5/15/2001

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PMG Registry News 5/15/2018
PMG Registry News 4/17/2018
PMG Registry News 3/20/2018
PMG Registry News 2/20/2018
PMG Registry News 1/23/2018
PMG Registry News 12/19/2017
PMG Registry News 11/15/2017
PMG Registry News 10/17/2017
PMG Registry News 9/19/2017
PMG Registry News 8/15/2017
The 2017 PMG Registry Awards Winners 7/28/2017
PMG Registry News 7/18/2017
PMG Registry News 6/21/2017
PMG Registry News 5/16/2017
PMG Registry News 4/18/2017
PMG Registry News 3/21/2017
PMG Registry News 2/21/2017
PMG Registry News 1/17/2017
The 2016 PMG Registry Award Winners 10/14/2016
The 2015 PMG Registry Award Winners 10/16/2015
The Progression of Counterfeiting Throughout US History 2/24/2015
Money Problems In New France 2/24/2015
PMG Grades 1,000,000 Notes 1/30/2015
Colonial Currency - Water Works 1/27/2015
PMG Grading at FUN! 11/24/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions for Expedited Service at the Whitman Baltimore Winter Expo 10/22/2014
Registry Makes the World Go Round 10/21/2014
PMG Grading On-site at PCDA 10/21/2014
From the Grading Room 10/21/2014
The 2014 PMG Registry Award Winners 10/17/2014
Latest PMG Notes Registry Update 8/26/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions in Long Beach 8/14/2014
Error Notes: Oops the BEP Did it Again 7/22/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions at BRNA 7/22/2014
PMG Notes Registry Update 7/22/2014
The Fifth Annual PMG Registry Awards 7/22/2014
PMG Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money 7/14/2014
PMG Services Offered at FUN 7/10/2014
PMG Grades Rare Serial Number 1 Philadelphia $10 1861 Demand Note 7/7/2014
PMG Registry Updated to Accept Star Designated Notes 6/18/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions in Baltimore 6/11/2014
PMG to Introduce Star Designation for Exceptional Eye Appeal 6/9/2014
More World Sets Have Been Added to the PMG Notes Registry 5/20/2014
Inflation or Hyperinflation? 5/20/2014
PMG Grading BEP 2014 $2 Triple Deuce Set 5/13/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions at Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo 5/9/2014
International Paper Money Show offers $5-off admission coupon for June event 4/22/2014
New Sets Have Been Added to the PMG World Registry 4/7/2014
PMG Grading On-site at IPMS 4/3/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions at Central States 3/25/2014
Submit Your Notes and Coins at the Hong Kong Coin Show 3/25/2014
PMG to attend BRNA Convention in August 3/25/2014
New world sets have been added to the PMG Notes Registry 3/20/2014
PMG Announces Change to World Replacement Note Submissions 3/13/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions in Baltimore. 3/12/2014
The PMG US Note Registry has grown again 3/10/2014
The PMG Registry grows again! 2/25/2014
PMG Grading On-site at CPMX 2/25/2014
Origins 2/25/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions at ANA National Money Show 2/4/2014
World Paper Money Price Guide Review 1/28/2014
New Updates to the PMG World Notes Registry 1/28/2014
Join the Conversation on the PMG Chat Boards 1/28/2014
PMG Expands EPQ Designation 1/27/2014
PMG Accepting Submissions at Long Beach Coin Expo 1/20/2014
PMG Notes Registry Update 1/8/2014
The Kris Kringle Currency Collection 12/17/2013
Happy Holidays from PMG!! 12/17/2013
PMG World Notes Registry Continues to Expand 12/11/2013
PMG Grading On-site at FUN 12/5/2013
Happy Thanksgiving! 11/27/2013
PMG Notes Registry Update 11/27/2013
Military Payment Certificate Receives a Grade of 70 11/21/2013
Heath’s Infallible Counterfeit Detector at Sight Review 11/19/2013
PMG Introduces Asian Websites 11/19/2013
PMG World Notes Registry Update 11/4/2013
PMG Accepting Submissions for Expedited Service at the Whitman Baltimore Winter Expo 10/31/2013
PMG Notes Registry News 10/28/2013
PMG Grading On-site at PCDA 10/22/2013
Where Is My New Benjamin? 10/22/2013
It’s All About the Benjamins 10/22/2013
NGC, NCS and PMG Witness Strong Demand at Recent Korea and China Trade Shows 10/16/2013
PMG World Notes Registry Continues to Grow 10/14/2013
2013 PMG Registry Award Winners 10/11/2013
PMG Certifies Important D. Brent Pogue Collection of US Paper Money 10/10/2013
PMG Registry has Expanded - Again! 9/17/2013
Fancy Seeing You Here 9/17/2013
PMG Accepting Submissions at the Whitman Fall Expo 9/6/2013
Offices closed for Labor Day 8/30/2013
PMG Grading On-site in Long Beach 8/20/2013
PMG and On-site Grading 8/20/2013
PMG Notes Registry Update 8/20/2013
PMG Grades Rare Kansas City 1934C $10 Narrow Star Replacement Note 8/9/2013
Military Payment Certificate Set Types in the PMG Notes Registry 8/1/2013
PMG Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money 7/16/2013
New US sets added to PMG Notes Registry - including Disney Dollars 7/2/2013
Fractional Shields 6/18/2013
PMG-Certified Note Sells for Record $2.6 Million 6/18/2013
PMG Grades Famous "Grand Watermelon" Note 6/18/2013
The Redesigned $100 Note 6/17/2013
More PMG Note Registry World Sets are Available 6/13/2013
PMG Services Offered at FUN! 6/12/2013
More PMG Note Registry World Sets Are Now Available 5/23/2013
Federal Reserve Announces Day of Issue of Redesigned $100 Note 5/21/2013
PMG Accepting Submissions at Long Beach 5/21/2013
Imperial Treasury Bond Certificates – The Imperial Government of Norton I 5/21/2013
PMG Grading Disney Dollars 5/21/2013
PMG Grading On-site at International Paper Money Show 5/14/2013
PMG Grading BEP 2013 $2 Double Deuce Set 5/10/2013
Additional World Sets have been added to the PMG Notes Registry. 5/8/2013
From the Grading Room: PMG Grades a Very Special P.R.C. Rarity 4/23/2013
Additional World Sets are Being Added to the PMG Note Registry 4/16/2013
PMG Accepting Submissions at ANA National Money Show 4/12/2013
PMG Accepting Submissions at CSNS 4/11/2013
More PMG Note Registry World Sets Being Introduced 4/8/2013
PMG Grading BEP America's Founding Fathers 2013 Set 4/3/2013
More PMG Note Registry World Sets Announced 3/27/2013
Don't forget, new forms and fees go into affect April 1 3/25/2013
Blast From the Past: The Year 1922 3/19/2013
PMG Turnaround Times on Target! 3/19/2013
New World Note Registry Sets Announced 3/18/2013
New and updated Canadian sets are now available in the PMG Note Registry 3/15/2013
PMG Announces New Submission Form Format, Revised Services and Fees for 2013 3/6/2013
Are you familiar with the PMG Registry and some of our new sets? 2/25/2013
Packaging notes for safe shipment to PMG 2/22/2013
PMG Services Offered at the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo 2/19/2013
Sutler Scrip 1/22/2013
PMG Notes Lead the Pack at Heritage Auction’s 2013 FUN Currency Auction 1/22/2013
The Paragon Collection 12/18/2012
PMG Grading BEP 150th Anniversary Sets 12/11/2012
PMG Grading On-site at FUN! 12/5/2012
From the Grading Room: “Gods, Generals, and Banknotes” 11/20/2012
From the Grading Room: Changeover Pairs 10/23/2012
The 2012 PMG Registry Award Winners 10/5/2012
Take a Good Look at the PMG Holder 9/18/2012
PMG Accepting Submissions at ANA's Fall National Money Show 9/18/2012
PMG’s Online Resources 9/18/2012
POW Camp Money 8/21/2012
Submitting Making American History Coin & Currency Sets 8/17/2012
PMG Accepting Submissions in Long Beach 8/9/2012
Animal Skin Tokens – The Russian-American Company 7/24/2012
PMG Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money 7/10/2012
PMG Accepting Submissions in Baltimore 6/19/2012
From the Grading Room: Danish West Indies 6/19/2012
PMG Accepting Submissions at FUN 6/19/2012
Visit Us on Facebook 5/22/2012
From the Grading Room 5/22/2012
PMG Grading On-site at International Paper Money Show 5/15/2012
PMG Accepting Submissions in Long Beach 5/14/2012
Enhancement to the PMG Registry 4/17/2012
And Then There Were Three... China Note Grades 70 4/17/2012
Facing Colonialism: A Brief Case-Study on the Use of Currency as an Agent of Foreign Policy 4/17/2012
The Lone-Wolf Counterfeiter: Czeslaw Bojarski 3/20/2012
Note Grades 70 Gem Uncirculated EPQ 2/21/2012
PMG is on “fire” for Macau’s 2012 Year of the Dragon Commemoratives 2/21/2012
War Time Counterfeits 1/24/2012
New Feature on Services and Submissions Page 1/12/2012
ANA extends its long relationship with NGC, PMG and NCS 12/22/2011
PMG Announces New Services and Fees for 2012 12/14/2011
The Journey Continues: The Quest for My Battleship Begins 11/22/2011
PMG Coming to a Show Near You! 10/25/2011
PMG is Looking for Qualified Candidates 10/25/2011
The 2011 PMG Registry Award Winners 9/30/2011
New History Tab Added for PMG Registry Sets 6/30/2011
The Second Annual PMG Registry Awards Reminder 6/28/2011
PMG Grading On-site at the ANA World's Fair of Money 6/28/2011
From the Grading Room 6/28/2011
PMG Services Offered at FUN 6/7/2011
PMG Notes Realize Great Results at CSNS Auction in Rosemont, IL 5/24/2011
Registry Set Showcase: Small Size Denomination Sets 5/24/2011
Hear What Dealers Are Saying About the Note Verification Tool 5/24/2011
The Best Education in Numismatics 5/13/2011
PMG Services Offered at Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore 5/11/2011
PMG Grading On-site at International Paper Money Show 5/9/2011
PMG Services Offered at Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo 4/26/2011
Set Registry Showcase: Impossible Registry Sets 4/26/2011
PMG Services Offered at PNG / Central States Numismatic Society Convention 3/29/2011
PMG Services Offered at Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Baltimore 3/3/2011
PMG Grading On-site at Chicago Paper Money Expo 2/28/2011
PMG Services Offered at the ANA Spring National Money Show 2/16/2011
PMG Registry Set Showcase: Single District Sets 1/26/2011
From the Grading Room 1/25/2011
Altered Notes vs. Repaired Notes 1/25/2011
PMG Registry Set Showcase: Stacks and Stacks of Hundreds 1/3/2011
From the Grading Room 12/30/2010
PMG Announces Second-Generation Holder 12/28/2010
From the Grading Room 11/30/2010
PMG Grading On-site at FUN 11/23/2010
Polymer Notes 10/26/2010
New PMG Registry Categories Highlight Ways to Collect 10/26/2010
PMG Grading On-site at Whitman Baltimore Expo 10/20/2010
Small Size Varieties 9/28/2010
The 2010 PMG Registry Award Winners 9/28/2010
PMG Registry Awards Entry Deadline is September 1! 8/27/2010
The First Annual PMG Registry Awards 8/3/2010
Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) 8/3/2010
The First Annual PMG Registry Awards 6/4/2010
PMG Registry Set Showcase: Much Less Than a Dollar 1/3/2010
PMG Services Offered at the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo 8/27/2009
Track & Price Sales Data Now Displayed in PMG Population Report 7/9/2009
Military Payment Certificates Now Attributed by Schwan Numbers 10/1/2008
PMG-Certified Russian Banknotes Highlight Bowers & Merena Auction 9/24/2008
PMG Adds New Tier for World Notes! 7/23/2008
Increase in Rates for PMG Shipping Insurance 6/19/2008
Reminder: Using Return Overnight Shipping Services for Notes Graded by PMG 3/18/2008
PMG Launches World Currency Population Report 2/28/2008
PMG Discontinues Crossover Service 1/7/2008
Colonial and Continental Currency Now Eligible for PMG’s Registry 11/14/2007
PMG Grades Selected Rarities from the Dauer Collection 10/5/2007
PMG Commences Scrip Certification 10/2/2007
Preview Launch of the PMG Notes Registry 8/31/2007
PMG Modifies Tier Services 5/18/2007
PMG Launches Online Population Report for United States Currency 1/31/2007
PMG Designates Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) 11/23/2006
Modifications to PMG Crossover Service 10/7/2006
Rare Huntoon Collection, PMG-Certified Notes Featured in First Teletrade Currency Auction 8/23/2006
Teletrade Begins Currency Auctions 7/21/2006
Certification Now Available for Uncut Sheets 3/30/2006
PMG Sponsors Educational Seminars at the PCDA Convention 11/16/2005
PMG Now Grading World Currency 9/6/2005
PMG Expands Its Service Offerings 8/3/2005
Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) to commence operations in February, 2005. 12/23/2004

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