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Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: G$20 2009 ULTRA HIGH
Full Grade: NGC MS 70 PL
Owner: J Reed

Owner Comments:


First release of the new American Liberty Gold High Relief series.

Chosen by Theodore Roosevelt to redesign the coinage of the nation at the beginning of the 20th century, Augustus Saint-Gaudens produced an ultra high-relief $20 gold piece that was adapted into a flattened-down version by the United States Mint. The ultra high-relief coin took up to 11 strikes to bring up the details, and only 20 or so of these coins were minted in 1907. The Ultra High Reliefs did not stack properly and were deemed unfit for commerce. They are highly sought-after today; one sold in a 2005 auction for $2,990,000.

The 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin is a digitally reproduced version of sculptor Augustus Saint–Gaudens’ original ultra high relief 1907 Double Eagle gold piece, never issued into circulation. On the coin’s obverse, Saint–Gaudens shows Liberty, personified by a statuesque woman striding forward. A young eagle flying during a sunrise is depicted on the reverse. The original 1907 Double Eagle is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin ever produced in the United States. Despite Saint–Gaudens’ artistic masterpiece, however, the minting process at the time did not allow for mass production of ultra high relief coins, and his artistic vision was never fully realized.

Through 21st century design and technology, the original Saint–Gaudens coin plasters were digitally mapped, and the ultra high relief sculpture was updated to reflect the year “2009” in Roman numerals (MMIX). Four stars were added to the design to represent the last four states admitted to the Union. The inscription IN GOD WE TRUST, which was not on the 1907 version, also was added, along with a small border to provide a more consistent edge. Featured in raised lettering on the edge of the coin is the inscription E PLURIBUS UNUM, with each letter separated by a star.

The 2009 Ultra High Relief $20 Gold Eagle was released by the US Mint on January 22, 2009. The release day price was $1,189.00; the price of gold was $855.70. Excitement for this new gold masterpiece boosted sales to 115,178 coins sold.

Comparative Modern Gold High Relief sales updated weekly.

2009 UHR Double Eagle: 115,178 coins sold.
2014 HR Kennedy: 72,696 coins sold.
2015 HR Liberty: 49,325 coins sold.
2017 HR Liberty: 35,547 coins sold.
2018 HR Liberty: 48,733 coins sold.
2019 HR Liberty: 24,609 coins sold.
2021 HR Liberty: 12,471 coins sold.

Sources; US Mint, USA Gold

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