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Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: G$50 2021 W Buffalo .9999 Fine First Releases
Owner: J Reed

Owner Comments:


Fifteenth Anniversary of the Gold American Buffalo.

James Earle Fraser was an American sculptor during the first half of the 20th century. His work is integral to many of Washington, D.C.'s most iconic structures. The American Buffalo is a 24-karat gold coin featuring Mr. Fraser's designs based on the original 1913 Type I Buffalo nickel.

US Coin Designer and Engraver James Earle Fraser was born on November 4, 1876 in the city of Winona, Minnesota. He was raised in the frontier and among the Sioux Indians and other Native Americans. Minnesota at that time was part of the Western Frontier of America where James witnessed the displacement of the American Indian and the life and fall of the American Bison of the prairies which gives us insight into his inspiration for the coins design.

The US Mint released the 2021 W Gold Buffalo Proof on May 13th, 2021. The IPO on release day for the second consecutive year was a new historic high of $2,740.00. The price of gold that morning when I checked was $1,821.70; a new high for gold on release day of the Buffalo Proof. Like myself I'm sure that many of my fellow Buffalo lovers were stunned at the release price. I was shocked the morning of release day when I reviewed the US Mint pricing grid and discovered that it had been completely restructured for all gold coins across the board. $2,740.00 for the latest release; sales at this price could be greatly impacted. On the plus side, all of our other Buffalos, Bullion and Proofs are worth a lot more.

Before the 2021 Buffalo Proof went to unavailable status it hit a record price of $2,890.00. The coin is now listed as sold out and the total mintage posted by the US Mint is 16,854 coins sold.

With the release of the 2022 Buffalo Proof just days away there is a good chance that record high price will be shattered.

Buffalo Proof Ultra Cameo Mintages

2006 246,267
2007 58,998
2008 $5 18,884
2008 $10 13,125
2008 $25 12,169
2008 Proof Set 7,803
2008 18,863
2009 49,306
2010 49,263
2011 28,683
2012 19,715
2013 18,584
2013 RP 47,836
2014 20,557
2015 16,591
2016 21,878
2017 15,810
2018 15,756
2019 14,884
2020 11,887
2021 16,958
2022 13,820

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