The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson War Nickels





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Item Description: 5C 1945 S
Full Grade: NGC MS 67
Owner: lehigh96

Owner Comments:

Mintage: 58.9 Million
Full Step Availability: 0.33%
Population: 1612/3
Date/mm Information: The worst quality of coins of all of the war nickels and full step coins are very rare.

Coin Description:
This coin belongs hanging on a wall in the impressionist gallery at the MET. The reverse toning might as well have been imparted by Monet himself. It is certainly one of the most attractive and uniquely toned coins of the entire series. The obverse is bright gold with pink and aqua highlights. The reverse is toned with vibrant bright green, gold, pink, and magenta. A one of a kind beauty from the appalachian hoard and the pedigreed Bingham Collection.

This is the last of three Appalachian toned Jeffersons in this registry set and is one of the original coins purchased in April 2008 that started the Atlantic City Set. Like the 1945-D, this coin is pedigreed to Gregg Bingham. Gregg is nicknamed the monsterman on the various coin forums and played linebacker in the NFL for the Houston Oilers. His collection consists primarily of monster toned commemoratives with monster grades. The fact that he owned this coin is a testament to it's quality. Some collectors think that slab pedigrees are silly, unless the name is Eliasberg. IMO, Bingham might be on the same level as Eliasberg with regards to toned coins, specifically toned commemoratives. In September, Gregg made a rare post on the NGC forums in a thread about star designations. To honor his return to the boards, I posted photos of my Bingham pedigreed Appalachians. This was his response: "thanks for the 5 cent tribute...i have 4 more of those left and they are disneyland on acid and out of this world"

A monster coin with a monster pedigree and a monster testimonial carries a monster price tag and I paid 14X Numismedia Wholesale for this coin.

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