Pittman Family Zimbabwe Type Set
10 CENTS, 1980-1999





Coin Details

Origin/Country: ZIMBABWE
Item Description: 10C 1980
Full Grade: NGC MS 65
Owner: Revenant

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: Pittman Family Zimbabwe Type Set   Score: 16
Research: NGC Coin Price Guide

Owner Comments:

This was the first coin purchased for the set, which launched / started the set in late 2019. It was purchased on 12/12/2019 and came about a week later. It went under the tree and was added to this set after I cut it free of a massive, tight, wad of bubble wrap and packing tape on 12/25/2019.

I saw this coin come up months prior on eBay and seriously considered buying it, but I just couldn’t convince myself to go for it for about $35. I was trying hard to focus on building out the note set instead, and I just wasn’t convinced that it was worth that. So, I didn’t go for it.

I saw it again in December and saw that the seller had brought it down to $23.45 + $2.95 shipping. That was more interesting to me, but – more interesting still – they had a “Best Offer” option still. I added it to my watch list. It had 18 days left on the clock. I figured I’d wait a while longer and, if it was still there at the end of the month, offer the seller $20 + shipping and see if they’d take it.

I woke up the next morning and the seller had sent me a private offer for it for $20 + shipping. I seriously considered just taking it at that point, feeling rather amused. But, if they’re making an offer like that, I have to assume at that point that they really just want it gone, and if they’re willing to take that, they may go lower. So, I offered $18 + shipping and they accepted it less than an hour later.

I’d been thinking about and wanting to expand my Zimbabwe note set to include the country’s limited number of coins for a while but I’m always budget constrained and I didn’t want to divert too much money / resources away from the notes, which I saw as being the core / focus of that collection. But for the price I was able to get this at I couldn’t really turn it down.

The fact that this coin is a -004 has me wondering if it was submitted as a set of other Zimbabwean coinage and, if so, where the rest of them ended up. It’s in one of the newer style of holders so it wasn’t graded too terribly long ago, but if the original submitter decided to liquidate that set I must have missed the others because I never saw any other NGC-graded coins for sale with this one. I wonder if I’m the only one that likes to wonder / speculate about these things, but, I can’t be, right? It just inspires the imagination sometimes and you can’t help but wonder as a collector about the history of these things that have found their way to you.

It was a pleasant surprise when I got to look at this coin in hand the first time as it looks much better in person than it did in the seller's pictures.

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