Bill Jones' Colonial Type Set





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Design Description: EARLY AMERICAN - PRE-DECLARATION 1616-1775
Item Description: 2P 1662 SMALL 2 OAK TREE MASSACHUSETTS
Full Grade: PCGS XF 45
Owner: BillJones

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: Bill Jones' Colonial Type Set   Score: 4499
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Owner Comments:

In reading the literature it would appear that Massachusetts mint master, John Hull, was not thrilled about making these tiny coins. In May 1662 the Massachusetts General Court required Hull to produce 50 pounds “in such small money” for every 100 pounds coined by him. In subsequent years the requirement was dropped to 20 pounds for every 100 pounds. Since Hull’s commission was based upon the face value of the coins that he produced, striking these smaller coins produced no greater income for him while the number coins produced increased his operating expenses. These mintage requirements have made the 1662 two pence one of the more common Massachusetts silver pieces.

All Massachusetts 2 pence coins were produced from one set of dies, which were repeatedly repaired through the years. The small size of the coins reduced that amount of pressure that was requited to strike them, which greatly lengthened the useful life of the dies. They were also the only Massachusetts silver coins that bore the date 1662. All of the other dated Massachusetts pieces bore the date 1652. This stemmed from the thinly veiled deception that the Massachusetts silver coins were minted in 1652 where there was no King of England. Only the king had the right to make coins, and the Massachusetts coins were illegal as a result.

The present coin is a very attractive example of the Massachusetts two pence, which has been struck off-center. Well-centered examples are more desirable.

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