Walk This Way- Early Set (1916-1933)





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Item Description: 50C 1919
Full Grade: PCGS MS 64
Owner: Walkerfan

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: Walk This Way- Early Set (1916-1933)   Score: 3903
Walk This Way--Full Set (1916-1947)   Score: 3903
Research: NGC Coin Explorer NGC Coin Price Guide

Owner Comments:

This coin is boldly struck throughout and it is a luster bomb having uncompromised surface luster. It is almost pure white and has a very light gold toning. There are just one or two flecks on the sun and right facing field that are holding it back from being a gem IMHO. It is in a PCGS Secure Plus slab and CAC stickered it for premium quality eye appeal.

Additional info about the 1919: Inexperienced buyers beware —1919-P sliders often trade as mint state examples. Some look as nice as MS63 or even MS64 specimens. Look for slight telltale rub on Liberty’s left breast. Fully struck gems are very rare, as with most early series dates, but they do exist. Luster is usually bright and frosty. Fields can be proof-like in appearance but more commonly on the reverse than on the obverse.

This date shows good investment potential in EF through mint state grades. Investment potential is excellent for grades MS63 and higher.

There are just over 200 MS 64 extant survivors at BOTH major services. NGC Census 91/42 and PCGS Population Report 123/79 as of 11/13. Just 6 coins graded MS 64 plus by PCGS. I am not sure if any NGC MS 64 plus coins are known, as this info is not published. Only 13 MS 64 coins have been CAC stickered with just 13 higher. Likewise I am not sure how many of those 13 coins may or may not be 64 PLUS coins.

The mintage is at 962,000, which was the lowest for this year from the 3 mints, but more were saved and this issue is also better produced than the two branch mints.

This coin is ranked 9th in MS rarity for the entire Walker series with about 375-525 total MS extant survivors known.

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