The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson War Nickels





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Item Description: 5C 1943/2 P
Full Grade: NGC MS 67
Owner: lehigh96

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson War Nickels   Score: 3126
The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson Nickels (1938-Date)   Score: 3126
The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson Nickels   Score: 3126
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Owner Comments:

Mintage: 200,000 (estimated)
Full Step Availability: 20%
Population MS67: 9/1
Date/mm Information: Bowers states that a few hundred mint state coins exist and finding an eye appealing example can be challenging.

Coin Description:
Like many high grade war nickels, this coin displays the quintessential iridescent toning that is exclusive to the silver manganese alloy. When viewed directly, the toning appears to be shades or rich blue and green. When tilted into the light, vibrant peach, yellow, pink and lime green toning appear. A small patch of strong violet is found under the B in LIBERTY. The reverse displays rainbow toning at the rims while an original skin of almond coloration blankets the interior. A very clean example yielding a very lofty grade. Finding an attractively toned high grade example of the 1943/2-P is a herculean task making this coin a permanent resident in this collection.

FS-101, formerly FS-028. Another of the dual-hubbing errors that seemed to pop up during both World Wars at the Mint, this is technically a Doubled Die Obverse as well as an overdate. The lower curve of the underdigit 2 is readily apparent under a glass, and doubling is visible on LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST. According to Fivaz and Stanton, the reverse is also a tripled die.

I purchased the coin from an E-Bay Seller who is an old timer who had no ability to properly image his coin. His listing contained a simple blurry scan of the slab. There was absolutely no way to evaluate the surfaces of the coin or the steps but in his description he claimed that the coin had 5 full steps but that he had submitted the coin for grading prior to 2/16/2004 which was the date that NGC started recognizing 5 Full Steps for Jefferson Nickels. He had the coin listed at the lower end of the retail price for a non-full step NGC MS67 and not surprisingly, he had no bids on his listing. After seeing the scan, I knew instantly that the blue areas on the obverse meant iridescent rainbow toning and that this coin was going to be very attractive in hand. Though leary of the seller's story about the steps, the NGC slab generation is an NGC 9 (circa 2001-2003) making it possible that he was telling the truth.

Since the full step issue basically became a free roll, I placed a strong bid of $2,000 which was $500 higher than his asking price with the intention of submitting the coin for step designation review if I won the auction. I was the lone bidder and was not disappointed when I received this absolutely beautiful coin. Unfortunately, the steps while almost complete, have a distinct bridge between the 3rd & 5th steps under the 3rd pillar, leaving the coin with steps that grade 5-5-3-5 precluding the 5 Full Step designation.

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