Bill Jones' Early Half Dimes





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Design Description: HALF DIMES - DRAPED BUST
Item Description: H10C 1800
Full Grade: PCGS MS 64
Owner: BillJones

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: Bill Jones' Early Half Dimes   Score: 6248
Bill Jones' Type Set   Score: 5853
Bill Jones' Type Set Excluding Modern Issues   Score: 5853
Bill's Half Dime Type Set   Score: 5853
A survey of 19th century business strike coin   Score: 5853
Research: NGC Coin Explorer NGC Coin Price Guide

Owner Comments:

As a date 1800 is one of the "common" dates in the early half dime set. This is an example most common variety, which is listed as LM-1 (Russell Logan and John McCloskey) or V-1 in the classic work on the early half dimes by Daniel Valentine. It has been given a rarity rating of R-3. That means that an estimated 201 to 500 examples of this coin exist. My estimate would be on the upper end of that scale, perhaps around 450 pieces.

The 1800 LM-1 half dime is one of the few varieties in the series that can be found well struck with some limited consistency. Most Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle half dimes show some weakness in their designs, usually on Ms. Liberty’s drapery lines on the corresponding area of the reverse. The problem was the mint was trying to strike too much detail on a tiny, thin coin.

The piece shown here is an exceptional example of this coin. It is superbly struck with needle sharp detail, and the preservation is on the high end of the MS-64 grade. The surfaces are fully lustrous and original.

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