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Medals of the NBU, 1995 - Present

Category:  Token & Medals
Owner:  Fenntucky Mike
Last Modified:  7/28/2020
Set Description
Mint Medals of the National Bank of Ukraine, 1995 - Present.

Set Goals
A loose collection of medals from the NBU, acquired to supplement some of my registry sets or for specific subject matter.

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View Coin 2016, Ukraine Independence 25th Anniversary UKRAINE Silver (2016) 62g Independence 25th Anniv. NGC PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO This medal is a homage or continuation to the 1996, 2 Million Karbovanet coin "5th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Independence Act".On the obverse of the medal as on the reverse of the 1996 coin we see a young woman, more specifically a young mother representing Ukraine. Next to her are two young children representing the people of Ukraine, whom she is holding close to her bosom. The adolescent child is holding a sickle in preparation to defend his mother and sibling against attack from an eagle which represents Russia. The text reads "I do not want another, I will not give my own". On the reverse of the medal as with the reverse of the 1996 coin there is a topographic map (relief map) of Ukraine, with the small coat of arms above it. The text reads "25th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine".

This medal was issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. The medal was struck by the NBU BPMW with a limited mintage of 300 in 925 Ag. The medal's diameter is 50mm and its weight in fineness is 62.2g

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View Coin 2008, St. Michael's Golden Domed Cathedral 900th Anniversary UKRAINE Silver 2008 62g St. Michael's Golden Domed Church 900th Anniv. NGC PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO Look familiar? It should, the design on the reverse of the medal is the precursor to the design on the reverse of the Archangel bullion series which began in 2011. The 2008 medal was designed by Sviatoslav Ivanenko. There are some slight differences between the designs, such as the sword, removal of the shield on the bullion series and the wings, to name a few. The 2008 medal tends to have more detailing especially in the facial features and is a better executed design overall. The bullion series design was done by Volodymyr Taran and twin brothers Serhii and Oleksandr Kharuk.

This medal was issued to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the St. Michael's Golden Domed Monastery originally built in 1108 by Prince Sviatopolk II Iziaslavich. The medal was struck at the NBU BPMW and is comprised of .925 Ag with a diameter of 50mm and a weight of 62.2g. The rim is smooth with the legend Ag 925 62.2 and the logotype of the BPMW.

High-resolution raw images taken by NGC and provided through the Submission Tracking tool.

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