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Buknoy's Philippine Medals

Category:  Token & Medals
Owner:  buknoy2173
Last Modified:  5/19/2020
Set Description
This is a collection of listed Philippine Medals. The main references are Basso and Honeycutt.

Set Goals
To collect and showcase the wide array of Philippine medals from the Spanish,American, Commonweath, Japanese Occupation and Republic Periods up to the present.

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Item Description
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View Coin (1782) Carlos III Premio Del Valor Silver Medal, H-8 PHILIPPINE MEDALS SILVER (1782-DATED) HONEYCUTT-8 MILITARY VALOR MEDAL NGC AU 55
View Coin 1895 Exposicion General De Filipinas Bronze Medal, H-37b PHILIPPINE MEDALS BRONZE 1895-DATED HONEYCUTT-37b PHILIPPINES REGIONAL EXPO NGC MS 63 BN
View Coin 1970 Pope Paul VI's Pastoral Visit to the Philippines Silver Medal, H-671 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Silver SILVER 1970-DATED HONEYCUTT-671 PAUL VI PASTORAL VISIT H-671 NGC PF 67 ULTRA CAMEO
View Coin 2016 Manila Numismatic Society Gold Medal, H-898a PHILIPPINE MEDALS Modern Gold GOLD 2016-DATED HONEYCUTT-898a MANILA NUMISMATIC SOCIETY H-898a NGC MS 65
View Coin 1979 Primera Exposicion Numismatic De Filipinas en Espana Silver Medal, H-754 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Modern Silver SILVER 1979-DATED HONEYCUTT-754 PHILIPPINE CENTRAL BANK H-754 NGC MS 67
View Coin 1975 PNAS' 2nd Numismatic Convention (No.008) Silver Plated Bronze Medal, H-709 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Modern Silver Plated Bronze BRONZE 1975-DATED HONEYCUTT-709, SILVERED 2ND NUMISMATIC CONVENTION #008 NGC MS 67
View Coin 1921 4th Centennial of the Discovery of the Philippines Bronze Medal, H-134 PHILIPPINE MEDALS American Bronze BRONZE 1921-DATED HONEYCUTT-134 DISCOVERY 4TH CENTENNIAL H-134 NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin 1944 Jose Paciano Laurel First Year Anniversary of the Establishment of the Philippine Republic (Japanese Occupation) Bronze Medal, H-329 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Japanese Occupation Bronze BRONZE 1944-DATED HONEYCUTT-329 JOSE PACIANO LAUREL H-329 NGC MS 61 BN
View Coin (1942) Japanese Quartermaster Corps Silver Medal, B-155 Philippines Japanese Occupation Silver SILVER (1942) PHIL BASSO-155 QUARTERMASTER CORPS B-155 21.1g, 30X38mm NGC MEDAL XF 45
View Coin 1934 Ayala Company's 75th Annivesary Bronze Medal, H-815 Philippines American Bronze BRONZE 1934-DATED PHILIPPINE BASSO-815, HONEYCUTT-245 AYALA CENTENARY B-815 NGC MS 63 BN
View Coin 1932 Golden Jubillee of the Knights of Columbus' Manila Council No. 1000 Bronze Medal, H-225 PHILIPPINE MEDALS American Bronze BRONZE 1932-DATED HONEYCUTT-225 MANILA COUNCIL H-225 NGC MS 63 BN
View Coin 1938 Inauguration of the Manila Railroad Company's Manila-Legaspi Bronze Medal, H-289 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Commonwealth Bronze BRONZE 1938-DATED HONEYCUTT-289 MANILA RAILROAD COMPANY H-289 NGC MS 62 BN
View Coin 1935 Manuel Luis Quezon/(Inauguration of the) Commonwealth of the Philippines Silver Medal, H-253 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Commonwealth Silver SILVER 1935-DATED HONEYCUTT-253 MANUEL LUIS QUEZON NGC MS 63
View Coin 1932 Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons Bronze Medal, H-226var Philippines American Bronze BRONZE 1932-DATED PHILIPPINE HONEYCUTT-226var. FREE MASONS GRAND LODGE H-226var NGC MS 62 BN
View Coin 1912 Osmena Waterworks System Bronze Medal, B-755/H-97 Philippines American Bronze BRONZE 1912-DATED PHILIPPINE HONEYCUTT-97, BASSO-755 OSMENA WATERWORKS B-755/H-97 NGC MS 63 BN
View Coin 1895 Alfonso XIII Escuela Normal Superior De Maestra Silver Medal, B-718/H-41 Philippines Spanish Silver SILVER (1895-DATED) PHILIPPINE BASSO-718, HONEYCUTT-41 SUPERIOR NORMAL SCHOOL B-718/H-41 NGC MS 62
View Coin 1891 Alfonso XIII Inauguracion 43,800 Kms Ferro-Carril De Manila Silver Medal, H-34 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Silver SILVER 1891-DATED HONEYCUTT-34 MANILA RAILWAY OPENING H-34 NGC MS 64
View Coin 1876 Alfonso XII Jolo (Campaign) Bronze Medal, H-20 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish Bronze BRONZE 1876-DATED HONEYCUTT-20 ALFONSO XII - JOLO H-20 NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin 1876 Alfonso XII Jolo (Campaign) Bronze Medal, H-20var Philippines Spanish Bronze BRONZE 1876-DATED PHILIPPINE HONEYCUTT-20var ALFONSO XII - JOLO H-20var NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin 1882 Alfonso XII Conmemoracion De La Traida De Aguas Potables Silver Medal, H-26 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish Silver SILVER 1882-DATED HONEYCUTT-26 REINADO ALFONSO XII H-26 NGC MS 61
View Coin 1883 Marques De Estella Sociedad De Tiro De Mariquina Silver Medal, H-27 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish Silver SILVER 1883-DATED HONEYCUTT-27, MANILA SOCIETY OF MARIQUINA TRIO H-27 NGC MS 62
View Coin 1878 Alfonso XII Inauguracion De Las Obras De La Traida De Aguas Potables A Manila Bronze Medal, H-25a PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish Bronze BRONZE 1878-DATED HONEYCUTT-25a ALFONSO XII INAUGURATION H-25a NGC MS 61 BN
View Coin 1885 Alfonso XII Cesar Tournelle Bronze Medal, H-28 PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish BRONZE 1885-DATED Bronze HONEYCUTT-28 CESAR TOURNELLE H-28 NGC XF 45 BN
View Coin (1782) Carlos III Comercio Filipino Renace Brass (Pattern) Medal, H-4a PHILIPPINE MEDALS Spanish Brass BRASS 1782-DATED HONEYCUTT-4a CARLOS III NGC AU Details

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